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  1. Legend

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Would be nice to add the shinings effects too
  2. Legend

    CH3HP DDoS

  3. Legend

    Dungeon Information System

    Contact me at skype.
  4. Legend

    open || Bug || Sort System |

    Thats cool, if post your code maybe we could be available to help you, otherwise don't expect any magics.
  5. Legend

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    http://prntscr.com/mbw36n I'm using that system for compile.
  6. Legend

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

    3 Minutes rebuild.
  7. Legend

    open [Question]New Patches GameForge .Epk .Epx

    What are you mean "broken" you can't read the files or what? consider this: (Official is using cshybrid encryption) You need to login ingame and extract them 1 -1, you have to generate a xml and after extract with darealfreak file extractor (example). Official .epk .eix metin2_patches is using the last years cshybrid encryption so when u login ingame the server is sending the keys for the metin2_patches and the client can read the files, only then you can extract.
  8. Legend

    New official pet system

    3 Years later...
  9. Legend

    Emoji in TextLine

    There is not any bug when i use 800x600 you can add 6 buttons without bug at this size.
  10. Legend

    Emoji in TextLine

    I did this long time ago for the new item currency in shops with some changes in ExtendedTextLine in ui, seems to working fine in tooltip too
  11. Legend

    [Bug]Dump_proto,Textures of mobs

    Can you open a new topic and stop opening 3 years old topics ? xD
  12. Legend

    open [Clientside] How to get real stats

    You need to add ComputePoints() packet when u stop riding, so the stats will be back to normal.
  13. Legend

    open SEARCHING

    Contact me at skype with your problems.
  14. Legend

    open Looking for buy

  15. Legend

    Fail - Animation Image

    I will make the binary to work with .swf files in that case idk yet i'm thinking about it.