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  1. 2 days ago the Gameforge "Metin2 international" page spoiled these 2 weapons for an up-coming update. My question is whether someone has already found something in the various sources or not.
  2. HG66

    Hello, I'm looking for the GM logo (without background or psd) and the Metin2 beta client + file server of the year 2003/2004 because those in the forum don't work Thanks in advance...
  3. HG66

    Admin GM Logo Ymir Style

    By chance, would you have the PSD file?
  4. HG66

    ymir beta skills

    Ok, after seeing various screens and being informed in my little one I will follow this thread carefully. I simply want to understand if there will be the possibility of having important skills, something that will change the style of play of the now stalled metin2.
  5. HG66

    ymir beta skills

    It seems something surreal on an official level. Ymir has not worked on the title since 2012 and has sold all the rights to WebZen, so if he had any Metin2 projects he wanted to implement I don't know how they came out. Moreover, they are ideas made on the fly, also seeing the graphic invoice of the skills themselves. (based on how the lycan ones were in beta)
  6. HG66

    [Opening 07.03.19] InfinityMetin International

    Great step forward but something is missing .. A graphic and practical advice for mounts: Change the ostriches, they do not seem suitable to have a fluid gameplay and they are carriers of laag. In addition to fixing the various errors in Spider Dungeon 1-2 etc ..
  7. HG66

    [Opening 07.03.19] InfinityMetin International

    The server itself is good .. but there are many problems on the file side .. What do you mean: 1. Many features that now have 90% of servers here are missing [Biologist facilitated side delivery of items, auto-pickup, infinite skill "duration" etc ...] 2. The staff seems to ignore the main part of their community [Italian but very toxic] but there are some members who have valid ideas that should really be considered 3. There is no Community Manager or a reference person who can act as a bridge between players and staff. Side gameplay except those system side issues and some bugs dated 2012 seems to be valid and functional so I wish you the best hoping you'll fix the gaps that divide your server among the other over 700 online.
  8. HG66

    Gloss Correction (Armors 0 to 70)

    Wow! I saw that the armorings made are currently up to that of level 70. Will there be a future update that will also include the latest releases? (From Blue Steel onwards) As I am working on a project that is going to improve the negative aspects that are currently on Metin2. (Map graphics, mobs, armor etc.) I am very interested in this work.
  9. HG66

    Ship Defense - New Instance

    Update? News?
  10. HG66

    Work for forum account

    Hi, I wanted to ask all of you experts in photoshop, pens, gimp, brushes and other objects that you use to draw (even the plunger if needed) A final set with the character of Taliyah (the SSG Skin) The nickname to be inserted (Only in the signature is "Millow" with the font that fits best at work) If you need any information do not hesitate to contact me below or via PM. (Obviously, the measures to be followed are those of the Gameforge forums) A greeting Work is free, nothing is paid because I am currently in canvas pants.
  11. Beautiful everything but a couple of spontaneous questions I have to do: Note that the server is currently open, can I log in to evaluate the gameplay of the game? Will there be a reset or do the characters remain inside the server? [I hope they are reset] Is there a TS / Discord server where you can log in to receive support in all the languages you support? Does your team know all the languages you support and cover the whole day? (obviously taking away lunch and dinner) Congratulations again for the project (it's a pity that it is a reopening and this is a sign against you) but I wish you the best.
  12. I recommend the files for novice developers. So you learn how to fix any bugs and errors that these files have (nothing so serious as to prevent the opening of a server)
  13. HG66

    [Hades] - Belt System - Angel vs Demon.

    What would I say to him, thank you? He used the bonus system of the costumes in the belts and passed it off for "new release" I've been laughing since I wrote the comment. In 2018 there are still people like this ç_ç
  14. HG66

    [Hades] - Belt System - Angel vs Demon.

    OMEGALUL Set the costume system bonus on the belt system! LUL