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  1. Karbust


    You can't easily upgrade DirectX 8 to 9, since many functions from 8 were removed on 9. There's no public client with DirectX 9, but I'm not sure if there's any private server that upgraded. You need to manually rename and change almost every functions related to DirectX. Granny you can easily upgrade to 2.9 but it doesn't change the graphic quality, but you can use models exported with granny 2.9.
  2. That's VAC... This is for this "protection":
  3. Karbust

    I've set my unit system like this: With this tool I was able to convert from gr2 to obj, but ingame: I already tried to rotate the weapon. With other old gr2 to .ms files or gr2 to obj I was able to convert (but had to resize on export) but not able to add the texture, this one allows me to add the texture but the position is wrong ingame (no need to resize on export). I don't have a clue on what I'm doing, I never worked with 3ds max, maybe I'm missing something?
  4. Karbust

    Hello, As said in the title, here are the Granny 2.11.8 Exporters for 3ds Max 2018. I'm still trying to find for Maya, but for the time being I only have this. Download: https://mega.nz/#!JQYyRCKQ!YjspVwSCWls9NySorjomgI4HetDQjghLKzRQD2OyyRA VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1e0e5a6c0e650d72a84ce094a5de7b92f3ea58e9d8f620e15b59f2e9d5d8814d/detection The installation is really obvious as of I won't give any support, it's just drag and drop in the installation folder. I'll also don't provide any 3ds Max 2018 download link, as it's still available on Autodesk website, just buy it, use education account or crack it. This might also not be very useful for some 3D Artists since it needs the client to also have Granny 2.11.8 (normal clients use 2.4 and almost everyone already use 2.9, to upgrade to 2.11.8 is just upgrade the lib, header file and dll). Credits: Found it on some Arabic forum non-metin2 related.
  5. Karbust

    @xP3NG3Rx I have a couple of bugs: Normal arrows don't have any effect Skills don't have any effect (only the skill "warmup" before shooting) while shooting, neither normal arrows nor the quiver
  6. Karbust

    Just download them at their respective websites and compile...
  7. Karbust

    When I switched from vs2013 directly to 2019 I had to compile libjpeg, libcryptopp and lzo.
  8. Karbust

    Did you compile the lib or use the libs given in the topic? I use VS 2019 (v142) and it works with the given libs as well compiling them myself.
  9. Karbust

    For some reason my antivirus blocks that image host domain... The image in case someone has the same problem:
  10. Karbust

    It's working fine Right out the box with your libs. Thanks
  11. Karbust

    You make it to respect German law? What if the servers not in Germany? You or Gayforge will try the European Court of Human Rights? Grow a life... You're a lil b*tch looking for attention and mad because we all criticized your sh*tty attempt to business. You and gayforge will never be able to close all servers. When 1 dies, 2 more pop up. It's an endless cicle and you can't to sh*t about it...
  12. Karbust

    You're dumber than I thought if you think facebook messages would do anything ahahahah
  13. Karbust

    I really haven't been on the discord dude...
  14. Karbust


    I personally like MVS. The DDoS protection is very good as well as the support. I used the Cloud Virtual Server, tera package, 15€. No problem with 100 players online, I never got to stretch it to it's limits, so I don't really know how many I could have had on that machine until I needed to upgrade.
  15. Karbust

    Sup bois This is a crack for Navicat. Works with the new Navicat Premium 15. https://mega.nz/#!xAZiwADS!b7OLxm6XuVoCBKhoVJ3BwHX7r7nvdRCLv_HiugI0WO0 Password: metin2.dev
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