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  1. Introduction Hey, since I'm often asked if I can make an example for this or that in Python, I just post some of these examples in this thread from time to time. Usually they just end up in my trash (that's why the collection is small for now) but maybe it will help some of you to learn something. You are also welcome to post examples here and I will add them to the startpost. You have a wish for a certain example? Then write it in here. PS: These examples are designed very simple, so that they can be understood. Examples ui.ComoBox() ui.ScrollBar() with text ui.AniImageBox() as loading bar ui.ListBox() ui.ToggleButton() ui.RadioButtonGroup() ui.DragButton() ui.Bar(), ui.Box(), ui.Line() ui.Gauge(), ui.SliderBar() ui.TextLine(), ui.EditLine() Pagination Tabs DropDown Tree Category Navigation ListBox Search TextLineScrollable Class Collapsible window
  2. So, someone asked me to do this some time ago, I know some servers have already thought of this idea and have been present for some time but anyway I will share it since I haven’t seen nothing similar shared elsewhere and this has been sitting around my hard drive. Although it's something very simple, it’s a good feeling to see from the inventory the status of the dragon soul. Instead of adding the tutorial here I will link a repository to the guidelines. Demonstration Git Repository https://github.com/Owsap/DSS_ACTIVE_EFFECT_BUTTON
  3. Hello, came by to share something simple yet helpful for players, someone requested me this feature that allows you to input money with k format on the pick money dialog window, this will enable you to input “1kk” instead of “1000000” Hope it comes in handy for who is planning to use it. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Owsap/USE_MONEY_K_FORMAT
  4. Someone asked me for cache chat messages. Here is the release constInfo.py Add: lastSentenceStack = [] lastSentencePos = 0 game.py In def Open(self): add: if len(constInfo.lastSentenceStack) > 0: constInfo.lastSentencePos = 0 uiChat.py remove: self.lastSentenceStack = [] self.lastSentencePos = 0 All: self.lastSentenceStack Replace with: constInfo.lastSentenceStack All: self.lastSentencePos Replace with: constInfo.lastSentencePos That's all, enjoy
  5. Hi. This small release save our sent and received private messages till we change the character. If you close by mistake PM with somebody and after you'll open the converastion with that player the old messages will be loaded from dictionary. All changes are in root. Let's begin. constInfo.py Add: WHISPER_MESSAGES = {} game.py Replace these methods: def OnRecvWhisper(self, mode, name, line): if mode == chat.WHISPER_TYPE_GM: self.interface.RegisterGameMasterName(name) line.replace(" : ", ": ") if not self.interface.FindWhisperButton(name) and constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.has_key(name) and not self.interface.whisperDialogDict.has_key(name): self.interface.RecvWhisper(mode, name, line, True) else: self.interface.RecvWhisper(mode, name, line, False) if not constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.has_key(name): constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.update({name : [(mode, line)]}) else: constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES[name].append((mode, line)) chat.AppendWhisper(mode, name, line) def OnRecvWhisperSystemMessage(self, mode, name, line): chat.AppendWhisper(chat.WHISPER_TYPE_SYSTEM, name, line) self.interface.RecvWhisper(mode, name, line, False) def OnRecvWhisperError(self, mode, name, line): if localeInfo.WHISPER_ERROR.has_key(mode): chat.AppendWhisper(chat.WHISPER_TYPE_SYSTEM, name, localeInfo.WHISPER_ERROR[mode](name)) else: chat.AppendWhisper(chat.WHISPER_TYPE_SYSTEM, name, "Whisper Unknown Error(mode=%d, name=%s)" % (mode, name)) self.interface.RecvWhisper(mode, name, line, False) interfaceModule.py Replace this method: def RecvWhisper(self, mode, name, line, loadMsg): if loadMsg: for text in constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES[name]: chat.AppendWhisper(text[0], name, text[1]) if not self.whisperDialogDict.has_key(name): btn = self.FindWhisperButton(name) if 0 == btn: btn = self.__MakeWhisperButton(name) btn.Flash() chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, localeInfo.RECEIVE_MESSAGE % (name)) else: btn.Flash() elif self.IsGameMasterName(name): dlg = self.whisperDialogDict[name] dlg.SetGameMasterLook() introSelect.py In def Open(self): add: WHISPER_MESSAGES = {} uiWhisper.py Add: import constInfo Replace this method: def OpenWithTarget(self, targetName="", loadMessages=False): chat.CreateWhisper(targetName) chat.SetWhisperBoxSize(targetName, self.GetWidth() - 60, self.GetHeight() - 90) self.chatLine.SetFocus() self.titleName.SetText(targetName) self.targetName = targetName self.textRenderer.SetTargetName(targetName) self.titleNameEdit.Hide() self.ignoreButton.Hide() if app.IsDevStage(): self.reportViolentWhisperButton.Show() else: self.reportViolentWhisperButton.Hide() self.acceptButton.Hide() self.gamemasterMark.Hide() self.minimizeButton.Show() if loadMessages: if constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.has_key(targetName): for text in constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES[targetName]: chat.AppendWhisper(text[0], targetName, text[1]) in def AcceptTarget(self): at botton add: if constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.has_key(name): for text in constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES[name]: chat.AppendWhisper(text[0], name, text[1]) And replace this method: def SendWhisper(self): text = self.chatLine.GetText() textLength = len(text) if textLength > 0: if net.IsInsultIn(text): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, localeInfo.CHAT_INSULT_STRING) return net.SendWhisperPacket(self.targetName, text) self.chatLine.SetText("") if not constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.has_key(self.targetName): constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES.update({self.targetName : [(1, ("{}: {}".format(player.GetName(), text)))]}) else: constInfo.WHISPER_MESSAGES[self.targetName].append([1, "{}: {}".format(player.GetName(), text)]) chat.AppendWhisper(chat.WHISPER_TYPE_CHAT, self.targetName, player.GetName() + ": " + text) That's all If you will find any bugs just give me some feedback.
  6. https://mega.nz/file/004iwajQ#8EStyJTkwr0gwqE1HI0ZJBPExVi6mIdTOlltNPE2PoQ ]
  7. Hi there Devs, I would like to share my "little" system. If you aren't interested in the introduction/preview etc. and you just want to download it and put in to your server, just scroll down until the "[How-To] Set up" subtitle. The story Firstly let me tell this system's story. I've got an idea one year before, that it would be good if the players would be able to put their items into a "global" system where they could see the other player's items, and they could buy it for DC or gold (that time I worked with the latest vanilla core (not with the source)). Then in the following 8 days I made it (it took about 80-90 working hours). Originally the system was created for one of my friend's server. but this server has never started, and nobody used this system. After some mounts I've decided to publish it on the Hungarian forum, because it won't worth to work on it for long hours if nobody uses it and its just collecting dust on my computer. Then I've published it on the 2nd of December, 2014. After some time I've decided to translate it into English and I've got a new idea for a new feature. This feature was: the trade system (I will explain its working later). This idea inspired by one of the players (from a server where this system was able to use). He told me that it would be better if they could set the gold price via an item (what's value is very high). Then with more than 180 working hours (totally) behind my back I'm here. Overview [How-To] Set up Customizing the tradehouse Questions and Answers Notes changelog: 19th of August, 2015: I publicated the tradehouse here. my toDo list: add logging for the system (the released version don't log the actions in the tradehouse) Thanks for reading the topic, if you have any problem/remark feel free to ask it here or write me a PM. Have a good day!
  8. Hi devs, I'd like to share a script I developed the other night whilst working on a project, this script is meant to improve the quality of life of Metin2 as often players find it hard to accurately tell the cooldown of skills and end up spamming their keyboards like many of us have. Preview: Without any further ado, let's dig right into coding this bad boy. We start with locale: Now we shall move onto root part: version 1.0 version 2.0 If you encounter any bugs or you have suggestions please let me know! Changes:
  9. https://i.gyazo.com/b72a19cfa9cbb9ad7b52342662f94e41.mp4 ### 0.1 Root / uiMessenger.py: # 1. Search: def OnLogin(self, groupIndex ... # 1. After: member.Online() self.OnRefreshList() # 1. Add: if not name in constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST: self.onlinePopup = uiCommon.OnlinePopup() self.onlinePopup.SetUserName(name) self.onlinePopup.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OpenWhisper), "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP", name) self.onlinePopup.SlideIn() constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST.append(name) # 1.1 After: def OnLogin(... Add: def OpenWhisper(self, eventType, userName): self.whisperButtonEvent(userName) ### 0.2 Root / constInfo.py: # 2. Add: ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST = [] ### 0.3 Root / ui.py # 3 Search: class Board(Window): (....) # 3 REPLACE this class with: class Board(Window): CORNER_WIDTH = 32 CORNER_HEIGHT = 32 LINE_WIDTH = 128 LINE_HEIGHT = 128 LT = 0 LB = 1 RT = 2 RB = 3 L = 0 R = 1 T = 2 B = 3 BASE_PATH = "d:/ymir work/ui/pattern" IMAGES = { 'CORNER' : { 0 : "Board_Corner_LeftTop", 1 : "Board_Corner_LeftBottom", 2 : "Board_Corner_RightTop", 3 : "Board_Corner_RightBottom" }, 'BAR' : { 0 : "Board_Line_Left", 1 : "Board_Line_Right", 2 : "Board_Line_Top", 3 : "Board_Line_Bottom" }, 'FILL' : "Board_Base" } def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init__(self, layer) self.skipMaxCheck = False self.MakeBoard() def MakeBoard(self): CornerFileNames = [ ] LineFileNames = [ ] for imageDictKey in (['CORNER', 'BAR']): for x in xrange(len(self.IMAGES[imageDictKey])): if imageDictKey == "CORNER": CornerFileNames.append("%s/%s.tga" % (self.BASE_PATH, self.IMAGES[imageDictKey][x])) elif imageDictKey == "BAR": LineFileNames.append("%s/%s.tga" % (self.BASE_PATH, self.IMAGES[imageDictKey][x])) self.Corners = [] for fileName in CornerFileNames: Corner = ExpandedImageBox() Corner.AddFlag("not_pick") Corner.LoadImage(fileName) Corner.SetParent(self) Corner.SetPosition(0, 0) Corner.Show() self.Corners.append(Corner) self.Lines = [] for fileName in LineFileNames: Line = ExpandedImageBox() Line.AddFlag("not_pick") Line.LoadImage(fileName) Line.SetParent(self) Line.SetPosition(0, 0) Line.Show() self.Lines.append(Line) self.Lines[self.L].SetPosition(0, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.T].SetPosition(self.CORNER_WIDTH, 0) self.Base = ExpandedImageBox() self.Base.AddFlag("not_pick") self.Base.LoadImage("%s/%s.tga" % (self.BASE_PATH, self.IMAGES['FILL'])) self.Base.SetParent(self) self.Base.SetPosition(self.CORNER_WIDTH, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Base.Show() def __del__(self): Window.__del__(self) def SetSize(self, width, height): if not self.skipMaxCheck: width = max(self.CORNER_WIDTH*2, width) height = max(self.CORNER_HEIGHT*2, height) Window.SetSize(self, width, height) self.Corners[self.LB].SetPosition(0, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Corners[self.RT].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, 0) self.Corners[self.RB].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.R].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.B].SetPosition(self.CORNER_HEIGHT, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) verticalShowingPercentage = float((height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT*2) - self.LINE_HEIGHT) / self.LINE_HEIGHT horizontalShowingPercentage = float((width - self.CORNER_WIDTH*2) - self.LINE_WIDTH) / self.LINE_WIDTH self.Lines[self.L].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, 0, verticalShowingPercentage) self.Lines[self.R].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, 0, verticalShowingPercentage) self.Lines[self.T].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, horizontalShowingPercentage, 0) self.Lines[self.B].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, horizontalShowingPercentage, 0) if self.Base: self.Base.SetRenderingRect(0, 0, horizontalShowingPercentage, verticalShowingPercentage) # 3 AFTER CLASS BOARD ADD THIS CLASS: class BorderB(Board): CORNER_WIDTH = 16 CORNER_HEIGHT = 16 LINE_WIDTH = 16 LINE_HEIGHT = 16 BASE_PATH = "d:/ymir work/ui/pattern" IMAGES = { 'CORNER' : { 0 : "border_b_left_top", 1 : "border_b_left_bottom", 2 : "border_b_right_top", 3 : "border_b_right_bottom" }, 'BAR' : { 0 : "border_b_left", 1 : "border_b_right", 2 : "border_b_top", 3 : "border_b_bottom" }, 'FILL' : "border_b_center" } def __init__(self): Board.__init__(self) self.eventFunc = { "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP" : None, } self.eventArgs = { "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP" : None, } def __del__(self): Board.__del__(self) self.eventFunc = None self.eventArgs = None def SetSize(self, width, height): Board.SetSize(self, width, height) def SetEvent(self, func, *args) : result = self.eventFunc.has_key(args[0]) if result : self.eventFunc[args[0]] = func self.eventArgs[args[0]] = args else : print "[ERROR] ui.py SetEvent, Can`t Find has_key : %s" % args[0] def OnMouseLeftButtonUp(self): if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"]) ### 0.4 Root / uiCommon.py # 4 Add this to the end of file: ### (Check if you have in this file import app ) class OnlinePopup(ui.BorderB): def __init__(self): ui.BorderB.__init__(self) self.isActiveSlide = False self.isActiveSlideOut = False self.endTime = 0 self.wndWidth = 0 self.textLine = ui.TextLine() self.textLine.SetParent(self) self.textLine.SetWindowHorizontalAlignCenter() self.textLine.SetWindowVerticalAlignCenter() self.textLine.SetHorizontalAlignCenter() self.textLine.SetVerticalAlignCenter() self.textLine.SetPosition(13, 0) self.textLine.Show() self.onlineImage = ui.ImageBox() self.onlineImage.SetParent(self) self.onlineImage.SetPosition(8, 8) self.onlineImage.LoadImage("d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/messenger_list_online.sub") self.onlineImage.Show() def __del__(self): ui.BorderB.__del__(self) def SlideIn(self): self.SetTop() self.Show() self.isActiveSlide = True self.endTime = app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() + 5 def Close(self): self.Hide() def Destroy(self): self.Close() def SetUserName(self, name): self.textLine.SetText("Player %s is online." % str(name)) self.wndWidth = self.textLine.GetTextSize()[0] + 40 self.SetSize(self.wndWidth, 25) self.SetPosition(-self.wndWidth, wndMgr.GetScreenHeight() - 200) def OnUpdate(self): if self.isActiveSlide and self.isActiveSlide == True: x, y = self.GetLocalPosition() if x < 0: self.SetPosition(x + 4, y) if self.endTime - app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() <= 0 and self.isActiveSlideOut == False and self.isActiveSlide == True: self.isActiveSlide = False self.isActiveSlideOut = True if self.isActiveSlideOut and self.isActiveSlideOut == True: x, y = self.GetLocalPosition() if x > -(self.wndWidth): self.SetPosition(x - 4, y) if x <= -(self.wndWidth): self.isActiveSlideOut = False self.Close() ######## Please write in topic If i forgot something. ######## Images for board: https://mega.nz/#!O1ZjmQxY!tKJdWNXRP6Wgb3DGxzdFRNV9U-bfRIStwnq3ETd6gKo
  10. Hello everyone. It's a good day to share an old code with you. First of all you need to know: I don't help to install it. Don't even take the contact with me about it. The whole code is written by me, and reversed from official binaries. At the beginning do a backup for your files(srcs+pys) and READ CAREFULLY the readme. W/o brain.exe please close this tab, or your browser, thank you for your understanding. Preview: Download.exe Enjoy & #h4v3fun, pngr
  11. root/uiRefine.py root/constInfo.py Another idea: (you don't have to use this, is just a example, can add in tooltip where you can drop items which you need, you can add a listbox+scrollbar and send drops from server and cache it in dictionary.) [hide] [/hide]
  12. https://paste2.org/jjObstd1 Ameteur Video: https://youtu.be/UmPq8kQGSjM
  13. #Find in intrologin.py/def __OpenServerBoard(self): self.serverBoard.Show() #Add if self.idEditLine and self.idEditLine.IsFocus(): self.idEditLine.KillFocus() if self.pwdEditLine and self.pwdEditLine.IsFocus(): self.pwdEditLine.KillFocus()
  14. Find in locale/xx/ui/loadingwindow.py: { "name" : "FullGage", "type" : "expanded_image", "x" : 40, "y" : 25, "image" : uiScriptLocale.LOCALE_UISCRIPT_PATH + "loading/gauge_full.dds", }, Add this; { "name" : "LoadingName_Text", "type" : "text", "x" : 190, "y" : -8, "text" : "", "vertical_align" : "center", }, Add in constInfo.py; loadingname = "" Find in root/introloading.py: self.loadingGage=self.GetChild("FullGage") Add this; self.loadingName_txt=self.GetChild("LoadingName_Text") Find: def __SetProgress(self, p): Change like this; def GetChName(self, p): import constInfo text = constInfo.loadingname uzunluk = len(text) asd = uzunluk*p/100 return text[0:asd] def __SetProgress(self, p): if self.loadingGage: self.loadingGage.SetPercentage(2+98*p/100, 100) name = self.GetChName(2+98*p/100) self.loadingName_txt.SetText(name) Last one if you use the official pack introselect(unpacked 2015 & 2018 packs), use this: If you use the fake official introselect or old introselet, use this:
  15. I have already shared my “LocaleStringBuilder” (locale_string.txt) translate script here on one of the topics but this time I also created for the quests (translate.lua) “LocaleQuestBuilder”. Now you can find them both on the same repository. Repository https://github.com/Owsap/LocaleString-LocaleQuest-Builder Information All the strings in locale_string.txt and locale_quest.txt are from the official v19.6.15 patch. In order to run the tools, you will need Python2. https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7/ Hope it helps, see ya around...
  16. There are a lot of people which had problem with localeInfo because korean-characters and bad encoding, there's a clean file with refactored code. Removed all the code which isn't used like korean characters < bad encoding [runmain error / crash](editors problem) and more checks. Removed over 500 lines unused. Removed function mapping(**kwargs) and use constructor of dict > dict(**kwarg) which is same (**kwarg let you take arbitrary number of keyword arguments). Removed function CutMoneyString because is used just when locale is HongKong, CIBN. Removed check IsYMIR from function LoadLocaleData which load locale as locale/ymir or locale/we_korea. Removed GUILD_MARK_NOT_ENOUGH_LEVEL, GUILD_HEADQUARTER, GUILD_FACILITY, GUILD_OBJECT, MAP_TRENT02, MAP_WL, MAP_NUSLUCK, MAP_TREE2, LOGIN_FAILURE_WEB_BLOCK, LOGIN_FAILURE_BLOCK_LOGIN, CHANNEL_NOTIFY_FULL, now they're readed directly from locale_game.txt. Removed declared global variables. Removed checks for declaring LOCALE_FILE_NAME, FN_GM_MARK and use current path. Removed korean functions/lists/dictionaries/characters GetAuxiliaryWordType, JOBINFO_DATA_LIST, dictSingleWord, dictDoubleWord, etc. Removed unused things: locale mapping, 'all' list etc. Removed IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE declaration, should be declared inside of constInfo directly. Removed checks (locale path) - 949, 932 == app.GetDefaultCodePage(), IsHONGKONG, IsNEWCIBN() or IsCIBN10() from declaration of functions like (NumberToMoneyString, NumberToSecondaryCoinString, ...),now they're declared directly from old style (IsEUROPE() and not IsWE_KOREA() and not IsYMIR()). Added custom string format(format_string, *args, **kwargs) instead of %. (old-style). Added new checks inside of LoadLocaleFile for security: Check if token3 (token1=original_string, token2=return-string, token3=function) function name exist in our types (SA, SNA, SAA, SAN) then try to call it. Check if string line have no tabs. Diff-checker: (856 Removals + 301 Additions) https://www.diffchecker.com/v1Nwk2r0 [hide]Download link[/hide]
  17. Hello everyone, is my first release and it is something that many people already have, but for those who do not have it, I share it. Image: click here Then, let's start. root/contsinfo.py root/interfacemodule.py root/uiinventory.py: root/uitaskbar.py: locale_xx/locale/xx/ui/taskbar.py locale_xx/locale/xx/locale_interface.txt uiscript ---> Create a new file with this name expandedmoneytaskbar.py and paste this: One extra step: locale_xx/locale/xx/ui/inventorywindow.py or uiscript/inventorywindow.py or uiscript/inventorywindowex.py If you have this error: InventoryWindow.LoadWindow.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'ImageBox' object has no attribute 'SetEvent' Then: open root/ui.py: If you do not have ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM and ENABLE_GEM_SYSTEM in your src client, then delete those parts of the code or open: UserInterface/PythonApplicationModule.cpp: I recommend putting this as long as you have cheque_system and gem_system (otherwise the interface is a little ugly) I hope it serves some people, greetings!!
  18. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Loading-Gauge-Improvement Before: After:
  19. Hello cowboys, since i was at job and i was bored while coding in other languages, i thought would be funny if i code something in Python, so an idea came in mind, doing a general text file loader for parsing different data, with different structs, normal variables, groups and lists, like ymir idea for parsing the files (.mse, .msa, .msm, .txt like mob_drop_item.txt, group.txt, etc) This tool can be used everywhere, for metin2 or else, i wrote this from scratch using ymir idea, also you can run it in any version of Python. If you use this for metin2, change USING_METIN2_CLIENT to True. benchmark.txt TextFileLoader.py Full source repository: [hide] https://github.com/Vegas007/Text-File-Loader [/hide]
  20. Hello guys! Another premium video for metin2dev members,please enjoy! Complete Python Bootcamp Go from zero to hero in Python 3 ~2.54GB
  21. [hide] root/localeInfo.py import time def GetCurrentServerTime24H(cur_time_stamp=app.GetGlobalTimeStamp()): ''' Convert server timestamp to 24-hour. ''' hours = (cur_time_stamp / 60) / 60 % 24 minutes = (cur_time_stamp / 60) % 60 seconds = cur_time_stamp % 60 return "{:02}:{:02}:{:02}".format(hours, minutes, seconds) def GetCurrentServerTime12H(format_code='%H:%M:%S', format_code_12h='%I:%M:%S %p'): ''' Convert server timestamp to 12-hour AM/PM. ''' time_object = time.strptime(GetCurrentServerTime24H(), format_code) time_output = time.strftime(format_code_12h, time_object) return time_output How-To-Use: your_script.py < import localeInfo self.timeTextLine.SetText(localeInfo.GetCurrentServerTime12H()) # 06:00:08 PM self.timeTextLine.SetText(localeInfo.GetCurrentServerTime12H()) # 04:30:56 AM self.timeTextLine.SetText(localeInfo.GetCurrentServerTime24H()) # 21:05:03 [/hide]
  22. I saw a guy who sells shit, so I decided to fuck 15 minutes of my life and time and do it free for you with my code shit because i write fast. Link download: https://mega.nz/#!CYJVib4L!bziTs5iK-R8dznmtAbBt3E2y93xyuCV0gZLV1MHdlPs And here is part rest for how to add grade:
  23. Hi this is timer for python. Like queue in gamesource. https://github.com/xdracaryS/queue_py
  24. [hide] Github repository: https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Extended-Modules-For-Script-Window [/hide]
  25. I added two years ago a small function that allow you to make a struct like C++ for different purposes. # Example #1 pack = ui.RegisterStructClass('a b c')(15, {}, []) pack.a += 50 pack.b.update({0: 250}) pack.c.append(100) print (pack.a, pack.b, pack.c) # Example #2. def Transfer(self, p): print(p.szName, p.lX, p.lY) self.Transfer(ui.RegisterStructClass('szName lX lY')(GetName(), GetX(), GetY())) # Example #3. config = ui.RegisterStructClass('width height default_size_dict rank_list text')(450, 300, {'w': 400, 'h': 500}, [1, 2, 3], 'Metin2') print ( config.width, config.height, config.text, config.default_size_dict.get('w'), config.default_size_dict.get('h'), config.rank_list ) Repository: [hide] https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Python-Data-Structures [/hide]
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