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  1. Karbust

    You make it to respect German law? What if the servers not in Germany? You or Gayforge will try the European Court of Human Rights? Grow a life... You're a lil b*tch looking for attention and mad because we all criticized your sh*tty attempt to business. You and gayforge will never be able to close all servers. When 1 dies, 2 more pop up. It's an endless cicle and you can't to sh*t about it...
  2. Karbust

    You're dumber than I thought if you think facebook messages would do anything ahahahah
  3. Karbust

    I really haven't been on the discord dude...
  4. Karbust


    I personally like MVS. The DDoS protection is very good as well as the support. I used the Cloud Virtual Server, tera package, 15€. No problem with 100 players online, I never got to stretch it to it's limits, so I don't really know how many I could have had on that machine until I needed to upgrade.
  5. Karbust

    Sup bois This is a crack for Navicat. Works with the new Navicat Premium 15. https://mega.nz/#!xAZiwADS!b7OLxm6XuVoCBKhoVJ3BwHX7r7nvdRCLv_HiugI0WO0 Password: metin2.dev
  6. I'll drop the MEGA link, since the download speed, for now, is kinda slow... https://mega.nz/#!tMpFgSBL!aFnp3rMXVHUJ1vC37I2o5AH3bBwp029gtVmPh3U05mo
  7. Most of those files date to January 2019, only 2 date December 2019... There's something wrong...
  8. Karbust

    Sup I'm currently also on 2nd year of Computer Engineering.
  9. Karbust

    Pass: forevermetin2 Do you have a string's file? If yes I can help you translate to english and/or portuguese. I can't understand sh*t of german xD
  10. Karbust


    Do you mind share the PHP Script? Thanks for sharing
  11. Karbust


    It's good, but you could include a few other pages, like registration and rank, or share de psd's.
  12. Karbust


    Try add this: using System.Diagnostics;
  13. Karbust


    ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(); startInfo.FileName = "metin2client.exe"; startInfo.Arguments = "--argument"; Process.Start(startInfo);
  14. Karbust

    FPS Games, mainly CSGO. Also like CoD: BO4, Just Cause 3 & 4.