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  1. Ace

    map Picabo - Stone Case YPRT 1787414464 effectfile "D:/ymir work/zone/shyeonline/tree/Grass_001_025A.mse" propertyname "Grass_001_025A" propertytype "Effect" Grass_001_025A.pre > you dont have Zone.
  2. Ace

    map Red Empire - Mini Version

    Geschrieben 22. Oktober 2018 Stop Cry.
  3. Ace

    [TOOL]Advanced Regen Editor

    you'r a beast.
  4. Was ist WE GOLD rar pass ?

  5. Ace

    WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    it's not a program. it's a starter pack for mapper. here you can go download the mapper tool, to download all my files. more files coming then. but not this year and next year. xD
  6. Ace

    WorldEditor Pr-Pack

    Mapper v3 coming soon. you will have the worldeditor pro and all export settings for autodesk.
  7. Ace

    map Red Empire - Mini Version

    hi, just fun release Map size Original: 4 x 5 new Size: 3 x 3 Minimap: Have fun Download:
  8. Ace

    Metin2 New Game Engine Test

    Metin2 is and remains metin2.
  9. Ace

    Solitary - New Farming Map

    Huhu, thank you Raylee. Photoshop mate
  10. Ace

    Tempel Building Set

    download of the update is now available, but only 24 hours. later, it will be deleted.
  11. Ace

    Solitary - New Farming Map

    Ingame #2 New Minimap: (Minimap isn't Edited)
  12. Ace

    Tempel Building Set

    Note, new update for tempel coming soon (4 new tree's, 1 new grass and stones).
  13. Ace

    Tempel Building Set

    Minimap Big: Minimap small: