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  1. ReFresh

    Alternative zodiac suit for ninja

    @SrBiffJunior there is no password.
  2. ReFresh

    open Change weather from game settings

    @migi It's already published on the internet, try to search before asking here.
  3. ReFresh

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    @xP3NG3Rx Nice extension! Can you share with us?
  4. ReFresh

    Online status in PM idea

    Interesting idea!
  5. ReFresh

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    @Mali61 I just implemented your code and I got some problems. 1. If you die for the first time - you can see timers 2. If you die for the second time and you used restart here in the first death - you cannot see timers 3. After using restart in town - timers will start working but again only after first death (second, third etc. deaths won't show the timers) Only after restarting in town you can see timers everytime. Hope you will look into it and try to provide us some solution. Thanks!
  6. ReFresh

    c++ Get Index From Client

    @Mali61 Do I understand right? We have to replace this function: With this function?: And how does it work? Is enough to write below packlist all .eix files from client pack? Btw. Thanks for the release! Sincerely, ReFresh
  7. ReFresh

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    @Mali61 Maybe good improvement should be make the timers dissapear when they reach 0 time?
  8. ReFresh

    open Never seen client sysser error

    @Syreldar It happened to me only once, now everything working good, I was only wondering why that just happened.
  9. ReFresh

    open Never seen client sysser error

    @Syreldar Can you tell me if it's a problem of my client code or it could be a global problem of all the clients?
  10. Hello guys, have someone seen this client sysser error? I got this error for the first time since I started working with client. Someone got an idea what should cause this problem? I couldn't connect to server and it was showing client server list offline, but server was running and website was showing server online. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  11. ReFresh

    open Mobs getting bugged

    Someone got any idea where should be a problem? Should it be a problem of bravery cape use? Attacking to a metin stone or using "lure" with ninja seems like to be okay and without glitchs.
  12. ReFresh

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    @Trial Ah... I can see now. Thanks. For those who had the same problem, you can just change: This piece of code: To this:
  13. ReFresh

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    @Trial Thanks for the tutorial, but I got an error: What should I add to _init_ func or it's the problem of uiscript file?
  14. ReFresh

    [FIX] Guilding building Yang-Bug

    @Sherer More simple thing is like @Flourine did. And for long long you can use this: ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -static_cast<long long>(t->dwPrice));
  15. ReFresh

    c++ Check Time Event

    @Mali61 I feel so sad, it's only for C++11 or above right?