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  1. That is the download of the site, nothing else... I don't have anything else.
  2. https://mega.nz/#!zTgSlYDQ!LUVgIZEV2odvd8z7ezXPPpnIp9fZcVWB3bzwrV-DfdA It's kinda sh*t.
  3. Karbust

    Granny Animate Studio

  4. Karbust

    How to use use 3D models in browser.

    Just a little info... It comes disabled by default on Chromium based browsers... On firefox however, it comes enabled.
  5. Karbust

    open I need help

    2 bro Get back to school
  6. Karbust

    c++ Client Video IntroLogo

    Like I said on your PM: I used Premiere Pro to to the video and Bandi Video Converter to encode with the correct settings. https://www.bandicam.com/company/sdk/bandi_video_library/converter/
  7. The limit isn't always 5GB, I've downloaded 15GB and only then I got blocked. But there's a workaround without involving proxies or vpns. Just reset your network stack and your done. https://github.com/dannyvoid/FNSRWR On MEGAsync you may need to be faster than the ban, when you reach a certain amount you may do that, because if you wait for the ban you'll need to restart MEGAsync and add the download links again, but won't download the files already downloaded. If you use MegaDownloader you can just reset the network stack and then stop and start the downloads again, much easier.
  8. Hello, https://github.com/Karbust/Metin2-IntroLogo/ https://www.bandicam.com/company/sdk/bandi_video_library/converter/ You have a video example on that I made. You need to make the encoding match. You can use Bandi Video Converter. Result:
  9. Karbust

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Dude, who the hell cares about your Turkish words? Good code is easy to understand, not code with variables long as f*ck and in Turkish.
  10. Karbust


    Reupload: https://mega.nz/#!7cUC0YyD!-yQfLajl_FSl4UfYb2UKTD3v5Bwi6BtaNrbG69TNHuk
  11. Karbust

    Gameforge sucks

    The reality is that we're all thiefs and pirates. The source itself is proprietary, was leaked by someone, the thief, and now we are using it. It happens with software when you crack it, for example, Navicat, who here bought navicat and who cracked it? And it goes for all licensed software...
  12. Karbust

    solved Quest strange string

    Thank you Actually @MrQuin's option is right on top of the string from questnpc.txt. Since I'm using vanilla's core I don't have a locale_string, It's everything in corean except the quests...
  13. Karbust

    solved Quest strange string

    Hello, I can't find string. It's the last option of every NPC (Alchemist, Shop, Blacksmith, Old Lady, etc) Any tip how can I find it to translate it? Thank you
  14. Karbust

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    The compress option didn't work out as expected...