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  1. Sathian

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    Haven't tested yet, I did it mainly as a protection. But, let's back to the topic. I already fixed it. Bug was because of inner function - ClickAnswerEvent. As I see PeaceMaker, your code should be good. Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Sathian

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    Can't download it. Paste it somewhere. Normal users can't download files via metin2dev here. Everything works fine expect uiquest.
  3. Hello, recently I've started using cython. On non-cythonised client, everything is good, but new (cythonised) has really strange bug. After click on NPC and use any option (for example Close button), the window doesn't hide. Why this bug is strange? Because quests dialogs (those on the screen's left side) opens and closes well, but NPC's dialogs are fuc*ed up. Moreover button OK closes window, but button Close and all dialog buttons, no. I'm using original Syserr is empty. Thanks for any replies and help. Regards, Sth. EDIT: If you're using cython, let me check your, thanks!
  4. Sathian

    open Problem Costume Weapon + Sash/Mount

    Check the subtype of costume weapon and change it.
  5. Sathian

    open Block adding npc to friends

  6. Sathian

    [Official] Unpacked Updates

    Hello, I'm looking for the Enchanted Forest map from Is enyone has it unpacked? Kind regards.
  7. Hello, I have strange error with some of maps. When I teleport on map for expamle trent02 I have this: Syserr: LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR Why its strange? Because sometimes map works and sometimes doesn't. On 4 teleports, 1 is bad. Kind regards.
  8. Sathian

    Command purge - error

  9. Sathian

    Command purge - error

    Hello, I have really really strange problem. When I use command purge, it clears my inventory and after it - logout my char. Here is a syserr: Analyze: no character on desc All help appreciate! Thanks!
  10. Sathian

    Game crash - gcc error?

    Hello, Any ideas? #0 0x084d0237 in __sys_thr_kill () #1 0x084c93fb in raise () #2 0x0851a335 in abort () #3 0x084af415 in __gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler () at /usr/ports/lang/gcc49/work/gcc-4.9.4/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/ #4 0x084581e2 in __cxxabiv1::__terminate ( handler=0x84af2d0 <__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()>) at /usr/ports/lang/gcc49/work/gcc-4.9.4/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/ #5 0x0845827d in std::terminate () at /usr/ports/lang/gcc49/work/gcc-4.9.4/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/ #6 0x084583d1 in __cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw (obj=0x602a00a0, tinfo= 0x879b65c <typeinfo for std::logic_error>, dest= 0x845fcd0 <std::logic_error::~logic_error()>) at /usr/ports/lang/gcc49/work/gcc-4.9.4/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/ #7 0x0849d52f in std::__throw_logic_error ( __s=0x8564fd4 "basic_string::_S_construct null not valid") at /usr/ports/lang/gcc49/work/gcc-4.9.4/libstdc++-v3/src/c++11/ #8 0x084aa215 in std::string::_S_construct<char const*> (__beg=0x0,
  11. Sathian

    M2bob protection - Search for testers

    I can test it. You have contact to me
  12. Sathian

    Char fell down by mob

  13. Sathian

    core crash

    Fixed. Please, close this topic.
  14. Sathian

    Char fell down by mob

    Hi, i have a problem with mobs. Some mobs are felling down my char. It's really annoying. How can i fix it? Regards.