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Found 23 results

  1. Raylee

    [Looking] C++ & Python Coder

    Lycosa2 - Behind the Worlds is looking for a: "CODER!" profile: Very good knowledge of C ++ / Python If you are interested to work for our project, feel free to contact me with a private message! Best regards Lycosa2-TEAM
  2. So I am a new developer as you can tell I actually have programming languages background but I need help with Metin2 developing so I am planning on buying a host because after several tries I couldn't follow the tuts on any forums because I always get errors so I decided to buy a host . I am just confused when I look around forums I understand nothing I am trying to find some tuts from scratch but all I find is tuts for advanced people or a follow along tuts which I am not looking forward to because I wanna learn it from scratch until I become good at it to the point that I can read someone else's scripts like I can do when I am reading a C++ script or C# . For example , I can't understand what is the Source code / game.tar / MySQL.tar and how to make my own serverfiles , how to attach the client to the serverfiles , how to use the root or how to attach a client to the host with out a root (some clients doesn't have root files ) ... etc. I need someone to instruct me , maybe even from scratch , please I am up to pay you !.
  3. Pongo Metin2

    open DEV

    Hello, I made my little client I have put more files in a single file look what it looks like index so here it goes perfectly when I change lzo this problem PACK * metin2_patch_ymir_work1 * metin2_patch_maps * metin2_patch_seasons * sound * bgm * uiscript * icon * property * locale_ro * textureset
  4. hello guys, i try to start my client and i get this error... Compile() expected string without null bytes how can i solve this?
  5. mogulul

    [BUY]Offline Shop

    Hello.Who sell offline shop without any bug?I buy offline shop but with limit yang.In my server yang it's stopped on 2kkk.I pay through bank transfer.Thank you.
  6. mogulul

    open Mob Target Info-Bug

    Hello,i have a problem with system mob target info.I clean entire mob_drop_item.txt but when i push right click on mob and i want to see what droped,always i see that things.
  7. Bertus

    Official Shop Search System

    Hey! I search system where "People can Search Items from Offline Shop". (Shop Search System) The System must work with Offlineshop, and whitput bugs. I pay for it contact me.
  8. SYSERR: Mar 8 01:33:18 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Data truncated for column 'setRaceFlag' at row 1 (query: replace into mob_proto (vnum, name, locale_name, type, rank, battle_type, level, size, ai_flag, setRaceFlag, setImmuneFlag, on_click, empire, drop_item, resurrection_vnum, folder, st, dx, ht, iq, damage_min, damage_max, max_hp, regen_cycle, regen_percent, exp, gold_min, gold_max, def, attack_speed, move_speed, aggressive_hp_pct, aggressive_sight, attack_range, polymorph_item, enchant_curse, enchant_slow, enchant_poison, enchant_stun, enchant_critical, enchant_penetrate, resist_sword, resist_twohand, resist_dagger, resist_bell, resist_fan, resist_bow, resist_fire, resist_elect, resist_magic, resist_wind, resist_poison, dam_multiply, summon, drain_sp, skill_vnum0, skill_level0, skill_vnum1, skill_level1, skill_vnum2, skill_level2, skill_vnum3, skill_level3, skill_vnum4, skill_level4, sp_berserk, sp_stoneskin, sp_godspeed, sp_deathblow, sp_revive) values (701, "?????", "Fanatic Intunecat", 0, who cand help me to fix it?I search on all forum but i don't find a solution.
  9. EA ZY

    Searching : Development [C++]

    Hello M2Dev! We are one of the biggest international projects and looking for developers working for us on hourly basis. We only need assistance in C++ and are willing to pay a great loan for great work! What do you need to be able to do? -Adding/Changing small things in our source -Fixxes and error resolving (advanced) -Implementation of systems/develope systems What do we offer? Hourly loan depending on your skills and on your engagement as a developer. We are flexible and would like to pay you with paypal but other payment methods are possible if needed. We want to advance our project, join us to create big things! You can private message me here Skype : Greetings, EAZY
  10. mogulul

    BUG yang guild 4kkk

    Hy,i have a problem, when i want to build a house guild i receive 4kkk in invetory.I remove yang limit.Can anyone help me please?
  11. xRooT

    Help me plas

    i have problem for stack drop 250 and tak 200
  12. Hy, I have a problem with my launcher.I put a protection,but after i added the protection,launcher don't work on windows XP.Who can help me please?
  13. mogulul

    Destroy offline shop

    Hy, Wich what command can destroy an offline shop?Because when i write: /kill bla bla(name of shop offline) chat is writing: you can't destroy this offline shop.
  14. How can i start the client just with Autopatcher?A few months ago i found this method on a forum but now i don't find them.Can somebody help me please? Best regards,
  15. Hello.I want to buy a very very good protection for my client metin2.Please send me a PM if you have a very good protection!
  16. Hello, someone know about the old change-bug with 1-5 bonus by equip-item i already fix 1-5 bonus, but how can i fix 6/7 bonus adder/changer? with this fix is 6/7 not fixed. thank you. question2: limittype8 or 9 (i dont know anymore) give the item a time-value. the time is running only when the item is equip like EXP-Ring, thieves gloves, costume, costume-mount, dragon-soul etc. how can i add the limittype8 function for items like pet/mounts = (type18/questitem)? question3: how can i add +-10 lvl for the skill-function. example: sura lvl 15 cannot debuff a user with lvl 100 thank you very much.
  17. Deadlinex3

    Wom2 searches C++ Developer

    Dear community, WoM2 is currently looking for a C++ developer with experience in working with the game source and a minimum command of the english language. Experience with python and/or lua and other related technical skills are a plus. Integrity and the ability to work in a team are required. We offer a freelance*, part-time or full-time contract, flexible working hours and the chance to be part of an extensive team in one of the most successful projects in the field to date. Financial terms will be discussed privately with the candidates. Depending on your performance, promotion options and higher pay rates are possible. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send an e-mail with your personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, city of residence) as well as a description of your experience with the game as player and developer to Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an online interview within 15 days from the present date. Kind regards, The WoM2 Team
  18. brianman

    DS bug

    Hy, Devs! What bug?(mainline source) And channel syslog: DoRefineGrade: Possiblity of invalid client. Name Brianman
  19. Hy, I need a mob_proto converter(40k) for txt->sql and sql->txt.Who can help me please?
  20. I have a problem....all mobs have damage = 0....i can't fix this.I use 40k and i work on txt file not sql.I pay for this fix if is necessary
  21. Hy, I m looking for a client 34k clean,very very clean.If is necessary i pay.
  22. mogulul

    Azrael don't give damage

    I have a problem with Azrael,don't give damage. mob_proto is read on txt not mysql.I modified dmg on mob_proto.txt but in vain. Can someone help me please?