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Found 4 results

  1. It looks like this: You can unpack all pack files with EterNexus and in order to run the client it you can make a .bat file with start metin2.bin text inside it. MEGA:!dZYS2ajZ!qCwXS53cJXFBcU7csLHRl-uXlNstrSyRpUzxFaFfe8A
  2. Looks like this: - 2004 - 2008 This is how you use it: Unpack locale_ro from your client and replace the old ymirred.tga from effect folder with the new ymirred.tga offered by me. should make a backup. in case you won't like it you can restore the old ymirred file. MEGA:!UYoCDKjY!5x3knFrYcNOzAB4qJNWU-LruB3sUS7WYGqzHNmemkcY I want a proof from you that you succed to put it in your client. Good luck!
  3. .Meyvis#

    [REQUEST]3Dsmax 2008

    Hello guys, I'm currently searching for a working 3dsmax 2008 dl... The mediafire and mega dl from ryens is down and I truely need it since 07 wont work on Win10. If there is somebody out there with a working dl or someone who could reupload it, I would really appreciate. thanks for reading greets
  4. Can anybody help me with this please???? Severity Code Description Project File Line Error C3861 'back_inserter': identifier not found UserInterface C:\Users\user\Documents\Server\Lab\source_code\client_reboot_dev\source\UserInterface\MarkManager.cpp 396 Error C2039 'back_inserter': is not a member of 'std' UserInterface C:\Users\user\Documents\Server\Lab\source_code\client_reboot_dev\source\UserInterface\MarkManager.cpp 396 It's in MarkManager.cpp from UserInterface in my client binary