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  1. .plechito'

    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    Some epic "Journey" music mix New Armin van Buuren - This is just amazing
  2. .plechito'

    Nightmare dungeon

    Thank you guys! Oh yeah, i love those details! The armors is going to be out tomorrow
  3. .plechito'

    Nightmare dungeon

    Hello, new bigger dungeon is out! I had idea for this dungeon really long time, now i've finally made it. Do you like it? Let me know! Btw: More stuff in nightmare style are probably coming. I love that style
  4. .plechito'

    Samurai helmets

    Video: Download:!3lYhhKQI!-HIA2Gfy1c9YtZxPQJE-sydYmSazud3g4FQlPpu5Y-Q
  5. New armors soon!


  6. .plechito'

    2 new bosses

    You can find them in those videos: Download
  7. .plechito'

    Duratus dungeon

    Hello, many people asked me about some smaller dungeons. So here is the first one
  8. New dungeon today! :)


  9. .plechito'

    Summer 2019

    Thanks guys!!
  10. .plechito'

    Summer 2019

    Hi everyone! Summer is almost here and i prepared stuff for your summer events! Videos:
  11. Summer is coming!

    [Soon]Summer stuff

  12. .plechito'

    Plague dungeon

    Hello everyone! I had idea of this dungeon for a long time in my head and now i finally made it I did my best to fit the map and other monsters with classic ymir's plague monsters. I hope you like it!
  13. .plechito'

    Meme - Thread

  14. .plechito'

    YMIR Concept Art

    I found maybe 4 more images so i added them to the pack. Download from mega