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  1. Karbust

    Gameforge sucks

    The reality is that we're all thiefs and pirates. The source itself is proprietary, was leaked by someone, the thief, and now we are using it. It happens with software when you crack it, for example, Navicat, who here bought navicat and who cracked it? And it goes for all licensed software...
  2. Karbust

    solved Quest strange string

    Thank you Actually @MrQuin's option is right on top of the string from questnpc.txt. Since I'm using vanilla's core I don't have a locale_string, It's everything in corean except the quests...
  3. Karbust

    solved Quest strange string

    Hello, I can't find string. It's the last option of every NPC (Alchemist, Shop, Blacksmith, Old Lady, etc) Any tip how can I find it to translate it? Thank you
  4. Karbust

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    The compress option didn't work out as expected...
  5. Karbust

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    I have AMD and no problem at all. (Ryzen 7 2700X)
  6. Karbust

    solved [Request]enum EApplyTypes

    Thank you! Also leave here the txt version of your post (I needed this format xD):
  7. Hello, Can anyone give me the most up to date enum EApplyTypes according to "official servers"? Thank you all
  8. Karbust

    EterNexus Src

    The newer version of Qt doesn't have some of the libraries and therefor functions are missing...
  9. Karbust

    Attachments remove

    Probably 2 or 3 weeks, I can't edit April 14th... But why would we edit a 3 week post/topic?
  10. Karbust

    Attachments remove

    I can edit my own topics/posts...
  11. Karbust

    open Request Source Marty

    Yeah, you just come ask for the marty source, probably one of the most respected person from this community. Btw, asking for paid stuff isn't allowed in this community...
  12. Karbust

    open Hosting FreeBSD Server

    Good prices and excellent support
  13. Karbust

    Movies/Series Chit-Chat

    I'm going to start watch The Enemy Within, and keep watching my usual's: The Flash Arrow Supergirl Riverdale The Good Doctor SWAT Bull MacGyver Lethal Weapon
  14. You could have left the other tutorial... I was actually using it and now I refresh the page and it's gone...