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  1. pollux

    Time to move on ...

    Dear metin2.dev community, such a text, as it will follow here now, is absolutely not my strength. So please excuse some shortcomings. It has been more than three years since I joined the team as an administrator. In these three years a lot has happened. Be it the changes that we have made to the forum since then, or the developments that Gameforge has made regarding the private servers, or your participation in the Metin2 underground (especially this community). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who, whether on metin2.dev or any other forum, have helped to advance the underground. You are great people, keep it that way! I'd also like to thank everyone I've dealt with in the past and who've worked hard to create something good out of all this nonsense, no matter if it were own projects or the participation in a common cause like for example metin2.dev But now is the time for me to move on. After a lot of years passed by, got to know a lot of people and gaining experience in different fields i quit metin2. There are still some things planned for the future on metin2.dev, which hopefully will be released in the future too. So be curious about everything that's coming. A first corresponding step has already been taken with the Discord. For everything else, @DevChuckNorris and @Raylee will serve you with their best, as always. Maybe we run into each other from time to time. Until then, with sincere thanks, pollux
  2. You did not. Enable this and re-check your file:
  3. Gib mir noch 2 Wochen und ich hab ne bessere KD als du in Black Squad ❤️

  4. pollux

    Loading topic

    How about uploading it (non listed) on youtube or any other video platform? And you did not allow anyone to view this file also ...
  5. pollux

    New metin2.dev features!

    Dear members, there are a few new features that we would like to tell you about: 1) metin2.dev Discord Server Yeah, you heard right. We now also have a Discord server! After we received many requests concerning this, we decided to open the Discord Server. You can join it under the following link: https://discord.metin2.dev/ - Please note that ALL FOUR STEPS are necessary to get the corresponding ranks on the server (and to see some more channels). 2) FAQ section Last week we started the section "Frequently Asked Questions". This section will gradually be filled with a series of guides that will make it easier for beginners to create their own server. We as the metin2.dev team have already started with some small things and are now happy about contributions from the community - from you! This contribution can be an already existing topic in the forum or a completely new contribution. Please note that we want to establish a certain quality standard in the FAQ and thus qualify all text and instructions individually. So either send us a private message with your contribution or the link to the corresponding topic and we will include it in our FAQ if it meets our standards. 3) New Rank: Honorable Member metin2.dev has been online for almost 7 years now. During this time some releases and tutorials have been collected. In order to honour those who stand out from the crowd and are not in debt, we have introduced the new rank 'Honorable Member' some time ago and look again and again, which of our members has earned this rank - maybe you are next soon! The first three members to receive this rank are: - @.plechito' - @martysama0134 - @xP3NG3Rx Who looks at the contributions of these persons, will notice fast, on which we set value on. 4) metin2.dev private bin We now have a private bin. PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES. Also file uploads are possible. You're free to use it at it is. You can find it at https://metin2.dev/bin/ Thank you for being part of metin2.dev and making this a great place every day! Sincerely, pollux & the metin2.dev team
  6. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    This doesn't matter in the end. And even if it does, you still used the client and all the resources (sounds, models and so on).
  7. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    Getting something from a thief also doesn't make you the new owner. Neither changing most of it. If you think like that, you are - and sorry that i have to state this out - a little bit dumb (or naive).
  8. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    So stealing a car and painting it in another color makes it legally your car?
  9. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    Even if i'm a bit late for this, i have to state some things out after reading through all of your replies. One important thing - and you might hate me for saying this - is the unjustified blame on gameforge. I totally agree on the itemshop / pay2win blaming though. But everything that goes beyond this is just bunk. Gameforge, as the publisher of Metin2 in most of the countries has all and every right to take any action against privately, not licensed versions of the game and the related people. Blaming them for doing this shows, how some of you think about others property. You HAVE to keep in mind that you steal others property and making profit of it. That's not legal. In no country. The files are not free, not open source or something similar. Metin2 was created by YMIR back in the days and the company who owns YMIR is the legal holder of all rights regarding this game. Blaming and ranting them for this is more than wrong. Never the less i believe that private servers have given a lot to the game and its live. It would be a shame to see this dying soon but I wouldn't necessarily be sad either due to some individuals that try to squeeze every possible euro from their players and the game.
  10. pollux

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    We do not have an official discord server, yet.
  11. pollux

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    We have? I appreciate your suggestion. But because of the experience so far (also from other boards like metin2.dev) we won't do this any time soon.
  12. pollux

    100€ Hire a developer to fix my mistakes!

    #moved to Services section
  13. pollux

    Delete message button

    Then i have to ask: What for? We do not delete any content except user information (on request). That's important for the SEO ranking and fair for everyone else who's searching for guides or help. If you still think your message should be deleted, report it and write a good reason.
  14. pollux

    Delete message button

    For private conversations?