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  1. End of Days World is available in English language. One of the best hungarian server, what is running over 2 years has arrived to you. Open date: 2017.12.09. We would like to introduce yout to our pvm/pvp server! Main specifications: - Elf character is available -Max level: 200 at the moment -Max Status Points: 125 -Snowman Metins with soccer ball drop -New maps, new monsters -New armors, weapons -New Elf costumes -New mounts -Yang multiplier: 400% , Experience point multiplier: 400% , Item drop multiplier: 400% -Endless bravery cape, bonus table -Chest drop viewer -Belt system -Shoulder Sash System -Costume Weapon system -Exclusively 10% and 20% bonus can be rotated to the equipment -Skills are available at Uriel. M: level 15 G: level 35 P: level 50 -At the NPC you can found enchant and reinforce item. (1-5 and 6-7) -Trading House - Small refine items in shop At the start of the game you get a timeless mount. The unnecessary developers have been removed from the game. The PvM armors and weapons are lvl: 50, and the PvM jewels are lvl:62. The metin stones are contains pearls, refine items, 6-7th reinforce and enchant items The PvP armors, weapons and jewels are obtainable at level 50 from Moon Cave, at level 90 from Nephrite Cave, at level 130 from Demon Cave, at level 165 from Mushroom dungeon, at level 190 from Water Dungeon. All of armors, weapons and jewels can be upgraded, all items obtainable ingame. If you interested in our server, come and try it! The maximum level will be expanded, new character will be created, new weapons, armors, jewelries, pets and mounts will be available in the near future. All developer has many years of experience in the team. Team members: - [ENG]Griff - [ENG]Sinon - [ENG]Tripla - [RO]Gabi - [HUN]Maia - [HUN]Renesme Our website: click Our Facebook page: click Events: Click to view Click to view Click to view Mounts: Click to view Costume: Click to view Click to view Check this video Come and join now!
  2. josikaaa


    Hello do you know everyone send for me granny 2.9 to 2.4 or 2.6 converter? Thank you Sorry my bad english
  3. josikaaa

    Hello I search mob level max 255+ but dont find... do you know everyone send for me one topic or description how make 255+ level monsters? if i make 270 level mobs and my level 270, no give exp, and the client write 1 level... Sorry my bad english Thank you
  4. josikaaa

    Thank you this tutorial, do you know how make multi language chat? Example: when 9003.chat."letter" begin i tried when 9003.chat.t('translate.lua.say_1') and when 9003.chat.(t('translate.lua.say_1')) but no works :S Sorry my bad english
  5. Hello I found a mistake the wolfman skills: if I activate it Crimson Wolf Soul -t the character reduces the offensive value in a window then, but grants the plus offensive value meanwhile, so only the publication wrong Somebody knows it at this we the solution?
  6. josikaaa

    I would like you to present a Hungarian private server the End of days World!End Of Days World join!!We would like you to present the Pvm/pvp server. No lag no bugsKey features: -Max level 250 -Max Stat: 125 -Soccer and ball drop -New tracks, New monsters, New weapons -New armors -New mounts -New Exp multiplier, yang multiplier highlighted -Infinite mantle, bonus table -Belt system -Pvp point system, war and Imperial map only, and only 10% and 20% you can rotate the objects can be added at Skills Uriel, lv15 > lv50 lv35, levels, NPCs can be found in the rotation and opt tax 6-7 opt Metin map Merchant Gift Cards already ye Dralgor -Metins 6-7 opt , beads and the developers of the monsters developers can drop dramatically inflating the NPCs in lv50 armors weapons jewelry Pvp weapons and jewelry from punch lv50, boss (Boss room) All blood, weapons, jewelry further develop > Pvp you can buy a lot of useful points > the armor/weapon/jewelry it is necessary to determine the objects. Mounts -Eternal mounts, if you have the inventory you can also receive a bonus -Ox event, war event, Imperial event, hide and seek, pvp tournament Website: http://eodw.hu/english/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EODWPVP/
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