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  1. kagamatosama

    open Horse visible bug

    Hello! Anyone know how can i solve tihs? (Video is not from me, but the bug is fully like mine!) Thanks in advance !!!
  2. Hello guys! I need a full wolfman source and server side and client side too... If somebody have a link or something, please help me! If the link is pointing to another forum please send in private message! Thanks in advance!
  3. kagamatosama

    open Combine different acce

    Hello guys. I use the old Acce system and i have new sashes, anyone know how to combine example lord sash with another sash?(not lord..) Sorry for my english..
  4. kagamatosama

    Compile() expected string without null bytes

    0319 18:15:02973 :: ============================================================================================================ 0319 18:15:02973 :: Abort!!!!
  5. hello guys, i try to start my client and i get this error... Compile() expected string without null bytes how can i solve this?
  6. kagamatosama

    Inventory lock system

    Hello guys. Somebody have this system? (When you click to 3-4. inventory these are locked and you can unlock these with item...) Tnx in advance
  7. Hello guys. I have a problem with my quest text. When i open either quest and i click to okay, the quest text is doesnt dissapear.... I attach a pic. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all When i try combine 85011 NEW sash, nothing happend, i edit my source on clientside( to effect ), my client side( to put sash to the window ) and acce.txt ( to get new sash) but when i try combine, i click accept, and i get this: "Drag the items into the window." Sorry for my bad english
  9. kagamatosama

    python [RELEASE] Shop with the new currency

    Hello! Anyone please tell me how i can store the TR? Denis solution is not working for me! Sorry for my bad english.
  10. kagamatosama

    stone.txt problem

    Hy. I put this to stone.txt: And 2 stone on "629 299" koordinate. Why?:/ Sorry for my english.