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  1. ReFresh

    open Hide quests

    @Owsap Nice thanks! But there is a problem. Try to close the character window by pressing for example V shortcut key. Quests are still hidden. Quests will be shown again only when you press Escape key to close the character window. Btw. I edited your tutorial a little bit, because lot of functions were already created so I did it like below because I think it's the same, but I'm getting the problem mentioned above in this comment: Maybe @VegaS™ could help to correct us?
  2. ReFresh

    open Hide quests

    Hey guys, is here someone who know how to hide quests when character window is opened? I mean hide the quests when you open the character window manually (by clicking on the icon at taskbar) or by shortcut keys (C, V, B, N) and let them show again when you press ESC (escape key to close the character window) Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  3. ReFresh

    c++ Fix Find PC by Name(DESC)

    @Sonitex It's not possible. You can't create chars with the same names.
  4. ReFresh

    c++ Hide Players on OX

    @hachiwari yeah
  5. ReFresh

    c++ Hide Players on OX

    @VegaS™ Is there another way to do it without the #ifdef? I don't want to define something in services.h. I hate these defines. Everytime you add something, you must open the services.h and add define to make it work. xd
  6. ReFresh

    c++ Hide Players on OX

    Could it look like this? Or I can remove some parts and in final it will look like this? I'm not sure if this part has some another functionality and if I should preserve this piece of code:
  7. ReFresh

    open Dropped items

  8. ReFresh

    [Warrior] Strong Body Icons Reworked

    @Tatsumaru This is the icon:
  9. ReFresh

    [Warrior] Strong Body Icons Reworked

    @Tatsumaru It's beautiful! Would be nice if you can do the change for item premium icon too.
  10. ReFresh

    python Loading Gauge Improvement

    @VegaS™ I got some error with this improvement:
  11. ReFresh

    [C++]Walking through your party members

    @Heathcliff™ I got some error when I tried to compile source: Above the error line you can see this code: so I think, problem is related with the IsSamePartyMember function.
  12. ReFresh

    Alternative zodiac suit for ninja

    @SrBiffJunior there is no password.
  13. ReFresh

    open Change weather from game settings

    @migi It's already published on the internet, try to search before asking here.
  14. ReFresh

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    @xP3NG3Rx Nice extension! Can you share with us?
  15. ReFresh

    Online status in PM idea

    Interesting idea!