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  1. TheJacob

    Run metin server on Hetzner

    But, this is by OVH... I tested OVH and there is big ping...
  2. Hello, I bought virtual server on Hetzner for testing, but Hetzner has changed IP to, I change on my ./channel1 -I & and server start without errors, If I login and select char server me kick to login window. If I test on my 2 server (other hosting) server is OK. Thanks for help
  3. TheJacob

    Drop Sword bug

  4. TheJacob

    Drop Sword bug

  5. TheJacob

    Drop Sword bug

    Hello, I have this problem on image, if I drop any sword drop effect is bugged and make this (horizontal or sometimes make very big model) This bug make I, but I dont know where... (only swords, arrow,double swords, bell... are OK) Thanks for help
  6. TheJacob

    [BUY] Client packer (with source)

    Hello, i buy metin client packer (with source + i need edit eterpack.cpp... in my binary source) Example: I have folder(source client files) pack_source/bgm/song1.mp3 pack_source/bgm/song2.mp3 pack_source/bgm/song3.mp3 And program (example: makepack.exe) If open makepack.exe, I say bgm and all files from bgm pack to bgm.test (I need only 1 file, no .eix and .epk) I need the files can not be extracting!
  7. TheJacob

    Sash problem

    Added you acce.cpp to Makefile? //Edit: yes it is...
  8. TheJacob

    Sash system (acce) skill bug effect

  9. TheJacob

    Sash system (acce) skill bug effect

  10. TheJacob

    Decrypt item_proto

    I think this IP is bad compiled If I extract is there 6996 lines this: or this is edited by any person. if you dont know what he edit no extract...
  11. TheJacob


    This function makes, block by ip by country (With MySQL Table.). With this function, you can blocking country ip's. Add to account DB
  12. TheJacob


    I think you dont have or have bad iptocountry table in mysql (database)
  13. Hallo, I import to my server and client Sash (acce) system and all is OK, but check video... Thanks for any help
  14. TheJacob

    Boss hit 0 mana

    drain_sp OK, but mob_color is clear, what is mob_color?
  15. TheJacob

    Boss hit 0 mana

    Hallo, I have problem if I hit boss (2291, 2598, 2597...) my mana (blue) set to 0 - every hit Met someone with this error?