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  1. Hik

    I never noticed it, I will do tests. If I can fix it I will indicate the way.
  2. Forgive me, my message has been poorly translated. I have a virtual machine (Freebsd 12 32bit) where I compiled the game and the db. I have to move them to a vps with 64bit Freebsd 11. Unfortunately I get incompatibilities, almost certainly generated by libraries. Example: Undefined symbol "stat@FBSD_1.5"
  3. Hi guys, I have a question. Is it possible to include all the libraries during the compilation of the game and the db without being asked for others during the start on different virtual machines?
  4. Thanks, I did it! For those with problems, here is the VegaS solution: lines = open (srcFileName, "r"). readlines () to lines = pack_open (srcFileName, "r"). readlines ()
  5. When I use your localeinfo.py I get this: LoadLocaleError(locale/de/locale_game.txt)
  6. Hik

  7. Hik


    Currently the virtual machine in VMware is already connected in "bridged: connected directly to the physical network". I changed the connection to "custom: specific virtual network" and I selected WMnet1 (host-only) but I have the same result.
  8. Hi guys, I need your help. I have two virtual machines: 32bit mysql - 64bit Mariadb. In the first case I use virtualbox and I set the "virtualbox host-only" as the network card while in the second case I use VMware workstation15 and I use the wifi network card. On both machines I use the same files, compiled in 32 and 64 bits. With virtualbox I have no problems, I can login while with VMware I get stuck on the word "you're about to be connected to the server". I can use WinSc, heidisql and putty in both cases. The cores are all active and only one error is shown that I don't believe affects. SYSERR: Dec 1 04:26:25 :: ReadVnumMapper: dragon_soul_table.txt need VnumMapper. SYSERR: Dec 1 04:26:25 :: Boot: cannot load DragonSoulTable: locale/romania/dragon_soul_table.txt Do you know if there are problems with 64bit or mariadb?
  9. Hik


    Hi guys, I need your help. I'm using sources with the following upgrades (by terenzo): DirectX 8 -> 9 Python 2.2.15 -> 2.7.6 Granny -> Boost 1.43.0 -> 1.55.0 DevIL 1.6.1 -> 1.7.8 Crypto++ 5.6.1 -> 5.6.2 LZO 2.03 -> 2.06 JPEG Lib 6b -> 9a Once the character is chosen, the client crashes and I get this: 0817 22:53:13712 :: Property already registered, replace property/devils_dragon_island/thing/obj_mtthund_thorn01.prb to property/devils_dragon_island/mtthunder_thorn01.prb 0817 22:53:13758 :: LoadWaterMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\water.wtr 0 0817 22:53:13758 :: LoadRawHeightMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\height.raw 0817 22:53:13761 :: LoadHeightMap::CalculateNormal 3 ms 0817 22:53:13761 :: LoadAttrMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\attr.atr 0817 22:53:13762 :: 0 0817 22:53:13762 :: LoadSplatFile metin2_map_a1\000001\tile.raw 0817 22:53:13779 :: CTerrain::RAW_AllocateSplats 17 0817 22:53:13780 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture 1 ms 0817 22:53:13780 :: LoadShadowMap metin2_map_a1\000001\shadowmap.raw 0817 22:53:13780 :: 0 ms 0817 22:53:13780 :: CTerrain::LoadMiniMapTexture 0 ms 0817 22:53:13781 :: CMapOutdoor::LoadTerrain 24 0817 22:53:13782 :: CMapOutdoor::LoadArea1 0 If I comment on the following function, the game starts but I see only the NPCs and the Mobs: if ( !pArea->Load(szAreaPathName) ) By debugging I get this: https://imge.to/i/VBzBx
  10. 71480 ----> https://mega.nz/#!34lwGYgC!JnilrEQyy_G-MyoFUh2YtuoFHvpweyAu0OlSv43v2Yg
  11. Several people have had problems using these files as we read in previous posts, including myself. Recently, a forum user has published a fully functional .vdi with your files and I think a good number of people have downloaded it. I hope you continue development by improving more and more, perhaps by creating a complete package - client server.
  12. Hi vanilla, I see that the topic hasn't been updated anymore. Will you not continue developing this release?
  13. The version is the latest published. As for the bugs I do not know, they gave me several problems in compile \ boot.
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