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  1. mackabro2

    [Collection] File Requests

    Can anyone extract the client from metin2 brazil?
  2. mackabro2

    c++ Client Video IntroLogo

    Had not seen, sorry for the lack of attention. Thanks!
  3. mackabro2

    c++ Client Video IntroLogo

    Which program did you use to create the video or to convert it? Because whenever I try with my video, this error.
  4. mackabro2

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    Works well by shooting arrows, but does not work with skills.
  5. mackabro2

    Auto Pick with filter.

    Thanks, but this function is missing.
  6. mackabro2

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    I've also had problems with Vegas. I bought a pack of systems, which were: Pack: Combat Zone Contact System Flag System Gaya System Keyboard Settings I paid 500 Euros. Promised me updates of the Contact System and Combat Zone that do not work right. Until now I expect the updates. So much as his multi language is the best, I avoid doing business with him.
  7. mackabro2

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    Yes I know, it's still a lot for this system.
  8. mackabro2

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    The one in Vegas is very expensive!
  9. I bought Full Multi Language System. Translate quest, Translate item_names and mob_names, Translate locale_string, Translate event ox, I want the complete system, if you have, contact us. By private message!
  10. mackabro2

    open Multipoint system in status

    The error says it all. "name 'chat' is not defined"
  11. mackabro2

    Protection client!

    I'm looking for customer protection. Protection against all types of mt2 hacks ... Injectors, mix, dll, etc. Lalaker, M2Bob, Kamer etc ... Leave a private message!
  12. Can anyone extract the 18.4 pack or the full client?
  13. mob_proto_de and mob_proto_hu.!DRYA1Cxa!Yf_tRi6tHQ3fOOjFRzEaJPD_JDDspLZaTI5PeuEFXIU
  14. mackabro2

    c++ [GF v17.5] Active pet seal effect

    Does not work.
  15. mackabro2

    c++ [C++] 6 inventory safebox

    I think it's missing MySQL party.