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Found 562 results

  1. Torres

    solved Pet No skill

    HI developers, my pet system skills are not working, I tried to search here, there is no solution Please give me some directions Thank you for your answer! Best wishes to you~
  2. charparodar

    solved Quest strange string

    Hello, I can't find string. It's the last option of every NPC (Alchemist, Shop, Blacksmith, Old Lady, etc) Any tip how can I find it to translate it? Thank you
  3. LordZiege

    solved Quest text bug

    hey guys, FIX: Use send_letter not in the state before. when you want a letter in next state, send it in that state, not in the state before. problem: quest: All other quests working fine. the letter you get after is also working. Kind regards
  4. Hello, how can I change the loot for in-game chest items? Like for example change the loot of the "Apprentice Chest".
  5. Hi, i have a problem with double hp bonus. When i have armor with HP bonus 2k it give 2x more = 4k, 1,5k = 3k , 500 = 1k etc.
  6. Dear developers,when I use 50300,skill book,the exp Increase!++++ I checked the game source,mysql.....nothing found. this is a error,but anywhere have a syserr Thank you for answering my question!
  7. leonvanilla

    solved Horse racing effect

    I had the horse removed from the server for a long time and wanted to put it and show me the effect of running. Does anyone know where the effect is to put it back, please?
  8. When I log in to the game and choose a character, always prompt: Please modify your name. I spent several days trying to find the reason, but I can't do it. Dear developer, please help me, thank you, most Good wishes to you, thank you for your answer! I found that the change_name of the player table is 0. But in the input_login.cpp CharacterSelect function here c_r.players[pinfo->index].bChangeName is 1, in which case will cause this change, where is the associated code?
  9. Hello, I was trying to start my new server and this error appeared. I downloaded some libs and put them in /usr/lib , /usr/lib32 , /lib but it appear the same error my server is 64bit. whoever can help id be very thankful!!
  10. Hey, i cant trade with players if i take the item and drag it on player. with the trade button i can trade with the player. Maybe someone have an idea what i have to check for this... no sysser information
  11. Hey, does anyone have or sell a system, where you can put for example locale_string_en.txt and locale_string_ro.txt and the source reads the correct one for each player ("ro" and "en" is already set in the database > Basic Multilang. System from Vegas) Also i wanted the src. to either read item_names.txt local (for example at drops) or also to be translated. Skype: live:dev_alpha
  12. Hello, I have a problem with an image resolution (more specific select.jpg): I have already changed loading(0,1,2,3...) images and it works correctly The default size of loading images: title subImage version 2.0 image "loading1.jpg" left 0 top 0 right 1280 bottom 720 Then I switched to: title subImage version 2.0 image "loading0.jpg" left 0 top 0 right 1920 bottom 1080 it works perfectly on any resolution ... is responsive. AND HERE IS THE PROBLEM The default size is: title subImage version 2.0 image "select.jpg" left 0 top 0 right 1024 bottom 768 Then I switched to: title subImage version 2.0 image "select.jpg" left 0 top 0 right 1920 bottom 1080 and is look like this: but the original image is this:
  13. what i can do to prevent memory hacking ? what i have for options ? i like to have alot of them ! and for the good heart developers here if u wanna speak speak i dont bite you ! you also can write me private messages if u dont wanna make it public i take care for you - if u want - in my mind its good to share everything with the community because knowledge is power but i respect it if u dont wanna make it public for everybody sometimes its ok because if a solution is public others could "break that solution"..
  14. so im sitting right now here and asking myself somenthing my nemere has the evolution grade 3 its a big one pet because of the scale and its on "Heroic" but it has not the purple color ? but why ? i didnt understand that right now should i read a specific book to make it purple ? purple color that it should have like this: mines look like that "i will fix the texttail paci"
  15. Soo.. I just dived into quest writing. It's not a hard thing i got a few languages already behind me but... Here i don't know what to do it's propably some LUA thing of metin. So first problem: second problem: Thx for answers and suggestions
  16. so , its done. after a realy stressfull day.. i implantate the official pet system and the sash system (scale work) so next thing .. if i look inside my new_petsystem table in my mysql database and change the level to 80 , and evolution grade 3 (i unsommon the pet before i done it) INFO VIDEO ABOUT PET EVOLUTIONS: the pet dont wanna to grow.. and i hear somenthing about it that some code is missing ? and maybe someone is so friendly to send it to me over night (i go now to sleep) i will answer next day. and yeah im realy happy about that system but it must grow ! (its on heroic but no error's) maybe someone help me out by that i go now to sleep ! good day.
  17. Hey, i just need to ask. Is there some way of telling monsters where to stay or where not to go? Cuz i have let's say wild dog on my map. He will bemoving as normal no problem here buut it can happen that he will jsut go to the mountains where player can't go aaand you can't kill him. So questeion is. Is there some way (i believe there is) to tell to mobs where they can and where they can't go? Thx a lot for answer.
  18. -- edit -- // make it better meleys -.-
  19. goodallman14

    solved Problem while adding NPC

    Hello, So today i woke up and i finally decided that it's time to do some NPC work. Soo i started with and idea of adding my npc (same model as normal guard), shouldn't be hard i tought. Well i copy pasted 11004 npc and added it on the end of mob_proto with id 35000 then i added 35000 npc to mob_names.txt then i copy pasted 11004 line in npc_list inside of root and changed vnum to 35000 then i opened db and copypasted 11004 npc line added to the end of db and changed vnum to 35000 Sooo this sould be it right? I packed everythig and started the game. Then i tryed /m 35000. I don't get any error at all ( get one when i try to summon npc that's not in db) so db is fine i guess. But i can't see that npc. I can't see it on minimap, can't see it infront of me... no idea what i did wrong. Any solutions or suggestions? *Edit So i just now found out that i coulnd't summon it cuz it was on the non combat zone. Well, when i summon it outside of it i can see that npc but.. it's name is red and i guess it's tagged as monster. how can i change that?
  20. So yeah I've been stuck with this for quite a while now ... I have used Lumina Network files and installed them on a WonkaService FreeBSD-11.1-RELASE-amd64_1.ova, went pretty smooth until I had to boot up the server and channels, then I get a missing file, though when I check filezilla all the files are in that library. Anyone who knows what could be the issue of this and have a fix for it? Best Regards, Xenolium
  21. NULL is of type "pointer" bool is either true or false comparing them makes no sense.. how i solve it right now ? questlua_petnew.cpp:135:12: error: invalid operands to binary expression ('nullptr_t' and 'int') if (NULL == petActor) ~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~~ questlua_petnew.cpp:155:12: error: invalid operands to binary expression ('nullptr_t' and 'int') if (NULL == petActor) ~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~~ questlua_petnew.cpp:174:12: error: invalid operands to binary expression ('nullptr_t' and 'int') if (NULL == pet_level) ~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~~~ questlua_petnew.cpp:194:12: error: invalid operands to binary expression ('nullptr_t' and 'int') if (NULL == pet_evo) ~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~ 4 errors generated. gmake: *** [Makefile:96: .obj/questlua_petnew.o] Error 1 questlua_petnew.cpp -
  22. iMeleys

    solved [C++] Question

    Closed because it was a stupid Question and no Error or somenthing ! just a C++ Question about how can i make it better then my code but nobody answer so i close the thread hope its okay raylee.
  23. charparodar

    solved [Request]enum EApplyTypes

    Hello, Can anyone give me the most up to date enum EApplyTypes according to "official servers"? Thank you all
  24. Hey, so i was trying to put the sash on inventory window instead of costume window, but i can't make the tooltip work.. I believe it's because it's a maximum of X items on inventory window, because if i remove the belt from the it works, here's images explaining it: With belt active: Tooltip on costume window: Tooltip on inventory window (no tooltip): And now, i will comment the belt on the like this: Costume tooltip: Inventory window tooltip: As you can see, the tooltip works when i "remove"/comment the belt, but with belt it does not work, BUT, i want to keep everything and if possible i want to add more things to the inventory window Any ideas on how can i fix this please? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  25. iMeleys

    solved Slower Effects

    i wanna that the +9 "effects" runing slowly "for different reasons" like on DE i know that its defined in the .MSE Files but i dont know where i can change it inside my MSE File maybe someone know how i can do it in python pastebin link -