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  1. bigdon

    My respects, many years ago I did not see a post from you! His designs are impressive.
  2. bigdon

    Sure.!5MsDlIRa!m_5fb2bGpNzZp7_gKNDy7nLBeenvTA7YaF8nzKX7mvU Interface design edited by me.!5MkCEKCI!E7wrtBFf1NWVySCA1lU8W1BATy8ZugfLTqq4k2xL5Eg Kind regards.
  3. Yeah bro, already placed, sorry. Thanks u! Thanks u veru much bro.
  4. bigdon

    Thanks u very mcuh! Hey friend, with so little information I will not be able to help you. Kind regards!
  5. bigdon

    Really beautiful, nice work!
  6. bigdon

    in locale/es/ui/windows/
  7. bigdon

    Site full:!5MsDlIRa!m_5fb2bGpNzZp7_gKNDy7nLBeenvTA7YaF8nzKX7mvU Edit interface design:!5MkCEKCI!E7wrtBFf1NWVySCA1lU8W1BATy8ZugfLTqq4k2xL5Eg Good luck.
  8. Sorry, was a stupid question, very good system thank you very much for it.
  9. Excellent! Thanks!
  10. It does not work, that's why I asked.
  11. Key for download please!
  12. bigdon

    I can adapt the classic design in version 4.1, add me to skype and talk better, I have some references. Good luck.
  13. bigdon

    Wow nice!
  14. bigdon

    Ready, added credits for the first design. Good luck.
  15. bigdon

    Who do you say that owns the rights?