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Found 6 results

  1. Ace

    Orka - the green valley

    Hello, here one of my new work "Map" Note, if you use my Pro-Pack, so please credit me on your Videos or your threads, for more packs. Orka - the green valley Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Final Part: I hope you like it Credits: Nevisor Thank you for the Tree's from this Thread:
  2. Hello together, yes people I hope you enjoy this SMV and can it grab one or two little tricks for you. I had the Daily many trouble and unfortunately had no motivation, as well as to continue editing creativity to the Temple Map, for but I thought I make a new SMV (Speed Mapping Video). The map I have for Tsuyoshi2 Metin2 Pserver created without the Lovely Niar knows. I except the textures otherwise prepared the so "spontaneous" arose and trouble reduction. Objects I possibly will still need, however, which may place I seek only what will fit well. Thanks for English Translate: .AnTi
  3. Ace

    FreePack of Objects 1

    Hello, my english is very bad so i will not write (Try to write) much and ye.. you can find the passwort on my 3ds max tutorial 2 im uploading everytime files for my community and we have a hidden passwort game :P.. it's just pack1, and it's not so much work if i find time ill try to make P2. Pack 2:
  4. Hi Guys, i just wane Show you the Coming Soon Release for my Patcher (for the People) my Patcher is free and NO i dont have virus on this programm. Here i show you the Objects and Grasses, dont worry about the Map its just for Demo (Ye, its later for release 2. Its a Trade,PvP and Fishmap). Here the screens: (Look pls only in FullSize) I hope you like it, release date (ill tell you then) feedback if you can (its all for release soon) BTW: It's then which complett new npc's.
  5. Ace

    The new Customers Map

    Hallo, English I present to you here a new customer map. The map is used for farms , as well as a special map that you can not easily reach . I hope you enjoyed the video , and I also hope that you give me expresses your opinion. Sorry for my english, i know is not the best. German: Ich Präsentiere euch hier eine neue Kunden Map. Die Map wird für Farmen benutzt, sowie auch als eine Spezielle Map die man nicht so leicht erreichen kann. Ich hoffe die Videos gefallen euch, und ich hoffe auch das ihr mir eure Meinung dazu äussert. Map-Details: Size / Größe: 6x6 Textures / Texturen: 30 Progress / Status: 20-30% Price / Preis: 7€ Per Hour / Pro Stunde Islands / Inseln: Over 20 / Über 20 Parts: 9 Videos: 1 Part= 1 Hour / 1 Part = 1 Stunde Basic layout / Grundlayout: Part 1 Basic layout / Grundlayout: Part 2 Basic layout / Grundlayout: Part 3 Basic layout / Grundlayout: Part 4 Basic layout / Grundlayout: Part 5 Texturing / Texturieren: Part 6,7 and 8 Texturing / Texturieren: Part 9*New* Texturing / Texturieren: Part 10, 11 and 12*New* I hope you like it. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch. For German People: Ich habe einen Forum für WorldEditor sowie auch 3Ds max Tutorials gegründet da könnt ihr auch Objekte, Npc's usw herunterladen. Falls interesse besteht könnt ihr mir eine PN senden mit dem betreff (Forum).
  6. Hello Gyu's, first, im sorry for my very bad english, and i hope you understand every think. I wane release here to my Patcher for you. The Patcher is good for Designer, Mapper, 3D's max People. What did you upload: Much new Textures in HD for your Server Map's New Modelles for free (Coming Soon) PSK and PSA Files from much Games for the 3D's Max People (If you want Export all alone) Map Layouts (Wihtout Textures) Maps for your Server Effect Pictures for your Server (You can Edit and make new effects with WorldEditor) WorldEditor (With all new Versions by lollo_9_1) Programms Extractors for any Games and more.... You must only Patch, and the Patcher Create a new folder on your Desktop name "WorldEditor" all the files are in that folder. The Files are Downloadlinks "example.cp" the file you can open with Notpad++. Screen: How much Files: Allrdy downloadet files: eli*******s Profil: Donate (if you want): So i hope you like it, and need it. Your can visit my Thread on eli*******s and See every day Changelog's: Click