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  1. I think there's a difference. Gameforge actually did something bigger this time, they're clearly against it and trying to pursue those who participate in illegal actions regarding metin2. For the most time I've been here I didn't see something like this. Yes, sometimes a server got knocked down, but that'd actually be a hoax too. This time they indeed did take action in pursuing it. So I have no interest in getting my hands dirty with a project I'd like to share just because it's my hobby. I'm not doing that. If anyone still wishes to continue this project he may do so, I don't care, but note that it's Gameforge that actually cares. And since there's been some speculation about why and what happened: NO, I did NOT get any message from Gameforge etc... And I'm not in legal trouble. I want to keep it that way, that's the reason I stopped the project. Though I definitely know that some people got RC-versions before this happened. So if they share it, you'd get the most recent version. But that's up to them, not me. Btw. a moderator should probably close this thread. There's no reason to keep it open.
  2. Since things changed and I do not wish to get into legal trouble I decided not to continue this project. I don't mind anyone reuploading or sharing the RC build. That's up to you guys, you'd know what you're doing. Thanks to those who helped me and sorry for those I may have disappointed.
  3. Vanilla

    Gameforge sucks

    Eren is that you? But leaked is not open source. It's not allowed. You can't say drugs are legal by magic just because people use them either way. And since YMIR/WEBZEN/whatever now did not decide to make it open source, it just isn't. It's only leaked, even though many people contributed their thoughts on it. It's still protected by copyright and I don't see that they released any license that allows people to use it as an open source project. So yeah, if they wanna sue people, they'll definitely have all the legal rights on their side. You'd have to write everything on your own and still that won't change a single thing since you'd only copycat their ideas and work which means you're still infringe copyright. Let alone that you'd still be using their graphical stuff (client item icons etc.). So no matter what you do, you'll always break the law if you're running a server. But I think the government is more concerned about those who do not pay taxes.
  4. Vanilla

    Gameforge sucks

    No. Just no. If someone leaves a bomb in a park you aren't planning to use it, too. At least I hope so. It's definitely not allowed and Gameforge has the right to take legal action if someone uses their source. The resource is not free, afaik it got leaked back then.
  5. Vanilla

    Gameforge sucks

    Every single one of us works in their free time on something, otherwise we wouldn't develop stuff.. And yes, you're right with what you said. I played official and I dislike it. I think it's just as you described it - they fear that they'll loose money due to private servers, but they forget that if those servers don't exist, the money wouldn't magically transfer into their pocket. Because those people who spent their money on private servers (and you can argue if that's actually worth it or not) wouldn't just spend it on their official server instead. They are here for a reason. I do not think they're crushing the private server stuff. They can't do it everywhere. Some people host outside. It's just getting.. different I guess. But, yeah, those who still want to open a server will have it much harder if they keep the pressure up. And more importantly - they're ruining the game. If they remove everything that actually attracts people to metin2, then there's no wonder no one wants to play it. For example, who would want to play a game with shitty graphics, unbalance, pay-to-win like a maniac in 2019? Most people demand it to have at least fancy graphics and stuff. Rarely will someone scroll through steam and think "oh that game looks interesting, I might just play it." The people are being attracted because there are private servers. Servers which offer you to fell absolutely powerful without having to pay half your monthly income in order to at least be someone people might notice. In Private servers the community is different, everyone is somewhat valued because everyone is strong just by the game mechanic itself. Guilds invite you because you can be of help, even if you aren't on the top 10 tier list of the most imbalanced badasses around. And that's the problem. It's not about efficiently killing the servers though they wish they'd do that. All they do is plug some holes into their sinking ship. Maybe, if one day Metin2 ultimately has it's end, they'll have their goal achieved. No one wants to open a private server if there are no players who are even the slightest bit interested in metin2. So yeah, I don't think they'll kill all servers. Either they stop pursuing it, like they did before, or they'll continue and ruin their own game further which will sooner or later initiate it's end. At least, those are all possibilities that might or might not be true.
  6. Vanilla

    Gameforge sucks

    If they really pursue this route I'm positive metin2 will be dead soon. In my opinion the game lived from the private servers and their development. If they purge it, they'll loose their player base sooner or later. But it's their decision and we'd respect that. I for myself don't want to get into legal trouble because of a hobby of mine. I don't want to ruin the fun or sound like a end-time preacher but sometimes it's better to let it go and move an.
  7. Vanilla

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    I heard someone mention my name? I'm not a good dev but, for sure, I can take a look at it. Would be a nice project to work on.
  8. There are many ways on how to start being a "developer". But first, you need to understand what you're doing. Do you have any experience with programming so far? Do you know the difference between procedural and object-oriented programming? Do you understand the language that's behind it? If not, you'd start there. No one will write guides about how to develop your own systems in metin2 since... yeah, if you know what you're doing, then there's no need for it. And if you don't know what you're doing, you'd start learning programming. And there are tons of good guides about that. If you encounter any trouble or problem while coding, you can ask this board. But why should anyone reinvent the wheel? You can't start programming if you don't know what to do and if you do know, you won't need a guide. So at first if you don't have any knowledge about programming you'd start with procedural programming. This helps you understand how the machine works through each line of code. You can start with simple quests for metin2 and go into more advanced techniques. After that, take a step further into object oriented programming. Read about it, understand what it means and read a bit about c++, progress will come sooner or later and you'll start to understand what the code in these sources actually mean. As soon as you understand it, you can modify and even create your own code. But first you'd understand it. This is mandatory. Please DON'T copy paste stuff from boards. Understand it and write your own.
  9. New build is up, this time we're hitting RC. I fixed a few code issues with the new commands and checking elevation status. Now /promote always elevates the target (before it just ranked up the target, but no elevation, only if you leave the target rank blank). /su command now also utilizes custom MySQL Password function! There's a check on boot when you're trying to boot with Mysql 8.x and still have not specified a custom password function. If the check fails, you're getting an error message and the core crashes immediately. This is due to the fact that the function PASSWORD has been deleted with MySQL 8.x release. This means that you have to rehash your passwords and use a custom password function. If you don't to it, the game will not boot successfully and logging in will not work under mysql 8.x. That's why. If you still use the older version or mariadb versions which still have PASSWORD function, you can still use the core just like before. It's only if you uprade it. Long story short: If you are on mysql 8.x you HAVE TO specify a custom password. For running servers, this means that players also have to create a new password. This is only because PASSWORD function got deleted in most recent versions. If you are on older mysql versions, you can continue like before. But the core warns you about it. If everything boots, you're ready to go.
  10. you can use gdb with symlinks, too. You can also cd to the directory you assume the faulty core is inside and run gdb "gamefilename". Then issue "run" and it'll start the game core while the debugger is attached to it and wait for the crash to happen. But as long as everything runs smoothly now, your core didn't crash at all and only the hoster went down. So yeah, keep observing it and watch yours logs. There's no need to debug if no crash happens
  11. what they mean with "fake core" is that you're having a symbolic link to another file. This is a feature that allows you to access the same file on different locations without having to copy it. I do like to copy the game and use a script for updating, it's more convenient for me. But that's personal preference, it's not an error if you have symlinks.. .core files are a memory dump so you can backtrace the error. This only happens if the core crashes. If it does a graceful shutdown (like when you exit the process properly due to shutdown scripts etc.) it does not create a core file. Also, if the core recognises a fatal error and shuts itself down, a core file will not be created. It only happens it if "crashes" which means that an instruction could not be processed. I think something else crashed or shut the game down. You'd check syslog and other cores, especially the dbcache which is often the reason your whole server shuts down.
  12. Vanilla

    open Error Client

    app is a module that's being built inside the binary. So you have to edit the client source, probably you're missing something. So you have two options: Either you remove it, which is not what you may want. Or you add the function to your binary. For further information: You can create modules in c++ and add them to the python via it's c-api. This is happening with modules like player, net, etc.... and also app. So the error tells you that the function ENABLE_DEWS_PLUS does not exist. According to the name I think it's more or less a bool variable that either enables the system or not. So even if this function is unknown, you'd try to just return true in this function. You have to edit it. WeedHex mentioned PythonApplicationModule. You can add more functions to the app module in this file. Note that you also have to add it to the module_list at the end of the file, otherwise the function will not be loaded into the app module.
  13. I don't see any reason for his posting either. So let's just keep him talk. Would be sad if anyone buys it and we have a fix that's about to be published. If anyone still buys his "easy fix" for money, then this person might not be the smartest one out there considering the fact that we're gonna fix this. As I said, on my client it works perfectly fine without any dots. So I only have to find the stuff I did on it and didn't mention.. Then we're good to go.