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  1. Edward

    open [MYSQL]Error

    Thanks you! Ill test.
  2. Edward

    open [MYSQL]Error

    Hello! I have some problems with DB and I need help, I hope u can help me. First error: [Warning] IP address 'xxx' has been resolved to the host name 'xxx', which resembles IPv4-address itself. Second error: [Warning] IP address 'xxx' could not be resolved: hostname nor servname provided, or not known Thank you for help.
  3. Edward

    [SEARCHING] Shop multiprice

    Hi, I want to buy a system where you can buy in a private shop with YANG or DRs. If u have the system and want to sell add skype: gg_edward
  4. Edward

    [BUY] Guild Storage

    Hello. I want to buy guild storage for metin2. Add me skype: -EDIT-
  5. Edward


    Hello guys. I need a safebox for guild (guild storage) 40k. If you have a free system or you sell this contact me please. skype: gg_edward Please, resellers no... fking resellers Thanks you.
  6. Edward

    Problem with item_proto

    I dont know how to use this sql to txt, can you help me please?
  7. Edward

    Problem with item_proto

    Hello guys, I have a big problem with once svfiles. I want to convert item_proto.sql to item_proto for client or .txt. Can you help me pls?
  8. Edward

    Convert form XML -> to txt

    Can you reupload that files?
  9. Edward

    [HowTo]Opponent's HP and MP during pvp

    0216 16:38:22706 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0216 16:38:22706 :: File "uiTarget.py", line 464, in OnUpdate 0216 16:38:22706 :: NameError 0216 16:38:22706 :: : 0216 16:38:22706 :: global name 'event' is not defined 0216 16:38:22706 :: def OnUpdate(self): if player.IsPVPInstance(self.vid): constInfo.VID = self.vid event.QuestButtonClick(constInfo.STHX) if not self.healthBoard.IsShow() and self.vid != 0: self.healthBoard.Show() else: self.healthBoard.Hide() if self.isShowButton: exchangeButton = self.buttonDict[localeInfo.TARGET_BUTTON_EXCHANGE] distance = player.GetCharacterDistance(self.vid) if distance < 0: return if exchangeButton.IsShow(): if distance > self.EXCHANGE_LIMIT_RANGE: self.RefreshButton() else: if distance < self.EXCHANGE_LIMIT_RANGE: self.RefreshButton() Can you help me pls?
  10. Edward

    [SEARCH]Web dev for site offical

    Now ill give you this webpage free. Add me skype: shakelum
  11. Edward

    [SEARCH]Web dev for site offical

    The page of www.revolutionmt2.net/ is free. Only search.
  12. Edward

    What was the last movie that you watched?

    50 shades of grey. Soooooooooooooooo good film.
  13. Edward

    Lycan sync tree bug

    More up pls? )
  14. Edward

    What was the last movie that you watched?

    Soo good this movie. I recommend that you read this book and then watch the movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Maze_Runner
  15. Edward

    Python polymorph

    print ("-") >> print "-" ? https://docs.python.org/3.0/whatsnew/3.0.html#print-is-a-function Yes I saw. print "hello" --> old print ("hello") --> new Where is the bugg?