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  1. ReFresh

    open Mobs getting bugged

    @WeedHex yea
  2. ReFresh

    open Mobs getting bugged

    @WeedHex Already have compared the default novaline char_state.cpp with my actual file - no differences was found, also I have already copied a data/monsters from another serverfiles and also checked mob_proto -> folder - everything seems to be same as official.
  3. ReFresh

    open winscp error

    Try to google this error. It seems you set wrong authentication details.
  4. ReFresh

    solved NPC bug can´t press

    Probabably you forgot to set a number to 1 in click column in database.
  5. ReFresh

    Attachments remove

    Yeah, I read this @DevChuckNorris, but now we aren't able to post more pictures since this decision is active? It would be nice if we can post more pictures or remove the old pictures to upload new pictures.
  6. ReFresh

    Attachments remove

    @charparodar I cannot. Try to look on some of your older topics that you've created. I cannot edit for example topic from the date March 15.
  7. ReFresh

    solved [help]Mapname Bug!【video】

    @2222102060 I'll tell you one thing. This is daily rewards system from @sema who is selling this system in services/coding section. Someone bought this system from him and published it for free, so if you want to solve your problem, you should contact him. I believe he will help you to fix your problems. But of course it won't be for free.
  8. ReFresh

    solved problem on putty Lib

    @filippos1234 Yeah.
  9. ReFresh

    solved problem on putty Lib

    @filippos1234 Library file is missing, download a metin2 libraries and put them into a server folder lib or lib 32.
  10. ReFresh

    solved [help]Mapname Bug!【video】

    @2222102060 You should learn English language a little bit more because we cannot understand you clearly, so we cannot help you.
  11. Hey guys, I wanna ask. Where is the difference between reading item_proto & mob_proto from database and from txt files? Is there some difference or it's the same thing? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  12. ReFresh

    open Swiftness skill - Duplicated effect

    @LordZiege Sure, I fixed 90% of my problems too
  13. ReFresh

    open Swiftness skill - Duplicated effect

    @AlCapone That's the problem, you think that I think I'm better than others Yeah, I think that I have larger experience with source & client & english language than you have. So yeah, I can say I'm better in this way than you are. But I wasn't speaking in plural.
  14. ReFresh

    c++ [C++] Increase safebox/warehouse

    @AlCapone Yeah, you didn't search And stop to be offensive and angry person, because on this forum no one need to help you I just said what type of person are you and gave you an inspiration what you should do to solve your problem. And if you're not a total monkey you will solve it by yourself. I think your problem is in packet sizes. So try to modify your packets to another size and don't forget to extend the grid in the server source by the right way.
  15. ReFresh

    open Swiftness skill - Duplicated effect

    @AlCapone You're trying to be interesting as I see, but you're only showing how big monkey you're I said you're copy & paste monkey. This is a problem which have many people and many people don't know about this bug. You have this bug too, so be careful what are you saying, because if I'll get answer for this, you'll copy & paste solution too