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  1. Mithras01

    Easter Maps1

    Nice map
  2. Mithras01

    open Shaman Skill

    Hello. Today i saw the acceleration skill effect bonus on shaman. I saw if i use continuously the acceleration skill it gives me more and more cast speed and movement speed How could i resolve that?
  3. Mithras01

    [C++] How to get a VIP

    Sorry, was my fault i didn't read that part.
  4. Mithras01

    [C++] How to get a VIP

    Hmm,smth is missing :-? char.cpp:1396: error: 'AFF_VIP' was not declared in this scope
  5. Mithras01

    Items in offline shop

    Hello.I have this error or bug in the offline shop with the unknown type and the others.Thanks.
  6. Mithras01

    Problem with 4 stones on armor/weapon

    I followed this tutorial and i think is incomplete.
  7. Hi ! Recently i added 4 stones on armor/weapons and after a time,like 10-15 minutes,the 4th slot disappear. In syserr i have this : SYSERR: Aug 9 09:29:46 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default SYSERR: Aug 9 23:03:57 :: ChildLoop: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set SYSERR: Aug 9 23:35:45 :: DirectQuery: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set Can somebody help me?