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  1. alondark

    Metin2 | Battle Pass | Preview

    good job bro. lets share it
  2. alondark

    Packet Tool

    and ?
  3. alondark

    New Weapon for Sura by HK-DEV

  4. alondark

    New Weapon by HK-DEV

    Thanks bro it looks awesome
  5. alondark

    open officall pet system game.core

    i have same problem
  6. alondark

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    the camera viewpoint must be far
  7. alondark

    Tempel Building Set

    bro your objects is not working my client but other modeller's objects is working. I dont understand why i have this problem
  8. alondark

    open Search for this code.

  9. alondark

    c++ Full terrain render

    i edited constinfo but still same
  10. alondark

    c++ Full terrain render

    i added but not working bro
  11. alondark

    c++ Full terrain render

    Well. Do you know how can i make real-time shadow on trees and models like character?
  12. alondark

    Request character transparent (URGENT)

    you can make this simply with
  13. alondark

    open Expand the view distance?

    bro can you release this please?
  14. alondark

    open Expand the view distance?

    you can change view distance in map folder(ex: metin2_map_c1) in setting.txt change ViewRadius 128 to ViewRadius 256 (max 256) any idea for developing view distance ?