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  1. charparodar

    Attachments remove

    Probably 2 or 3 weeks, I can't edit April 14th... But why would we edit a 3 week post/topic?
  2. charparodar

    Attachments remove

    I can edit my own topics/posts...
  3. charparodar

    open Request Source Marty

    Yeah, you just come ask for the marty source, probably one of the most respected person from this community. Btw, asking for paid stuff isn't allowed in this community...
  4. charparodar

    open Hosting FreeBSD Server

    Good prices and excellent support
  5. charparodar

    Movies/Series Chit-Chat

    I'm going to start watch The Enemy Within, and keep watching my usual's: The Flash Arrow Supergirl Riverdale The Good Doctor SWAT Bull MacGyver Lethal Weapon
  6. You could have left the other tutorial... I was actually using it and now I refresh the page and it's gone...
  7. charparodar

    Looking for designer

    Hello guys, We are looking for designers to join our team for a professional server. The job will be paid after the opening of the server. Any question send me a private message. Kind Regards
  8. charparodar

    c++ Mini dump generator for Windows server

    I've this error, I'm using the version without c++17 & libfmt
  9. charparodar

    Feedback for our new theme

    F***ing awesome xD A programming community with light theme is not for programmers
  10. charparodar

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    I fixed it, but don't remember exactly how... I think it was a function or something...
  11. charparodar

    CH3HP DDoS

    I heard he going to reopen his server (EndlessPvP), we'll have our revenge
  12. charparodar

    Dear administration

    Or you can just use Notepad++, it shows the hidden "?", I usually do this when client source isn't compiling on Visual Studio after something I used posted on metin2dev
  13. charparodar

    Dear administration

  14. charparodar

    open Random game crash

    Can't use gdb82 nor /usr/local/bin/gdb... I get this error: Shared object "" not found, required by "gdb82"
  15. charparodar

    open Random game crash

    It's always random, I can't pinpoint to a action being done by the players, sometimes it doesn't crash for days, other times crashes, I restart and it crashes again...