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  1. RedStar

    open pilable stones

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone would be able to put the pilable stones without having to throw them to the ground and be upgraded by the blacksmith or with the papyrus without bugs.
  2. RedStar

    Unused logo

    Congratulations very beautiful, you also have the psd?
  3. I need a guide to cancel the effect of my critics with an equipped item. Thanks a lot to those who will help me.
  4. RedStar

    Admin GM Logo Ymir Style

    Hi, thanks for sharing, if you can post the psd
  5. RedStar

    open I'm looking for this texture

    thank you very much, you're the top
  6. Hi guys, I've been looking for this texture for months without any results, it's the floor beneath the character's feet. From what I know is very used but I've never been able to find it, can someone help me?
  7. RedStar

    [SYSTEM] Controller Mode

    Council FreeWar for its expertise and professionalism. Personally I bought many systems from him and I always got a great service, even after sales. Every time after having passed him the project of the system he quietly gave me the estimate and at the end of the job he showed me to share it to test the operation, and only afterwards I made the payment. A simple and functional work system that allowed me to add unique contents to my project! . Thanks Free
  8. @Ken in which file are these changes applied?
  9. RedStar

    open bug remaining time 0

    Hi friends, I noticed that the time items sold by the npc show as zero minutes. Can someone help me?
  10. Hi friends, I have 2 problems with the horse, the first problem is that I brought the horse to level 31 but I do not see the icon in the upper left that indicates my health. The second problem is that the horse never dies. I await your suggestions and thank you from my heart who will help me.
  11. RedStar

    i solved

  12. RedStar

    open Problem with skills

    Hi friends of Metin2 dev I have a problem with the skills, I made a quest that assigns the skills to P, but after the da do not appear immediately to P but I have to change map or reload the PG, someone has a solution?