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  1. Speachless

    Dear lord, protect us from mad people.
  2. Speachless

    You have more chances to sell nudes for 100.000 euro than sell game files on metin2 forums, considering the abnormal price. I don't judge your work and you can try, but that's hard to tell someone will give you that amount.
  3. Speachless

    I received a warning because i wanted the topic to have no title or content, but the answer to be in comments, because this forum can't have a restriction for non-registered users so all kids can copy paste elsewhere under their name.
  4. Speachless

    Rinnegan edit RegisterMotionData not RegisterCacheMotionData
  5. Speachless

    On a map with 0 mobs would do the same ?
  6. Speachless

    Just move to dmca friendtly hosting providers and don't use metin2 logo.
  7. Speachless

    Common guys, it's such an old game. Without privates the officials will die.
  8. Speachless

    And will remain open source 4 ever and some people worked for years on that sources.
  9. Speachless

    Write on google dmca friendly hosting There are some who won't care if gameforge write a takedown request. I already spoke with some.
  10. Speachless

    I'm already moving to Russia
  11. Speachless

    It's time to act like criminals buy russian servers, hide under vpns, give falsa data. Live in a cave
  12. Speachless


    quest timer_notice begin state start begin when login begin loop_timer("tips_notice",180) end -- Tips notice when tips_notice.timer begin dofile("locale/germany/notice/tips_text.lua") table.insert(phrases,"Info: Search shop (F11) / Switchboot (F10)") -- alternative syntax notice("Info: ", phrases[math.random(table.getn(phrases))]) end end end For germany/notice/tips_text.lua phrases = { "You can reset your skills from the general store.", "The event calendar can be read from the patcher.", } Lua script. The text from tips_text.lua can be changed with server online. Just write or remove something. Better than a mysql query.
  13. Speachless

    I'm sorry