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Found 2 results

  1. teschio


    search one people good on linux for little help contact me pls skype: xxdarkwindxx
  2. I would like to apologize for the post above. I have never worked in FreeBSD for period of time longer. I have done some research about FreeBSD and I agree about most of the things written down bellow - I didnt try much, but as I read, I found out it is great OS and I am thing about installing it to my RPi for home server. Litte back story for what I have wrote. A few people who I know and has far more bigger with Linux/Unix based operating systems (one of them work for IBM as unix support - he hates freebsd, mostly because of M2 noobs, like me...). And when you are surrounded by people who don't like the OS, one more time I am sorry for this hate that I have shared. Why Debian ? Well I am more comfortable with the way it works, it's package manager. But as I watched the rise of newer versions (7,8 and 9) after release the kernel was unstable and I waited around a year before upgrading. The kernel get fixed after few (2-3) months, but the packages are junk even after 10 months (some of them). So I still run my server on Debian 8.