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Found 625 results

  1. Hi metin2devs I added expanded money task-bar and it works fine ... the problem is that the gaya currency it is always appear on it's slot as I have 999,999 but actually I have 0 here is an image for it I tried to add refresh def in like this def RefreshStatus(self): money = player.GetElk() self.wndMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(money)) if app.ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM: cheque = player.GetCheque() self.wndCheque.SetText(str(cheque)) if app.ENABLE_GEM_SYSTEM: if self.wndGem: gem = player.GetGem() self.wndGem.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(gem)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ self.wndGem.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(player.GetGem())) but this doesn't solve the problem every help is appreciated EDIT :solved by adding refresh def in class expanded money taskbar in . another problem ... if I make gaya I must change character to update the amount of gaya here is an image without changing character when I change character
  2. Does anybody knows how to fix this issue? i think this should be a item_proto problem, but i didnt changed there anything in the last time, so this souldn't be the right way to fix this problem... thank you very much Best regards!
  3. I have changed the itemshop link to youtube but the problem is that when is open i can't move with wasd,i can't open and whrite in the chat.. i have looked in the from root from uiscript and the in client source but o can't find anything..
  4. Hello, I would like to remove the minimap, the one on the top right of the screen (like in the screenshot) and that you can't open it, like in the devil's catacomb. How can I do this? Thank you
  5. Hi Let us get into it straight away well i did this function void CParty::JumpParty(LPPARTY pParty, int x, int y) { FWarpToPosition f(x, y); pParty->ForEachNearMember(f); } in party.cpp it is for warp all party members the thing is that after warp all players will be in same position , i want that after warp each party member have some distance between each other ( not all in same position ) some dev gave me this but it didn't work void CParty::JumpParty(LPPARTY pParty, int x, int y) { /// POSITION_MARKING int iPixelPos[PARTY_MAX_MEMBER][2] = { {50, 50}, {50, 0}, {50, -50}, {50, 50}, {50, 0}, {50, -50}, {50, 0}, {50, -50}, }; /// END_OF_POSITION_MARKING int n = 0; while (n < GetNearMemberCount()) { FWarpToPosition f(x + iPixelPos[n][0], y + iPixelPos[n][1]); pParty->ForEachNearMember(f); ++n; } } any clue ?
  6. Hello, i would like to disable the stamina, I want that you never run out of "energy". Do you know how I can do it? Thanks I mean this yellow bar under the MP.
  7. Metin2Place

    solved Font size of announce bar

    From where can I change the font size of the announce bar?
  8. Hey, can anyone please give me a hand in fixing this?
  9. Fixed. Please lock this thread.
  10. Hi Everybody! Can someone help to fix it ? The costumes place are inapt. Here you can see: Thanks for help!
  11. Ridack93

    solved mobs attack late

    Hi developer, I have a problem that maybe only some of you can help me, practically I have a problem with the mobs, if I dismantle them to make me attack and move after having them dismantled in a precise point the mobs should follow me normally, but instead they go first to the place I dismantled they stop a few seconds and then they follow me, you would know me say how can i solve this?
  12. M2B0ZZ12

    solved offline-shop problem

    close please
  13. filippos1234

    solved Biologist quest

    Hello i search for a quest that if you have an item example.(vnum)3969 get the biologist time to 0 or skip it.. i found one its on ro i think: quest example begin state start begin when"Elimina timp" with get_time() <= pc.getqf("duration") begin say_title("Biolog:") say("Planta magica contine acid sulfuric") say("Doar o picatura din ea pe un obiect si") say("a fost distrus!Daca imi oferi una voi putea") say("elimina timpul mai repede!Ai una?") say_item("Floarea biologului","3969","") local s = select ("Da,am la mine.", "Inapoi") if s == 2 then return elseif s == 1 then if pc.count_item(3969) > 0 then say_title("Biologul:") say("Aceasta planta este magnifica.Voi putea elimina") say("timpul imediat.") say(" . . . ") say(" . . . ") say("Gata.Timpul a fost eliminat.Acum astept sa imi") say("aduci alte materiale pentru cercetari!") pc.remove_item(3969, 1) pc.setqf("duration", get_time()-1) end elseif pc.count_item(3969) == 0 then say_title("Biologul:") say("Nu detii nici o planta de acest gen.") say("Ce e drept..este destul de rara.") end end end end it get the item (vnum) 3969 but it wont get the time to 0..can anyone help or is there any ready quest like this? thanks
  14. xLoGaN

    solved expanded taskbar

    hello guys I tried to added expanded money taskbar but I got an error 1113 01:41:13451 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 1113 01:41:13451 :: File "", line 239, in SetGamePhase 1113 01:41:13451 :: File "", line 98, in __init__ 1113 01:41:13451 :: File "", line 328, in MakeInterface 1113 01:41:13451 :: File "", line 144, in __MakeTaskBar 1113 01:41:13451 :: File "", line 346, in SetToggleButtonEvent 1113 01:41:13451 :: AttributeError 1113 01:41:13451 :: : 1113 01:41:13451 :: 'ExpandedTaskBar' object has no attribute 'toggleButtonDict' 1113 01:41:13451 ::
  15. Hey guys, someone know where should be a problem? These errors I see after client source compilation. Before moving the client source to another disc, all was fine. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  16. filippos1234

    solved Mob in stones

    Hello i want to ask how do i edit which mobs are spawning in a stone? also how do i set an mob-stone hp? thanks...
  17. hello today i found something by a mistake..i deleted my account .. when i re-created it with same details and login to it i have players with LV0 and no name what shoud l i do to dissapear those players? edit:i just realized that warehouse items stay too.. thanks for your time
  18. Hi boys, The problem is as follows: when i was running the compilate machine my computer was flooded (by tea - a the long story, fuck my life ). After changing the motherboard (which suffered) and trying to compile the server i get an error i did not understand - i did not understand because before the computer "fell" the game compiled without any problems. I've been working on this src for several months and i never had a problem with compiling until the motherboard was flooded. My compilation log: Error after linking "test" and "game" files (db compiles normally): It is interesting that when i put in clean source code, the game compiles without problems. I would like to remind you that my code was compiled the same day i flooded the motherboard, and after a change errors are suddenly displayed and the compilation is aborted. Anticipating the answers about defining the following functions, i have defined them, because as i said, the code compiled for several months without a problem until the "fall" of the computer. Does anyone know the answer to solve this problem?
  19. Hey developers im looking for a function in Python that checks if a item has 1-5 attributes. since getitemattribute in pythonplayer doesn’t work idk.. i hope I get some help @VegaS™@martysama0134 @Syriza
  20. Visual Studio 2019 ERROR: Windows headers require the default packing option. Changing this can lead to memory corruption. This diagnostic can be disabled by building with WINDOWS_IGNORE_PACKING_MISMATCH defined.
  21. I installed the Auto Announcements system posted here on the forum: When I start the server I get this error in putty: And when I gdb the .core file: How could I fix this?
  22. Hello together, because im not that good with Python im gonna ask you guys if somebody can help me to archive this: It's a nice simpel improvment for the gauge in my opinion. If you agree with me let me knew about it and maybe help me out. Thanks in advance Tryn
  23. Hello everyone.. I have this problem when i start the game. I just verified 3 different client and svf that have already implemented the lycan. I've tryed to implement it on a clean source too but i get this error. In local name it's already declared syserr: 1018 17:31:09123 :: LoadGameData __InitData LoadGameData - <type 'exceptions.NameError'>:global name 'WOLFMAN' is not defined 1018 17:31:09123 :: ============================================================================================================ 1018 17:31:09123 :: Abort!!!!