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  1. Hi

    Can you translate from english to german

    Can you help me

    How much ?

    Contact Me:

    Skype:  cibali.ayhan

    Discort: @OdinWork #6977

  2. kodepiko

    looking for buy or free?
  3. kodepiko

    Just edit the wear part of weapon costume at clientside source when the model is set and add there shining part from normal weapons/armors
  4. kodepiko

    why you don't ask @VegaS (author) for help if you buy this system from him? if this is stolen then good luck
  5. you can't use any skill of characters or what? describe it or make video ilustrating this problem
  6. kodepiko

    It was good years ago, but now source binary has it enabled.
  7. kodepiko

    This is one of memory leaks
  8. kodepiko

    What I remember when leader isn't same map as party members they don't receive bonuses.. so when leader logout they of course loss profits... it's correct.
  9. kodepiko

    Check socket0 of this items in player.item database, if there's stone vnum instead of sword vnum (like on gif) you have mismatch packets or something broken with src code you recently change.
  10. kodepiko

    I don't use any hackshield - I think it's disabled, but problem is rather reffering to what I say - trees, because I found this: (from WoM)
  11. Hello, I'm looking for tips how to fix client memory leak after every teleportation memory usage (RAM) of client is increasing and finally client crash. What I found it can be something with trees. Regards.
  12. kodepiko

    Create group of items in special_item_group with item vnums like exp rings group and other buff items, so it wasn't be possible to wear same vnums at the same time
  13. Try to save server_attr in worldeditor and upload serverside to your map folder - I don't remember does ATTR is also checked at serverside PS. it's important to have this also clientside so pack your map when you finish editing attr in worldeditor (try water and maybe attr type 3?).
  14. kodepiko

    Here is quest: http://pastebin.com/3zDpuL01 I don't know your mob vnum so you need to replace MOB_VNUM and MAP_INDEX with index of map you are warping to.. I asked for local coordinates, not global... I told you local are for ex. 568, 115 (exactly x, y of your character on minimap) - so you need to change them
  15. kodepiko

    still looking for idea or maybe someone can do some debugs what is inflicted in that move