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  1. Syreldar

    Nightmare dungeon

    Amazing work plechito! One thing: Are you sure the last monster fits in the dungeon? Everything was so good until I saw it and I didn't think it fitted well. I would've also liked a last dialogue with the priest, maybe him dying or something. Would've been an amazing way to end the dungeon after "betraying the trust of the player". Just my 2 cents <__<
  2. Syreldar

    solved Quest text bug

    Hi LordZiege, the problem is that you're issuing a normal send_letter inside a quest window. This is not possible under normal circumstances since it sets your quest skin to NOWINDOW, and so the window fails to create and render. Solutions: 1. Issue the send_letter after the quest dialog is over: say_title(gameforge[get_lang()].welcome_quest.letter) say(gameforge[get_lang()].welcome_quest.text) say_reward(gameforge[get_lang()].welcome_quest.text2) pc.setqf("kill_wilddog", 0) wait() -- Creates a second questtext instance which will be empty since no further "say" is used, and so it will trigger after you press "OK" send_letter(gameforge[get_lang()].welcome_quest.letter3) set_state(kill) 2. Use this function instead: send_letter = function(title) makequestbutton(title); --setskin(NOWINDOW); By commenting out this function the problem gets fixed. q.set_title(title); q.start(); end -- function -- ..Or create a new one like this: send_letter_new = function(title) makequestbutton(title); q.set_title(title); q.start(); end -- function
  3. Syreldar

    open Clean sources

    Free: idk. Paid:
  4. Syreldar

    open Never seen client sysser error

    considering there are millions of servers online rn, i'd say it's an issue on your end.
  5. Syreldar

    open Never seen client sysser error

    Unprocessed packet header 255, state Login Unprocessed packet header 63, state Login bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvDefaultPacket(int header) void CPythonNetworkStream::LoginPhase() { TPacketHeader header; if (!CheckPacket(&header)) return; switch (header) { ... default: if (RecvDefaultPacket(header)) return; break; } RecvErrorPacket(header); }
  6. Syreldar

    open Bug in dungeon

    I can help you solve the issue. Skype: aresyournightmare Discord: 這個地方標誌著我們的墳墓。如果你願意的話,你也可以在這裡休息。#0001
  7. Syreldar

    [BUG Reveal] Lag when moving in map

    You're wrong, try to run around a map with an ultra-fast mount, after like 2 minutes it'll start to lag a lot. It's not a map issue.
  8. Syreldar

    Gameforge sucks

  9. Hello guys, has anyone got the unpacked 19.2 locales? (the whole, not the protos), I need some strings from there. Would appreciate the help
  10. Syreldar

    open Stun player from quest

    You do realize that happens to correspond to unsigned int, right? DWORD has a specific range the format Windows functions rely on, so if you require that specific range you can use that type, but that is not the case. Also note unsigned int does not necessary have the range 0 to 4,294,967,295. ->
  11. Syreldar

    solved error

    There's not much to say, it's an indentation problem. You gotta find all the spaces and substitute them with a tab. Or you are missing one tab in the line 248.
  12. Syreldar

    open Item on shop after delete from db

    You have to wait for the db to refresh the data.
  13. Syreldar

    open NotifyRefineFail

    Could you c/p here the affected code snippets before and after the changes?
  14. Syreldar

    I need a maten2 programmer

  15. Syreldar

    python need costum m2bob script