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  1. Just look for an existing part in your source code.
  2. Sounds great, hope you'll release it some day!
  3. Hi, check GetScreenWidth & GetScreenHeight of wndMgr.
  4. ragem0re

    open ERRO LOG traceback

    add ENABLE_FEATURES_OXEVENT as constant to your binary
  5. ragem0re

    open Skill Problem

    does the subskills (polymorph, ..) also disappear or it's just about the player skills?
  6. ragem0re

    open File Server and Source

    ok here you go https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/forum/7-binaries-clientsserverfiles/
  7. ragem0re

    open Skill Problem

    Hi, check this: This should solve your problem. But be sure to put these 2 lines outside the if-statement, otherwise it'll only work if your horse level > 0.
  8. ragem0re

    open Help with bonuses

    There's a function which colors the background, there you have to add this check(s). But first I need to find this function, maybe it's in the source.
  9. ragem0re

    open Help with bonuses

    Please repeat once again, what exactly do you want? Maybe I can try to help with my limited python skills
  10. ragem0re

    open c++

    post your char_affect.cpp...
  11. ragem0re

    open Help with bonuses

    where does the attrCount variable get changed in your code?
  12. ragem0re

    open Help with bonuses

    check your binary source code UserInterface\PythonPlayerModule.cpp
  13. ragem0re

    open Help with bonuses

    player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM think thats not a default constant. does it return ITEM_SOCKET_SLOT_MAX_NUM (3)?
  14. ragem0re

    [GF-Servers] Channel ID Reminder

    input_login.cpp CInputLogin::Entergame() ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You're connected to channel %d."), g_bChannel); don't miss the locale_string part