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  1. kasko30

    Metin2 ✘ Official GrowthPet

    RU kiding? you just somehow made the slot markting system compatible with it . if you can see clearly from the begining you already have the skill slot bug problem ~~"
  2. kasko30

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    Very nice tutorial Hope you describe why should we make these changes? Welcome back!
  3. kasko30

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Great idea Thank you so much
  4. kasko30

    open server can't start beacause lag !!

    I think if you are using modem server if another one in your family uses the wifi with the same ip of your freebsd this happens It happened a lot to me so i started using hamashi better
  5. kasko30

    open Skill Proto Official

    This site is so dead I hope you explain what you want in other way i couldn't understand
  6. kasko30

    open Translate Duel Pvt

    try check the original line in locale_string.txt and see what's up with it!
  7. kasko30

    open Anti-Cheat BUY

    There is svside protection that you pay monthly
  8. kasko30

    open Problem opening private shop

    Well thanks to @ridetpro I knew what the problem was! When you dress u hair you open the shop normally when you don't the crash happens!
  9. kasko30

    open Problem opening private shop

    #UPP Any suggestion is al i want cause i am out of idea
  10. kasko30

    open Item Mall Storage bug

    try using launcher on debug mode and try debuging the game.core
  11. kasko30

    open A mistake in the Kashmir package system

    Do you want a meal with it too ?
  12. kasko30

    open Problem opening private shop

    Well , guys jest tell me what are all the files that are related to open a normal private shop and i will replace the nedded and thank you
  13. kasko30

    open hamachi Server ?????
  14. kasko30

    open Problem opening private shop

    #UP Any suggestion .?
  15. kasko30

    open Problem opening private shop