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  1. HuNterukh

    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    Dualities - No One Like You (feat. Loé)
  2. HuNterukh

    Duratus dungeon

    Looks awesome!
  3. HuNterukh

    Summer 2019

    Fresh stuff, gj.
  4. HuNterukh

    What serverfile to use?

    Serverfiles by Daroo :))
  5. HuNterukh

    [KOF-Project 1] Knights Of Fantasy

    Hey, looks good. What game engine is used for the project?
  6. HuNterukh

    open need quest

    The simplest way is to copy-paste an already existing biologist quest and just change values and maybe also texts.
  7. Personally I would not suggest you to move your data from .txt files to database tables. Keeping the data in a file like .txt or .csv or whatever allows you to integrate it in a versioning system like Git, which is a great advantage. If your simply don’t like the txt file parser written by Ymir, you can anytime convert to a different markup language like json or xml.
  8. HuNterukh

    What about an ingame voice (Like TaskForce Arma 3)

    Yes a public voice chat could be cool, but could also be spammy if too many players gather in a small area. In the past I was thinking about a voice chat inside the party, so the players can communicate better while doing a dungeon.
  9. HuNterukh

    Infected garden

    Cool content. Keep up!
  10. HuNterukh

    What OS you ran your server on?

  11. HuNterukh

    Metin2 Maps to 3DS Max

    Not really, you may use 3Ds Max to create the assets and Metin2 World Editor to create the terrain (texture, heights, environment etc) and then to place the assets onto it.
  12. HuNterukh

    Kingdom Map - Map1 Remake [Preview] 3x3

    Pretty cool. Keep up!
  13. HuNterukh

    Summer 2018

    Really nice work. Good job!
  14. HuNterukh

    Metin2 on Steam?

    Yas! Available from 8th of May. xD