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  1. z35


    Idiot me, forgot to install the new granny xD Now everything works as intended.
  2. z35


    http://prntscr.com/hdf6bd This is my problem, although it converts them i cannot open any file. @niokio I suggest editing the first post to "Do not run as administrator" so it's grammatically and syntactically right.
  3. z35

    Will definitely use, thanks a lot!
  4. z35

    open the game with debug , you'll see the problem there. if not, post any syserr and syslog from both server and client.
  5. Check the texture path and make sure it's there. (should be at D:/ymir work/something)
  6. z35


    If you don't have source and at config there isn't an option about NoTXT then I am afraid you can't do anything rather than change files. If you have source then this tutorial is for you.
  7. z35


    Maybe some encoding problem with the text editor? Try with ANSI and see results. Is it the same for quests too?
  8. But why is it happening in the first place? Anyone knows?
  9. Is your textureset empty? Btw, use v24 World Editor, not this version.
  10. Did you add at both serverside and clientside packets?
  11. z35

    I like them, thank you very much!
  12. z35


    As I told you on YouTube, amazing work as always!
  13. z35


    The only "fix" I can think of is to make the ground in the same level as the terrain of the colosseum.
  14. Try to change the environment for this map.
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