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  1. Itachi


    This is not something free. unless those who have been able to develop them decide to make it public, or it leaks. It is difficult for it to be published of its own accord.
  2. Itachi

    I think it is a great idea
  3. Itachi

    it works perfectly. but it works for you even by compiling the library you have followed the turorial badly.
  4. Itachi

    Severity Code Description Project Project category File Line Status deleted Error C1047 The object or library file '.. \ .. \ extern \ lib \ libconfig ++. Lib' was created with a previous compiler to other objects; recompile libraries and old objects UserInterface 3 \ new base \ client \ Srcs \ Client \ UserInterface \ LINK 1 Following the tutorial this is the error that gives first hand.
  5. Itachi


    It's not allowed to link other forums in this board. But you can write @Sanii
  6. Itachi


    There is a similar switchbot for sale but I don't know if I also publish it in this forum.
  7. Itachi


    metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(slotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)]# <!> globalSlotNumber may be different <!> globalSlotNumber replace slotNumber
  8. hello developers I have a problem as such I tried to change the board of ConnectingDialog but it does not take the call in ConnectingDialog.py check all the intrologin.py and I did not see where I defined the board separately. Does anyone have any idea of this?
  9. Itachi


    I have an error placing the item description code 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: File "game.py", line 1390, in SetPCTargetBoard 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 604, in Open 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 681, in ResetTargetBoard 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: AttributeError 1114 14: 57: 39854 ::: 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: 'TargetBoard' object has not attribute 'elementImageToolTip' 1114 14: 57: 39854 :: this says it is not found self.elementImageToolTip = uiToolTip.ToolTip () self.elementImageToolTip.ClearToolTip () they are within the definition if you put it in initializate the sysser disappears but it does not work
  10. Itachi


    non-testified system I do not know what mistakes I can have https://mega.nz/#!tQVHXRCb!fI2SMYJ1e89O9bfuDULZS4Xne2S1PjuKzXOD2s5kpUE
  11. error extern (libraries of your source code)
  12. Itachi


    good afternoon developer community I encountered the following problem and I have not found the solution It consists of packet error or that tells me the sysser Channel is not turned off and does not generate game.core SYSERR: Oct 8 11:26:07 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 21551 SYSERR: Oct 8 11:26:10 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 0 mob 3596 skill 257 SYSERR: Oct 8 11:26:10 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 1 mob 3596 skill 258 SYSERR: Oct 8 11:26:10 :: LoadMotion: cannot find accumulation data in file 'data/monster/metinstone_egg/loop.msa' SYSERR: Oct 8 11:26:10 :: LoadMotion: Motion: Load failed vnum(34009) motion(2) file(data/monster/pwahuang1_2/walk.msa) SYSERR: Oct 8 11:27:58 :: Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 80 I have read all the code and I do not find the error Anyone have the faintest idea where I can look?
  13. Itachi


    be able to use different effects on each type of sash
  14. Itachi


    show some capture wherever you see some part of the code
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