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  1. The version is the latest published. As for the bugs I do not know, they gave me several problems in compile \ boot.
  2. Since many are looking for it, this should be the release in question. I probably made some changes but I do not remember... https://mega.nz/#!34lwGYgC!JnilrEQyy_G-MyoFUh2YtuoFHvpweyAu0OlSv43v2Yg
  3. Vanilla, did you abandon the project?
  4. Hik

    Halloween broom mount

    Beautiful mobs and flying broom!
  5. Hik

    Stone bridge fix

  6. Try and extract "root" and open all files with notepad ++, then use the "search in all files" function to find for example: def UseItemSlot (self, slotIndex):
  7. Hik

    solved Quest & Bonus Problem

    shame on me, it was enough to add the () Thank you all...
  8. Hik

    solved Quest & Bonus Problem

    Thanks, actually it works (I tried until 2030). Evidently beyond a certain date it does not work. Do you have any ideas about the second bug?
  9. Hik

    open Gcc49 compile error

    try replacing that define
  10. Hik

    open Gcc49 compile error

    Last chance: Open: libthecore/StdAFx.h Find: #define __typeof typeof and replace with: #if __cplusplus <= 199711L //C++99 Compatibility code #define __typeof typeof #endif
  11. Hik

    open Gcc49 compile error

    In common\stl.h you have: #define itertype(v) __typeof((v).begin())? If asnwer is yes, replace with: #ifndef itertype #define itertype(v) __typeof((v).begin()) #endif
  12. Hi guys, I have 2 strange problems. In the first two images you will notice that there are no bonuses in the upper left but they are set in the db. In the other two you will notice how the command "pc.get_skill_group" does not return any value.