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Found 3,225 results

  1. maniek19

    open 5 items for enhance

    Hello! I have a problem, I can not set 4 or 5 items needed for improvement in the refine_proto table. You can set a maximum of 3. What can I do to change it? In the source code in the item_length.h file, everything would match: REFINE_MATERIAL_MAX_NUM = 5, Also in the ClientManagerBoot.cpp file everything seems to be: bool CClientManager::InitializeRefineTable() { char query[2048]; snprintf(query, sizeof(query), "SELECT id, cost, prob, vnum0, count0, vnum1, count1, vnum2, count2, vnum3, count3, vnum4, count4 FROM refine_proto%s", GetTablePostfix()); What could be wrong?
  2. Hi, I just compiled the Fliege Binary Client Source and tried to start the executable file but I get the following error message: Can someone explain the error message to me and help me to a solution? Thanks
  3. Hello! I saved a weapon in every possible way and even then it stays invisible inside the game, I have no problems with other weapons, could anyone help me? (I already made sure that granny is in the compatible version) Models:!9wtXlQZQ!-Gx1d09nMNAPNTQgBJTnjj1RLDjeVfe1XN7mcQKvc6s
  4. Masakra

    open Search new function

    Hi everyone I'm search this 2 new functions: IsRaceFlagByVnum and nonplayerGetAttElementFlagByVID
  5. Hi all I am searching a actual locale_en decrypted. Thanks
  6. Hello. I wanted to ask if I could somehow set the same bonus twice in the item_attr table? I would like to receive a bonus for one item, for example with the values of 5,10,15,20,25 and for the second one, for example with the values of 15,30,60,120,240. Is it possible to do something? for example:
  7. Hello. I know this is hidden knowledge but could someone please tell me how to export run/walk animations so the monster actually moves and not just move it's legs? There is a lot of threads about this but none of the are solved with an answer... I knew how to do it years ago but haven't been exporting for a long time and forgot how to operate 3DS Max. I just need to export couple of monsters for my server.
  8. hi; En-Tai Guardian skill throws game.core mob_proto 6400 "욕실 - íƒ€ì´ ê°€ë””ì–¸" "BOSS" "MONSTER" "MELEE" 105 "AGGR,BERSERK,STONESKIN,DEATHBLOW,REVIVE" 0 "DEVIL,ATT_WIND" "STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR" 0 "trent_officer" 0 128 64 128 32 150 280 108384 10 10 0 0 250 206 110 110 100 2000 100 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 15 40 35 40 40 40 40 0 0 0 0 0 4,5 6302 20 0 20 263 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 20 20 0 30 40 game.core
  9. Hi, I successfully compiled my Game and DB file from the server source (Using Fliege files, I haven't modified anything!). When I try to start the server (sh I get the following error: Illegal instruction (core dumped) So I changed the game and db makefiles by removing the '-march=-native' command from the cflag. Still didn't work and I get the error message from above. So now I tried to debug the game.core file and I get the following message: #0 0x081c6216 in _GLOBAL__sub_I_item_manager_read_tables.cpp () at length.h:716 I opened my item_manager_read_tables.cpp file and went to line 716 ? (I don't understand 'at length.h:716', I guess it means line 716?) And I have the following if statement: if (iCount < 1) { M2_DELETE(pkLevelItemGroup); return false; } So does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong / what I can do, to fix it ? Regards
  10. Driguezgames

    open Sash Scale Big Problem

    Hello i have this problem in Sash: Is to big, what i did? i think my item_Scale isn't reading
  11. Hi, I'm trying to understand the metin scene a little better and I want to create my own server for fun. I've programmed before in C#, Java,VB etc. but I want to grasp a better understanding of Python / C++. Therefore metin 2 is going to be like a learning project for me and I'll probably have some fun at the same time. Before I ramble on I have a couple of questions about the metin2 scene. 1. What is the purpose of the server source? 2. What is the purpose of the game source? 3. What is the difference between the server source and the server which you upload on freebsd? 4. What is the difference between the game source and the normal game client? That's all I'd like to know for now, thank you and have a nice day
  12. Syriza

    open python key error

    Hey guys, in my other files everything works perfect with character select, but if i put the character select in new clean client with clean serverfiles this error comes: can someone maybe help or explain why? Since everything is exactly the same, i really dont know what's going on
  13. Hello, how i can change etc_drop_item load by name to load by vnum? i found const int FILE_NAME_LEN = 256;
  14. Hi guys, anyone know, how to generate locale_string from source? Edit: I mean all original korea text from source with basic string just ready for add translate..
  15. Hi all i am new on this forum, i have a problem with special storage i don't know how to add an item for go to the stone page or book page or item up page, like red pearls in my inventory, i want for exemple the pearls go on item up page, but i don't know how to do that, can you explain me please??? Sorry for my bad english i'm french PS: I don't have src of client and files Special_Storage.rar
  16. frogen1145

    open problem

    Hi guys, is there anyone who can help me out with this error ? please my sysser below Much appreciate for your help !
  17. Hello devs, If you are in a party doing a dungeon and you get disconnected or your game crash, there is any possible way of come back to that dungeon with your party after reconnect?
  18. How can i set an hotkey for activating functions inside a script? Here an example, what's wrong?
  19. Hello everyone I was wondering which is the best way to render a color pixel at given position on screen. No 3d vector to multiply by view matrix since i need to display it only on user screen at position (x coordinate, y coordinate). Resource(memory)-wise and by execution time what would you suggest me to do: using CGraphicImageInstance like minimap npcs and monsters, loading a 1px colored external image, python turtle module, or anything else which you think its a good choice? Thanks in advice.
  20. I have this error 0303 23:34:25938 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0303 23:34:25939 :: File "", line 207, in LoadData 0303 23:34:25939 :: File "", line 294, in __RegisterTitleName 0303 23:34:25939 :: NameError 0303 23:34:25939 :: : 0303 23:34:25939 :: global name 'enumerate' is not defined 0303 23:34:25939 :: and 0303 23:43:54710 :: <string>:292: Warning: 'yield' will become a reserved keyword in the future 0303 23:43:54729 :: SetLoadingPhase __pack_import networkModule.SetLoadingPhase - exceptions.SyntaxError:invalid syntax (line 292) 0303 23:43:54729 :: ============================================================================================================ 0303 23:43:54729 :: Abort!!!! Function yield tuple(map(next, titleNamesTuple)) and for titleNameIndex, (titleNameFemale, titleNameMale) in enumerate(GetTitleNamesTuple(GetTitleData(locale.GENDER_FEMALE), GetTitleData(locale.GENDER_MALE))): chrmgr.RegisterTitleName(titleNameIndex, titleNameFemale, titleNameMale) and i dont kwno why
  21. Hello, it's somebody here who know something about that problem? My 1-5 bonuses didn't appear to my item. they change and add successfully, but they do not appear. I tried to found that problem in but i think it s not from there, i didn t found nothing wrong in uitooltip
  22. Hello everyone. I'm currently facing an issue where I want to make a certain system / icon visible only if a variable (which was declared and changed via quest) has a certain value. I want the client to check the value of the variable for the quest, and the client to update automatically as the variable is set to a certain value. Can this be done? I have looked into an older topic related to this issue: [HowTo|Old]Quest-Client communication(for any version) , but it didn't help really much. I'm still not sure how to check this. Can someone help me please? I'm pretty dumb when comes to client communication
  23. Hi, How can I block openprocess in source?
  24. any solution?