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Found 488 results

  1. OtherChoice

    solved Game.core Generation

    Hello everyone, do you guys know how and where game.core gets generated? to be more specific i would like to know where the generation occurs: game binary, freebsd OS, or whatever, and where the function actually is (some new sources I'm debugging seem not to generate it after a segmentation fault) . Thanks in advance. As always new FreeBSD = new problems, the problem was sysctl variable kern.nodump_coredump = 0, for some reason = 0 no dump = 1 dump.
  2. Hi guys! I've a little issue with the txt in locale.cgf. If I use the "1252" it give me a little issue with the ")" character (idk if only this) and put a little "point" near the top: but i have to use the "1252", maybe you know what is the problem? If I have to change something in binary or client. Or If I can use another similar econding txt ?
  3. DoNSpIkE

    solved Client Translate

    Hello guys i need a bit of a help with something i know that it wont be hard but i cant find it so.. i have translate my entire item_protto without any problems but i cant find how to translate the details of the items For example: if any of you can help my it would be great thnx in advance..!
  4. LordZiege

    solved Skill Bug when activate

    SOLVED: i had to reinstall mysql. There was a problem and he cant read all tables (not metin database problem, problem with mysql itself) Hey guys, i have the following problem: The Bonus is given but the skill is not shown and i can activate skill every second (only visual problem, no attack bonus doubeling or smth. like that) Anyone have an idea? no syserr nothing EDIT: Always compared skilldesc,skilltable etc with other ones, there is no difference Kind regards
  5. hstd123

    solved Dragon Soul Problem

    Hello guys! I added the dragon soul system on my clean source but when i try to refine brute ones it asks for 15 of them instead of 2 any ideea where i can change that?
  6. Try to do: -Use: Race Ninja -> Skill Archer -Do full_set so you can have also horse skills -Call a mount or horse -Remove your arrows -Try to use HORSE_SKILLS Do the skills works also without arrows? Look in your syserr of the core if yes. Try to see also if you note also other problems about ninja archer + horse_skills.
  7. Hi guys! Just a simple question, how can i remove the autoselected "1 yang" in exchange window and inventory window when select yangs? I mean this:
  8. minigutza

    solved error

    Hello guys, I tried to add time and lv in PM and my client started to crash on login. That's the code: I added at the beggining of the too. The syserr have the next error: I tried to use TABs etc and nothing helped. A little help would be awesome. Thanks a lot. I solved it adding one more TAB to the imports from def to be inside of it.
  9. Arturogarcelan

    solved NPC bug can´t press

    The npc that I have implemented goes wrong and you can not click it. I detected as if it came out very low (The Kingdom flag comes out in the middle of the body). Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you very much for the help!
  10. filippos1234

    solved pack game.tar and mysql.tar

    I have an vdi with game.tar.gz and a MySQL.tar.gz already installed on it. does anyone know how to pack the game folder and MySQL so it becomes game.tar.gz + MySQL.tar.gz so I can use them on other vdi's too? (I've searched but didn't found anything)
  11. filippos1234

    solved mysql problem

    So , I tried resetting MySQL password.Then I realized that MySQL is still running with the command –skip-grant-tables option. So I've searched and the only solve I could only find is to write this command : FLUSH PRIVILEGES . but MySQL is answering with : doesn't exist I also tried re-installing MySQL (tar zxvf) but still.. You can see the photo below. Before you say anything I've searched but whatever I found wasn't helpful for my situation. Thanks for your time! EDIT: I FIXED IT BY WRITING A COMMAND ee /etc/rc.conf and delete the skip grant table from there!
  12. filippos1234

    solved Need files from Package

    Yo.. so i run my server and it says that i need files in package but package is empty... what should i do? my server files version are 60006 . I tried to put package files from other server files but it wouldnt work either.. So what should i do? Help please!
  13. filippos1234

    solved Solved

  14. OtherChoice

    solved MiniMap & Atlas (client)

    Hello everyone, i'm developing a section of ingame wiki which I think I'll release once finished, and I came across a (probably stupid) problem, yet I can't solve it. I'm creating a second MiniMap module called MiniMapWiki which is made of its relative cpp python module PythonMiniMapWikimodule.cpp, the derived class (CScreen & Singleton) MiniMapWiki.cpp & .h just as normal MiniMap and Python functions in Client Binary part is a refactored copy of already existing function. Module Initialization (initMiniMapWiki()) is correctly added in StdAfx.h and UserInterface.cpp, and python part initialization is handled by when creating other windows in def __MakeWindows(self). The error i recive occurs after character selection and just before loading is done and it throws an Assertion Failed error of ms_singleton. I can't really get where the problem is but it might be a double initialization or a missing one.(Debug mode no syserr just assertion failed message) I'll paste my 3 c++ files here. Hope someone can help me find it out, however i'll keep searching on my own. PythonMiniMapWiki.cpp PythonMiniMapWiki.h PythonMiniMapWikiModule.cpp Edit: I just noticed CPythonMiniMapWiki class declared but never initialized, just added CPythonMiniMapWiki m_pyMiniMapWIki; in PythonApplication.h and m_pyMiniMapWiki.Destroy() in PythonApplication.cpp in function CPythonApplication::Destroy(), I knew it was something dumb but it was a lot of code to check.
  15. filippos1234

    solved problem on putty Lib

    what should I do? please..!
  16. filippos1234

    solved mysql problem

    what should I do? .. pls help.. I can access the MySQL.
  17. filippos1234

    solved problem

    help! also I haven't got a user called 'CORE' … I don't know what to do I think I have changed configs everywhere...pls help!!
  18. filippos1234

    solved mysql problem

    can anyone help me?? I tried resetting MySQL password but it didn't work.... can anyone help??is it possible to just let this MySQL and don't install a new one?? help fast pls
  19. Hello, Gentlemen. I installed the login rewards system, and then my map name doesn't show up automatically. Under normal working conditions, when we log in, transfer, map name, will automatically display and disappear, I do not know whether I have damaged any files, please help me, thank you
  20. I am a novice, my GM, use "/IN" character can not be invisible, is transparent!Please master advice, thank you
  21. Hello , I'm new to metin2 files so I hope you help me with my case .. Where do I find the file that has the "In-Game Item Shop" so I can change the link to whatever I want ..
  22. Hello devs, can you please help me, how can i change position of sash from costume window to inventory window like in picture? Thank you for replies.
  23. I have this quest How i can to make to read coordonates x,y from database ?