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  1. attila1995

    open info sliding in login screen

    Everything is possible to make, if you have needed knowledge. Nobody will make it to you, you have to begin it... or an another way, you can rent up a developer and pay for it.
  2. attila1995

    [FIX] ITEM_BLEND Little Memory Leak

    Thank you for public it.
  3. attila1995

    open GetName function

    I know how to do it, i just cant do it on phone... bcs i need the original files (client-server side) to make it perfect, those files are on my pc... Secondary thing, i dont want to work to you, because it is rly easy with any brain. And after this situation, i will never try to help you. Try to not be pathetic. Have a good night.
  4. attila1995

    open GetName function

    It's a very simple thing. I dont want to speak about it now, its so long. (You can get player's name where the code sends inviter packet. And you can put that to rewrote packet. It's a easy thing, but i dont want to lead your hand from step to step.) You should look around in your source, there are so mutch same example what you want to make... Good luck!
  5. attila1995

    open GetName function

    Are you kidding me? You did say nothing about it... You have to send inviter name to invited player's client... use your brain... (You can modify the original packet to send inviter's name.)
  6. attila1995

    open GetName function

    Rly? There are some problem in your sources... This (player.GetMainCharacterName()) function can give only your character's name, it can not do anything else... so i dont know what is happening there... OR you do wrong something...
  7. attila1995

    open GetName function

  8. attila1995

    open GetName function

    Here you are: player.GetName()
  9. attila1995

    open LeftTime of item not showing in NPC shop?

    You can get the left time of item from proto in shop.
  10. I think that is a bad idea... if you have some bug by delayed player disconnect, there are some problem in your source. But, if you want to make it.... you can use the default event manager in source, you have to set it for 1 second to run, or you can put your check code to main loop function. I have no idea for the check code now.
  11. attila1995

    open Guild War Bug

    You have to add those map indexes to channel's config at map allow list in channel 99 folder. If that does not work, try to check war map configurations at server side.
  12. attila1995

    open [Python] How to get PID from VID

    You can use the InstanceBase's function to get some data about character by vid. But if i remember good,there is a python function to get player id by virtual number. lets look around for it in your client source.
  13. attila1995

    Emoji in TextLine

    Hi! I think you didnt understand what i have written. So when somebody writes a long message in private chat (in game), the message's line will be broken at chat's border of board (because the chat board is resizable, and his contents are following his size, so the chat line will be resied too) and the broken line will be in a next line, so when im using a smiley code in the long message and the line has been broken, the smiley's image will not be there in the broken line, that is just there at over of board in the first line, not in next line... Thank you for answers.
  14. attila1995

    Emoji in TextLine

    @xP3NG3Rx I have an interesting question. So, how can i break the emotion's image to a new line, like private chat? Can you make and show a code to it? Have a good day.
  15. attila1995

    Emoji in TextLine

    Thank you for it, P3NG3R!