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  1. Aerrow

    New water texture.

    Ah, then that two guy can apology from me..
  2. Aerrow

    New water texture.

    I swear I watched but I didn't see anything under it.
  3. Aerrow

    New water texture.

    What? There are no link, either this topic or what he linked.
  4. Aerrow

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Works very well, thanks! And I solve your problem! First of all we don't need this: elif not player.IsSkillCoolTime(Position): self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Hide() Then search for this: slotNumber = i+startNumber And paste under this: self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Hide() That's all.
  5. Aerrow

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    Gosh, right, I didn't notice that...
  6. Aerrow

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    Thanks for sharing us! But I think this way is much better and cleaner: if (!pResource || !pResource->IsType(CGraphicImage::Type())) Hmm, with this way it just simply crash, but if I make that small if separate from the pointer check it works. Can someone explain me this? As I know, when the program enter an if statement which contains an or gate, then check the first one and if it's true then skip the other ones. May I know wrong?
  7. This is a newes patch from LeNnT or the original?
  8. Aerrow

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART2

    As I see there are much ;; in the source, for ex TPacketLoginOnSetup * pck = (TPacketLoginOnSetup *) c_pData;; Btw we still don't get any error or warning while compiling. But why? If it's a mistake the compiler why not show or get error? Or if its not a mistake why we should fix this?
  9. Aerrow

    Energy System Bug

  10. Aerrow

    solved GM commands problem

    test_server is active?