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  1. Mithras01

    Nice map
  2. Mithras01


    Hello. Today i saw the acceleration skill effect bonus on shaman. I saw if i use continuously the acceleration skill it gives me more and more cast speed and movement speed How could i resolve that? https://prnt.sc/fct0a0
  3. Mithras01

    Sorry, was my fault i didn't read that part.
  4. Mithras01

    Hmm,smth is missing :-? char.cpp:1396: error: 'AFF_VIP' was not declared in this scope
  5. Mithras01

    Hello.I have this error or bug in the offline shop with the unknown type and the others.Thanks.
  6. Mithras01

    I followed this tutorial http://just4metin.ro/sursa/pietre-arm-armur-t31120.html and i think is incomplete.
  7. Hi ! Recently i added 4 stones on armor/weapons and after a time,like 10-15 minutes,the 4th slot disappear. In syserr i have this : SYSERR: Aug 9 09:29:46 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default SYSERR: Aug 9 23:03:57 :: ChildLoop: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set SYSERR: Aug 9 23:35:45 :: DirectQuery: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set Can somebody help me?
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