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  1. I`ve seen it happen to Beran-Setao aswell. Also there is a similiar bug where the killed mob just runs away into the distance and disappears instead of playing the death animation. That one also happens to smaller mobs like Stray Dog etc. Would be nice if someone has some insight on these issues.
  2. Summex

    Nice contribution, keep it up !
  3. ah yes, i had removed that one at some earlier point. Now it gave me the malloc_options error again which I fixed with what you had posted earlier. Then I could compile the game ! Thanks now when compiling the db I got the malloc_option error aswell. I fixed that one the same way (had to delete 1 line from main.cpp). And was able to execute gmake all with no errors. Thanks a lot for the help.
  4. No, this one:
  5. i restored the makefile with the libserverkey part, the error posted is still the one that shows up
  6. That doesnt change anything about the error from the second image Did you see that one? I just edited the post
  7. Ofcourse! *facepalm* Alright, I deleted all the references in the makefile. But those don't seem to be the only ones. I already tried deleting the corresponding line on the next error but that just led to more and more errors, deleting etc so I thought it was a better Idea to restore the files and ask you guys. Edit: Actually this is the error when all the files are restored: The other image shows what happens when I delete this TOKEN("server_key") { CheckServer::AddServerKey(value_string); continue; } in config.cpp
  8. I thought I had already done that, but it seems that I've missed a line! That error is now gone, thanks for that However a new one comes up when linking (hopefully the last):
  9. Hey guys! I've been trying to compile a clean version of the mainline_released source on a 64bit FreeBSD Machine using a chroot / jail. I think I got everything set up correctly and am able to compile the source, however when I do compile I get the following error: Edit: adding #include <stdlib.h> to SIM.h in libserverkey (fixed?) this error The new error now is: I already recieved a bunch of errors before which I were able to fix. I am compiling with g++49. The only changes to the source are removed time bomb / license. If anyone knows how to fix this error, I'd be grateful as for now I have run out of ideas and google isn't being helpful.
  10. Looks great, thats a fantastic Skybox you got there!
  11. Summex

    Looks really good! But the white swinging effect when attacking is too much.
  12. Summex


    To improve fps we would have to recode the rendering. Its just too old and unoptimized to utilize modern hardware properly
  13. Summex

    Would be great to see, but of course if he doesnt want to show it (yet) that is totally fine aswell. It's his work after all
  14. Summex

    Is there any footage out there to see the kind of changes your friend has made ? e.g. performance comparisons or smth along those lines