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  1. UP This is a backdoor correct diff 003F07BD: 74 90003F07BE: 0C 90
  2. Hello I wanted to ask if anyone had a problem with the forum stirred a state of quests during dungeons? I know that many servers have this problem and I wanted to ask if you might be able to someone forum fix the problem? The error lies in the fact that if the party performs in the dungeons time quests for the characters to bugują. Changes to the state for starting such quests and return the form Thank you in advance for your help
  3. KizioRCK

    New map and updated graphics!

    directx 8 > directx10
  4. KizioRCK

    c++ ring problem source

    Hi I have a problem with ring in src. Namely, when the creatures make it up the ring and the item does not have time but continues to write 0. In what could be the problem? My function is as follows. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Hi, I have a very unusual problem with 5 eq parties namely after moving subject at hand over 2 eq page after placing an object on slot can not be transferred between slots. Subject of you can not just move. Wear can just throw you. What could be the problem? To Binki was added 5 eq parties to game the same way. I would add that syserr clientowy me nothing falling apart
  6. KizioRCK

    Light speedtre 4.2

    Hello I wanted to ask how to set the speedtre 4.2 of lighting the tree. I have a problem because when we set light to light the world editor tab and then do not load. Thank you in advance for your help
  7. KizioRCK

    c ++ lock hacks loading from disk D

    "return true;" Do not allow the launch of a client.
  8. serch in UserInterface.cpp edit
  9. KizioRCK

    Transparency textures of objects metin2bin

    It seems to me that this could be a source of wine spectular metin2bin because objects have a standard spectualr 0. Similarly, if the armor or weapon has spectular not see the transparency and the change over to the 1 already seen. I think that the fix for this would be to assign a spectular 1 to objects. Is there maybe someone here in the forum what he could do?
  10. Hello I wanted to ask if anyone he could fix the transparency of textures on objects in metin2bin because I have a problem with that. I enclose below ss
  11. KizioRCK

    Speedtre issue

    4.2 speedtre open and then load the finished tree with clienting metin2 global merge onto the tab and then the composite map a texture set his. After that, it should work just yet I wonder how to do that in speedtre leaves were visible after loading the finished tree and textures are loaded while the world niedidoczne texture editor works as it should. If someone knows how to improve the visibility of the leaves in speedtre I would be grateful and yet I wanted to ask how to set the distance between leafs on a tree if I have to do this in photoshop or speddtre?
  12. KizioRCK

    Speedtre issue

    Unfortunately, it still was not found when added to the game you can not see the texture
  13. KizioRCK

    Speedtre issue

    And what version you are using 4.2 speedtre or 3? Could you do ss-y assigning textures, etc?
  14. KizioRCK

    Speedtre issue

    Hi I have a problem namely the creation of a new tree in speedtre not assign me like texture. I wanted to ask if anyone on the forum have made here in speedtre plants and it worked, when added to the game? Thank you in advance for your help I would add that while loading the textures seen speedtre that are imposed on the other hand in the game anymore.