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  1. ReFresh

    open Say color function

    @boaspessoal Aah, that's for what I forgot. Thanks
  2. ReFresh

    open Say color function

    @Syreldar Thanks but for some reason I can't call it in a quest. Calls undeclared function! : say_color I placed the function into a questlib.lua
  3. ReFresh

    open Say color function

    Hey guys, is here someone who know how can I do something like this in questlib? I need to say color but with ending of the color. Practically it looks like: say("|cffff0000Test color|r") And I want to make a function for it (this is not working syntax, idk how should I make it woking). function say_red(name) say(||r) end Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  4. ReFresh

    open Quest scrolls problem

    ref If someone know how it could be fixed, I can pay for solution.
  5. Hey guys, i implemented new emoticons from official server to my client and I found a problem. When I will "spam" these emoticons by clicking on some of them many times in a row I'll be disconnected from the server. Syslog from channel: CHAT_HACK: (player name) It's actually some protection for chat hack implemented in source. I want to know if it's useless protection and I can simply remove it. Because emoticons use sending a chat command to server so I don't really know how it should be fixed. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  6. @Dane Would be good to remove unused texture paths from the models if it's possible from you.
  7. ReFresh

    open Mobs getting bugged

  8. ReFresh

    open Quest scrolls problem

  9. ReFresh

    open Enable use of Enter key

  10. ref Maybe @VegaS™ know?
  11. @Mali61 How to use compile command? gmake don't work for clang - I'm happy it was a nice joke
  12. ReFresh

    AsyncSQL with std::mutex and std::thread

    Which requirements are needed for use this AsyncSQL?