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  1. ScreamMyName

    Improved campfire effect

    Szacun, so it's not only me whose remaking all the basic stuff.
  2. ScreamMyName

    [New-Dungeon]Hall of treasure

    I like this one, kinda reminds me Merveil's cavern's from PoE.
  3. ScreamMyName

    3DS max to SpeedTree import

    Hi, does anyone know if there is anyway to make something in 3ds and then import it into SpeedTree? I tried using the SpeedTree Mesh Utilities and export the model as .stm (speedtree mesh) but I can't import it into speedtree. I have a shit ton of nice trees that I want to adapt to Metin but can't get them into SpeedTree, any help?
  4. ScreamMyName

    [ Granny Tool ] GR2 Texture Changer

    This shit don't even work.. If you have more than 1 texture and you try to change any of them they all will change to one same texture.
  5. ScreamMyName

    Alternative navicat - HeidiSQL

    Not even close to being the best, its pretty shit imo. There is a ton of features missing for it to be even consider good.
  6. ScreamMyName

    War BUG Metin2

    I don't get it? Explain a bit more, where exactly is "this bug" ?
  7. ScreamMyName

    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    HOW THE HELL DO I USE SPOILERS? HATE THIS IPB. This is why I love russians...
  8. ScreamMyName

    Not Seen Before. Npc PM Error (gif)

    loool game.core?
  9. ScreamMyName

    [C++/Py] Hide Gold Line over Config.

    You can still use python to reset the value of YANG_DROP everytime you login. but you're right using cpp is "sexier" :D.
  10. ScreamMyName

    [C++/Py] Hide Gold Line over Config.

    Why use cpp? You can simply do something like that def OnPickMoney(self, money): if constInfo.YANG_DROP == 1: chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "|cFFFFD700" + localeInfo.GAME_PICK_MONEY % (money)) else: return
  11. ScreamMyName

    WorldEditor attr bug (white)

    You're missing files in your /pack folder. I had this problem earlier. Edit: I've checked it, you need ETC in your /pack.
  12. ScreamMyName

    [C++]Buff System(Buff in all team)I want to edit

    I don't get it, you want to give the person that is healed by the healer 10% of the healers life?
  13. ScreamMyName

    How can I get a item vnum via python?

    self.AppendTextLine("[%d]" % (itemVnum)) Works! Thank you.
  14. ScreamMyName

    How can I get a item vnum via python?

    How? I'm not very good at python. I've added Self.AppendTextLine(vnum) to AddItemData but it don't work
  15. ScreamMyName

    How can I get a item vnum via python?

    I already tried vnum = player.GetItemIndex(slotPos) self.AppendTextLine(vnum, self.POSITIVE_COLOR) but it don't work for some reason.