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Found 5 results

  1. Mind Rapist

    Dear administration

    Dear @.PolluX, @DevChuckNorris and the rest of the administration staff of this forum. Please do something about the thousands of Zero-Width characters we copy everyday into our sources and save us some of the unnecessary time we take to clear them off!!! Thanks
  2. Mind Rapist

    open Locale string encoding

    My source code files are encoded in UTF-8 (no BOM), so as my locale_string.txt. In the game tho, locale_string does not show special characters as it should, instead shows Korean and other nonsense. Is there a script or something that can convert all the files into Windows-1253 encoding without braking the strings with unknown characters, or any way to make it work in UTF-8? Anything will do, just help me fix this problem, thank you.
  3. Hello guys I'm looking for a tut or some instructions to display those informations under my minimap: I'm looking for the date, the FPS and the players online (per empire and total) I have this client but I don't know how to transfer those into mine. I took a look at the but I didn't found anything and I don't know if and which other files are involved... Please give me some direction on this thank you devs.
  4. Hi my problem is when i put words with accents in the quest or the client .py files and in game not show I need an function or other same? Can someone help me? Thx
  5. Hello devs, does anybody have a solution for this bug? It also exist in official. Basically what you see happens when the keyboard's language changes (Alt+Shift, Windows+Space and manual selection). The text runner returns behind the 1st character typed, and if any key is pressed the whole text is erased. Clicking on the textbox or using arrow keys does not work. Did anyone fix this?