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  1. avertuss

    open Block trade/sell if item has bonuses

  2. Hi. Do you have any idea to make this? I mean if item doesn't have bonuses you can trade/sell etc but if item has bonus you can't?
  3. dc:blackdragonx61#3810

  4. avertuss

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    How can i add debug mode? I mean send chat packet when game should send packet to client? I have no idea why it doesn't work for me.
  5. avertuss

    [RLS]Restart Dialog Timer

    @Mali61 Does it need higher version c++? Because in client i always have 0s.
  6. avertuss

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    Fast teleport doesn't work for me. Syserr is clean. I tried to edit def GoToLocalPosition(self): like def GoToLocalPosition(self): net.SendChatPacket("test") to check if mouse click works, but it doesn't.
  7. avertuss

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    Do you have link to the teleport by click system? Can't find ;/
  8. @VegaS™ It works but when i equip i unequip items from that slots i need to reopen gui to refresh Gif:
  9. Hi. I want to open costume window by character window(uicharacter). I tried: import uiInventory self.xd = uiInventory.CostumeWindow() self.xd.Show() and syserr 0624 20:26:35749 :: 0624 20:26:35749 :: self.xd = uiInventory.CostumeWindow() 0624 20:26:35749 :: TypeError 0624 20:26:35749 :: : 0624 20:26:35749 :: __init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) 0624 20:26:35749 ::
  10. avertuss

    open New premium packet

    Fixed, forgot input_auth.
  11. avertuss

    open Dropped items instant to inventory

    Works, thanks.
  12. Hi. How can i make that dropped items will move instant to inventory not to the ground. I found Reward function in char_battle and i tried to change AddToGround function to AddToCharacter but it doesn't work.
  13. avertuss

    open Problem with sound effect