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  1. Runah

    Nexus2 - Internacional (Coming Soon)

    3# Leak Hello everyone, Here is one more leak, our Offline Shop System. About the system: - This is a well known system by Metin2 Community; - One of the biggest systems. - It is used to create an Offline Shop to sell items; - Easier to create, edit and manage your shop. System functions: - Create your shop; Put a name, duration, style. Styles will be unlocked with levels and other stuff. Duration can be increase with in-game item and IS items. - Edit your shop; Edit name, items, change prices, change duration. - Manage; Change offline shop position and move your shop close to you if you are on the same map. - Logs; You can check the logs of your sells and contact the buyers. This weak we will start posting gifs or videos regarding the systems we already spoiled. Join US: Do you have any suggestion regarding this or any other thing? Be welcome to share with us: Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  2. Runah

    Nexus2 - Internacional (Coming Soon)

    :: Leaks :: 2# Leak Hello everyone, Here is one more leak, our Shop Search System. About the system: - This is a well known system by Metin2 Community; - One of the biggest systems. - It is used to search items from Offline Shops; - Easier way to search items. System functions: - Search specific item; - You can choose categories and subcategories; - How many results per page; - You can easily to navigate through pages; - Shows item name, count, price, seller and how many time you have until shop closes; - Send PM directly to the seller; - You can buy directly through the system paying a tax. Join US: Do you have any suggestion regarding this or any other thing? Be welcome to share with us: Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  3. Runah

    Nexus2 - Internacional (Coming Soon)

    1# Leak Hello everyone, A simple, smooth and attractive design. If you don't like it, we are working on a system to let the player choose the original or new design. We will post in-game leaks at least every week. Join US: Discord Forum Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to Nexus2! This will be the first official post and we will provide all the necessary informations. About Nexus2... A server quite expected for a long time for many. We've been working for a few years now and it's finally starting his journey. About the team... We are a group of portuguese programmers, designers and players with a lot of ideas, experience, very professionals and we think we can take Internacional Metin2 to a whole new level. Server Informations: - Type of server; Middle / Oldschool; - New features; Multi-language (of course). Smooth gameplay. Lag free. Rate 5 security system with 2 factor authentication. A lot of features that we will hide for now and hopefully tell you soon. - Systems; More than 40. Unique Systems. Some already used by official and private servers. - Dungeons; Unique Dungeons. Low / medium / high level (We are working on a unique dungeon system to have different dungeon levels inside every dungeon, like easy / medium / hard); - Farm; We all know how annoying farm can be, so we will make our best to create an attractive farm system. - Story; Sometimes story can be annoying and players have been ignoring it for a while now, so we will make sure you have a nice and interesting story; - Rankings; PVM and PVP with rewards. Damage, time, counters and much more to compete for. - Events. Unique events. Made for every level and type of player. These are just general informations and just a few of many things that we are preparing to launch. For those who are already excited about this project and wanna know when is it being released, we don't wanna give you false hopes so we will not reveal a date for now, we will just tell you that we are working hard to release in the summer. You can follow up every update and every information here, or: Forum Facebook Discord Please, feel free to share this post and tell your friends about it! Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  5. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Eu já não tenho qualquer tipo de serviços. Lamento. #CloseRequest
  6. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Everything it's working now! Really thanks for your help! With the best regards,
  7. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Yes i know that, i'm just saying that even with that doesn't work, i can make a video changing to ur config if you want. I really couldn't solve it even with that motlist that u sent... That's why i asked for ur nemere and razador files, maybe they are different than mine (run, wait, the files that you use in motlist)... Thx once again,
  8. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    When i said "Same thing" i was saying that i tried with ur motlist and didn't work too, that's why i asked for the files inside hanma_boss and yamachun_boss :/
  9. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Thx again for ur answer, Same thing, could be anything with proto too? Would be great if you could send me ur nemere & razador folders to check out if the files are the same... Thx once again, Best Regards,
  10. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Hi Syreldar, Thx for the answer. Well, i removed every single fall motion from motlist and the bug keep happening, i tried to remove everything and just let wait, run, normal_attack, special and walk. Even with just that the bug stills... Can u show me the motions that work with you? Maybe I forgot something.... Thx for the help, Best Regards,
  11. Runah

    Nemere & Razador bug

    Hi guys, So, i already checked almost everything that i can relate to this bug and i couldn't find the answer. No syslog or syserr about the bug. Here is a video: If you didn't understand what is happening let me explain... When i start moving away from him, he just comes to me (but i think that's just visual), because if i try to hit him or even do /purge he doesn't get damage or desappear (in purge case)... So he is not really next to me (just visual). Already checked every file from yamachu (razador files), client side and server side. Checked mob_proto too. If you could at least help me to understand where i can search more for a bug would be great. *** This bug just happen with Razador & Nemere **** Every answer can help, With the best regards, Runah
  12. Runah

    Help WEBSITE // Metin2Quantum

    This site is mine. I didn't sell to this guy, so i don't know how the fuckk he has my website. well i have an idea how actually, by my clients but anyway... sad.
  13. Faster and better. Good Job.