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  1. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    Getting something from a thief also doesn't make you the new owner. Neither changing most of it. If you think like that, you are - and sorry that i have to state this out - a little bit dumb (or naive).
  2. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    So stealing a car and painting it in another color makes it legally your car?
  3. pollux

    Gameforge sucks

    Even if i'm a bit late for this, i have to state some things out after reading through all of your replies. One important thing - and you might hate me for saying this - is the unjustified blame on gameforge. I totally agree on the itemshop / pay2win blaming though. But everything that goes beyond this is just bunk. Gameforge, as the publisher of Metin2 in most of the countries has all and every right to take any action against privately, not licensed versions of the game and the related people. Blaming them for doing this shows, how some of you think about others property. You HAVE to keep in mind that you steal others property and making profit of it. That's not legal. In no country. The files are not free, not open source or something similar. Metin2 was created by YMIR back in the days and the company who owns YMIR is the legal holder of all rights regarding this game. Blaming and ranting them for this is more than wrong. Never the less i believe that private servers have given a lot to the game and its live. It would be a shame to see this dying soon but I wouldn't necessarily be sad either due to some individuals that try to squeeze every possible euro from their players and the game.
  4. pollux

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    We do not have an official discord server, yet.
  5. pollux

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    We have? I appreciate your suggestion. But because of the experience so far (also from other boards like we won't do this any time soon.
  6. pollux

    100€ Hire a developer to fix my mistakes!

    #moved to Services section
  7. pollux

    Delete message button

    Then i have to ask: What for? We do not delete any content except user information (on request). That's important for the SEO ranking and fair for everyone else who's searching for guides or help. If you still think your message should be deleted, report it and write a good reason.
  8. pollux

    Delete message button

    For private conversations?
  9. pollux

    Feedback for our new theme

    You can switch back to the light theme. Just use the theme picker on the pages footer.
  10. pollux

    Forum Changes [2019-02-13]

    Dear metin2dev Community, we are happy to present you our new theme. We think it was more than time to offer a dark design on metin2dev. After some adjustments now the moment has come to grant you access. Since we are all developers and love dark themes, the new design is also the new standard design. But you still have the possibility to use the bright theme. You will find a style picker in the footer. Please also send us your feedback. For this purpose we have created our own topic with a survey: Sincerely, the metin2dev team
  11. pollux

    Feedback for our new theme

    Hello, as you probably mentioned, we have a new default theme! This topic is intended for your feedback (positive and negative). Please also post any issues you encounter (bad styling, wrong colors etc.). Feel free to vote on the poll above. Sincerely, .PolluX
  12. pollux


  13. pollux

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    mine is round about that time too but i think i could speed this up when moving the project to a ssd
  14. pollux

    Dear administration

    Unfortunately this problem has to be fixed by Invision. We're sorry that you have to deal with this.