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  1. Ace

    inferna is nice, if any one plays there you can add me: Gancha, Buffito, iAce, Fujitura It's in work, so give them a chance. the animations "sux" only without equipment.
  2. Ace


    you can edit it with worldeditor or? maybe.. i dont know..
  3. Ace


    im sorry.. no i search it and never find it.
  4. Ace


    i know what you mean.
  5. Ace


    Source? Really... @Sand i search it 2 2011 to 2019
  6. Ace Limit: 50 Downloads
  7. Ace

    i think your the Onur in Discord. as soon as I have the next version ready you will see a small tutorial.
  8. Ace

    the next version will be limited yes, only 20 downloads like the first version. I want to keep this thread clean so changelogs etc. are only visible in discord. @Moderators i'm registered on metin2dev from the beginning so you should know that i never promote for anything. so please do not delet the thread
  9. Ace

    wait for v1.2 i will update the link here
  10. Ace

    Link is already updatet The Next Download coming on v2. 2 German / 14 English so i will change the language in next version to english.
  11. Ace

    for all who have that, please check there is an update. simply in the comand box: /update fem
  12. Ace

    the links was limited: 50 downloads the new link coming soon with v2
  13. Ace

    Did you download the tool? if yes, i will show you how to translate it.
  14. Ace

    hi, i am still working on another translation method. you should be able to translate the tool 100% into your language thanks to the text files that the tool accesses.
  15. Ace

    #password added the password works well for some people. you can only download these files if you have logged in to fem.