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  1. Cyber36

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    It's not possible to send you a private message to get your skype contact id. ^^
  2. Cyber36

    [C++] Bold Texts are reversed

    Thank you very much, searched for that a long time ago!
  3. Cyber36

    [NEW] Core Downer

    Without knowing how you caused the core downer / bug, we can't really test it and we don't know if we need it. But thank you either.
  4. Cyber36


    Yeah anyways, he just showed how to "fix" this issue. But you have to care about the resolutions, which your config.exe allows. For ex. if you set it to 1360x700 and your system doesn't have this resolution you will get the error anyways, becore he trys to create the client with this "set". I guess YMIR just wanted to check the "minimum resolution" to play metin2, because anything under this resolution looks terrible
  5. Cyber36

    open pc.make_guild0

    It seems wrong, but works fine. For example if you write: int x = 7 + 4; in other languages, while running the programm will first add 7+4 and then initialize the sum of it: 11 to the variable x. The same is done in this case I guess. It replaces the given variable with a pattern, so anything else than A-Z, a-z and 0-9 will be replaced with "" and then initializes this "sum" to the local variable guild_name, wich he can use in the further function. King Regards Cyber
  6. Cyber36

    python Python for loop Slow (Problem)

    At first: Idk. what the variable "o" stands for, but if you have to do a for-loop in range(-400000, 400000) you're probably messing something logically up. On the other hand, if you REALLY need such a big range, use clusters to split you're long list into short ones and then iterate with threads through these lists, use a while-loop, that only executes for the neccesary fields, which you have to check somehow or use a generator, which won't save the list, but which can theoratically generate infinite values for you, which you could use. I hope I could help a bit or give you some ideas. King Regards Cyber
  7. Cyber36

    open Hack flood?

    @fixme006: on PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp, PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp; "SEQUENCE mismatch 0xaf != 0x64 header 254" fix This happens due to a bug on the TODO_RECV_SYMBOL phase when calling the __SendSymbolCRCList. That function will connect via MarkServer_Login and iterate m_kVec_dwGuildID to send sub-"HEADER_CG_SYMBOL_CRC" packets. If m_kVec_dwGuildID is 0, the server will never receive packets after logged in the MarkServer, and the connection won't be closed. When a connection is established, a ping_event will be triggered every 60 seconds. When the time will come, a ping packet will be send to the client, and the client will reply back with a pong one. In this case, the secondary marklogin connection would be asynchronous, and the packet sequence for the pong mismatched too. After the sequence error occurs, the marklogin connection will be finally closed. In few words, everytime someone logs in the server (after character selection), the syserr will get once the mismatch error after 60 seconds. The fix is to not establish a marklogin connection for TODO_RECV_SYMBOL if the m_kVec_dwGuildID is 0. Is it maybe the fix above? @WeedHex Could you please tell me in private how to trigger this exploit to test it on my server? King Regards Cyber
  8. As I showed already: It didn't fixxed this bug. King Regards Cyber
  9. Cyber36

    solved Get experience from database

    You have to write a "player.SelectPlayer()" command, to get the actual exp of the character. I am not sure, if this informationen is in the packets in SelectCharacterWindow already, that would be the alternative: Add the packets there. If you can't do it yourself, leave me a message: cyber3611 King Regards Cyber
  10. Cyber36

    [Python] Random words

    import random, string def Print(maxStr): list = [x for x in string.digits + string.ascii_letters] k = "" for v in range(0, maxStr): k += list[random.randint(0, len(list) - 1)] print("Result word: %s" % str(k)) Print(10) For Python3 + anyone, who wants to use it in an extern program. Nice idea, not that bad tbh. ^^ King Regards Cyber
  11. Cyber36

    open Asking developers

    Change the packet namens, encrypt the packets better, nop the function out, that gives the informations to python like "yes, the data was right, user will be logged in now". But a 100% solution you won't find here, until you programme a serverside captcha that is encrypted, that will be shown after 5 fails. I hope, that I am not that wrong.. King Regards Cyber
  12. Is the same possible with the use event? Alias: when use with GetItemVnum(item.get_vnum()) begin [...] King Regards Cyber
  13. Cyber36

    [C++]Check IP match of party members

    Okay? For what? King Regards Cyber
  14. Cyber36

    c++ A small fix about Connect

    So I can't really "trigger" the bug with any action? MfG Cyber
  15. Cyber36

    c++ A small fix about Connect

    How can I test this bug on my server? (To test the fix?) MfG Cyber