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  1. speze012


    Yes but! Use ctrl+g or h or j. And Dizer not use Costume mount system.
  2. speze012


    No no. Here is problem this: Base Riding code added for your character riding bonus: str vit etc point.. If you using this code... pc.mount() So.. Now stop riding and check your Character window ingame. (Bonus cp. VIT, INT, STR ..)
  3. Yes, i am not support!
  4. I am tested.. Bullshit.
  5. speze012

    game.py--> import constInfo
  6. speze012

    Can you know, how to added? Someone?
  7. speze012

    Download: workupload.com/file/wZymNkb Password: m2dl-cxlgizeh
  8. speze012


    This is working?
  9. speze012

    Solved! 100% working! Thy for more help....
  10. speze012

    Okay this problem solved! Now what is this? How to fix?
  11. speze012

    Hey Metin2dev! How to fix the problem? I added this code: Okay Card System Official What is this error? Here is my code: questlua_pc.cpp. Sorry my english language. I little bit speaking english. questlua_pc.cpp
  12. speze012

    Ahh link dead... Please, upload this design me.
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