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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I'm searching for a working serial number/crack for Navicat Premium 11.2.10. Please do not bother to send a crack that contains virus I will not run such program. Thanks to all responders
  2. Ticubiceps

    Admin Tool for metin2

    Hello dear Community, I'm looking for an Admin tool for metin2 (like the one from Ken). Who can provide me one (i can pay very good) Thanks in advance, TicuBiceps
  3. Denis

    Admin Panel

    Today i'll show you one ban panel that i have created with python & lua NOTE:For this quest you will need Mijago's Quest Library! Library After adding this quest to your server open (root file) and search for string servercommandlist= you will see something like this: go to the end of functions and add: "CloseClient" : self.CloseClient, "Warn" : self.Warning, "SendMessage" : self.Message, and after adding them add these to the end of file: def CloseClient(self, player_name): if player_name == str(player.GetName()): import dbg,app dbg.LogBox("One GM has close your client!",'Client') app.Exit() def Warning(self, player_name): if player_name == str(player.GetName()): import os os.system("@echo off && title Warning && color 0a && echo You have take a warning in 3 warnings you get a permanent ban && pause") def Message(self, player_name, text): if player_name == str(player.GetName()): message = text.replace("-"," ") import dbg dbg.LogBox(message) and then test the quest
  4. Johnnie

    [EN/CS]Frozen Project!

    First you have to read my original post about first server preview here: I am searching for my melody boys! (team) To be honest, I do not ask anyone to do something "probono", you know, for free. Of course, first I have to cover the costs associated with the the provision of services, but later, I don't want it to be just your fun, I want it to be your job. You can be part of the success of the project and participate on its profits. I hire to the team every able and reasonable man. But if anyone thinks, that he will grow with the success of the project, without anything done or proved, that's not going to happen. If you want to be a part of this big thing, send me an e-mail to e-mail adress, containing as much information about you, why should I take you to the team and what you can do for the project. How can you be beneficial, you know. If you are not sure, how you can be beneficial and what you can do for project, then keep reading, because: Here is a list of jobs that I offer (Sorted in descending order of importance): - "Clientmaster". First things first. I need some dude, who can do magics with the client. Add new items, functions, design, etc. - Programmer. I need someone, who will do the new launcher with autopatcher. I don't know how to do that like in my imagination. - Designer. I need some graphically capable dude, who can do new design for our phpbb forum. - HTML/PHP master. Someone who could finish the web where I go wrong or failed and who also can do new features for web, would not be bad. - Economist-programmer. I need someone to help me with itemshop, purchasing coins via PSC, SMS and who can integrate it into the website. - Translator. Some parts of server are still in romanian. If there is some romanian dude who speaks english well and who is willing to translate for us... - Translator#2. Ideálně nějaký čech, který umí dobře anglicky. But it can be anyone who knows english well. - Writer, philosopher, artist. I need someone capable who can do wonders with pen and paper. I mean, keyboard. The story and it's episodes won't write itself. Everything is about trust. You also can add me on skype: johnnie.frozen.project Have a nice day!
  5. Hello dear metin2dev, We're going to release a huge server wiht many new features, a full new story and pvp balancing. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you're new. Alessa made a post at another board. It's outdated, but yes, the features are still in there and there are even more than them. We're currently looking for gamemaster and moderator. In Aruna2 everyone can contribute to the server so it's the best if those ones who want to be a part of the staff are also a bit creative and can share their thoughts about upcoming features, systems, etc... So, yeah. We don't want you to write a roman and since I hate the formal things with application and stuff we only want you to write a pm with the content YOU wish to write. It's the best if we get more information out of you, but we seriously don't need unnecessary things. We won't ask you for hobbies 'n stuff, we don't want a letter of application, because we don't want you to advertise yourself, we want you to be trustfully and honest and tell us straight away. The server language is german, but the scripts are made bilingual so we can also make it possible to distribute the server in english. It all depends on the team calling. So don't mind if you can only speak english, it's no problem, everyone with some knowledge about metin2, creativity and (with utmost importance) honesty is useful for us. And to begin with it: We're only 3 people at the moment. I'm the only one working on the serverside stuff, one is a moderator and the last one is a gm. Alessa helped us out with publicity, but is not a part of the team though she sometimes helps with some stuff when I only receive errors and I'm clueless x) So yeah, send me your messages, I am prepared!