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Found 3,760 results

  1. Hi all soo I a problem whit my server. Results that some players cant connect in one channel for example ch1. In ch2 or 3 or 4 they can connect good. My sysser: I pay for this fix. Thanks
  2. weryoliveira

    open Sash bug when die

    Hi guys i've a problem with sash when my person die look this picture
  3. Hello there! Somebody knows a working solution to reach the brazilian servers? I tried many of proxy servers w/ and w/o Ultrasurf also, but the state of the servers is "..." and I can't log in. Yeah, I want to decrypt it, but I cannot while I can't log in =/ Thank you in advance.
  4. zeimpekis9

    open negative attack speed

    Hello community, I have this problem when im switching weapons like this: Any ideas how to fix it?
  5. Cripplez

    open Metin Stone stackable ?

    Hi, i'm trying to make the metin stones stackable. If i pick up the stone from the ground it stacks normally on the other stone I have in my inventory, but if I split them and then i try to stack I receive the error that i can't use the stone on this item, like it would be a necklace, bracelet etc.. Do you know what should I change to fix this? Thank you
  6. Hello community. I have this problem: Does anyone knows how to fix this problem? Two handed goes to 2 slots instead of going to 3 slots. I dont know why or where is wrong. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  7. Hey community can anyone help me with one Question? i want to Change the probability of receiving a additional apply for (int i = 0; i < additional_attr_num; i++) { int r = random_set[i]; const SApply& additional_attr = vec_addtional_applys[r]; BYTE bType = additional_attr.apply_type; short sValue = (short)(ceil((float)additional_attr.apply_value * fWeight - 0.01f)); pDS->SetForceAttribute(DRAGON_SOUL_ADDITIONAL_ATTR_START_IDX + i, bType, sValue); } how do i Change this like it rarely gives the max Attribute? here is the full function
  8. hello i'm looking for a fix on this bug on the source side it's about reading a stone for trade and then changing ch then the stone does not disappear from the inventory
  9. Syrex

    open Problem in syserr

    HI Guys i have a problem in syserr , When I open the game and move the player , The game is kick me to sign in Automatically exits :
  10. ezonyo123

    open Character Disappear

    All works fine, but the character disappear when I open the Drop Info and the syserr is blank... The system is from a turkey forum... the
  11. zeimpekis9

    open problem with freeze

    Hello community, I have in sysuser and syslog buffer_read_proceed: buffer_proceed: length argument bigger than buffer (length: 1, buffer: 0) no have core crash .core when character login, is locked dont send msg,open npc etc.. I AM PAYING FOR THIS FIX.
  12. Hello I have a weird bug with VirtualBox under Windows 10 64bits. When I try to open VirtualBox no window appears for time the processes are well launched. Thank you for your help PS: I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall several times. I even do a clean installation of Windows 10.
  13. Peace! The following question: Is it possible to rewrite the Attr Change / Add function so that the Switcher only switches the values and not equal to Type and Values? If the maximum attribute you can have on a weapon (etc), the particular attribute wanted to be able to change only the values through a "switcher". My problem is that the general problem of the function is that the types & values are set to (0) and calculated by "int i = 0; i <cnt; ++". I would like to let the guys on it so that only the values are changed. But if I remove the query, IG does not happen anymore. For level 1 through 5, ask which bonus level can be used, just "(rand ()% 4) + 1" for random generation. My snippet currently looks like this. Maybe one of the Big Brains has an idea. I thank you in advance !! sorry for my bad English.. xP Greetings.
  14. Firecracker

    open client crash

    Hi devs, When i wanted to login to game, after loading screen game crashes. Syserr: 0912 20:36:42563 :: SYSERR: Open StartGame RefreshCharacter RefreshCharacter RefreshCharacter __SelectSkillGroup __SetSkillSlotData RefreshSkill __RefreshSkillPage __GetRealSkillSlot GameWindow.Open - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:skill.CanUseSkill - Failed to find skill by 61 0912 20:36:42564 :: SYSERR: ============================================================================================================ 0912 20:36:42564 :: SYSERR: Abort!!!! Skilldesc.txt and skilltable.txt are OK. What is the problem? Can you help me?
  15. zeimpekis9

    open Disk space freebsd

    Hello community, i bought a host which was saying that i would have 300GB HDD, but when i do df -h it say this one: /dev/vtbd0s1a 9.7G 3.0G 5.9G 34% / devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev What is going on? how can i find the other disk space? Thanks.
  16. zeimpekis9

    open Change start lvl from src

    Hello community. I was wondering, how can i change the start lvl from src and also give the players the necessary stat points so they can upgrade whatever they want? Thanks.
  17. bogdan1809

    open When i use skill bug

    I have this problem How can I fix?
  18. Mimoza

    open Mall problem?

    Hello everyone, somebody know why i can't move a item from "Item shop storeroom" to inventory? video: BTW: my syserr game/client/db it's empty.
  19. Hi, Recently, browsing one of the servers i came across an add-on that allows you to extend the time of the item (i mean costumes). From what i saw, this system is not available on the Internet, and i saw it only on one server (maybe i was looking for it wrong), a question for you - you think that such a system will find a useful among those creating servers and the players themselves, there is a sense of it write?
  20. Hi devs! I have a deviltower zone quest but its says syntax error. I cant see anything anyone could help me pleae? link for quest: Error: syntax error : [string "startpc . in_dungeon ( ) and pc . get_map_index ( ) >= 660000 a..."]:6: `)' expected (to close `(' at line 5) near `d' deviltower_zone.lua:587:Abort (core dumped) Thanks! deviltower_zone.lua
  21. i have some troubles with using a game/db file compiled on FreeBSD 12.0. Compiling works fine but when i try to start the compiled file, i get an instant core dumped and on other putty i get this --> If I do the same thing on FreeBSD 11.3 everything works fine. I only install gmake for compiling. Are there any major changes from 11.3 to 12.0 Edit: Im using gmake and CC
  22. Does someone know the solution for this problem? This bug doesnt appear with all mobs, i havent tryed with all mobs but it appears with ninetail and icewitch. Solved, i fcked up the mob_proto.
  23. Hey guys, i've been having a problem the last few days. When i try make a hyperlink to show an item either in all chat or in a pm the hyperlink is been set, but the players cannot press on it. No sysser. Any ideas what we could do to fix it?
  24. Hey, i was trying to summon monsters near walls (where there's block), and the monster does not summon, i tried with quests, /m command and regen files, the monster does not spawn near walls, any idea on how to fix this please? I've been searching and can't find anything. Thanks in advance
  25. OnlyRipper

    open Question Regarding Syntax

    ----------------------------------- Picture with error: ----------------------------------- Picture without error: ----------------------------------- Can someone please explain me why that #ifdef isn't working like a normal if ? Why just changing their position leads to a succesful compile proccess...I just can't figure it out I've also aligned the #ifded & #endif under the pktab-> and it's still the same error.