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  1. zeimpekis9

    open Argument at c# starter

    It is saying that startInfo is not declared...
  2. zeimpekis9

    open Argument at c# starter

    Hello guys, i created a starter, but im having a problem. My .exe has argument. For example: if (strstr(lpCmdLine, "--binissafe") == 0) return 0; What should i write to my starter button, so it should open properly the .exe? I used process.start and system.diagnostics.process.start but when it asks me to run the .exe as admin or not after that nothing happens. It doesnt open the .exe. Anyone can help me? The code of my starter now: Process.Start("metin2client.exe", "--binissafe") Close() Thanks for your time.
  3. zeimpekis9

    Auto Pick with filter.

    It doesnt work for me. No sysser error or something. I have autopick up on, and when i click on armors it pick the armor. When i dont click on armors,the system still pick the armors. I dont know
  4. zeimpekis9

    open About biolog quest

    Hahaha syreldar is so funny.
  5. zeimpekis9

    open About biolog quest

    Hello community. I have this quest: https://pastebin.com/L4VXQ1V8 If you check local bonuses = { options 5-6-7-8 at text, have two bonuses at the same option {option 5- int & dex} If the players selects option 5 it should give, these two bonuses together at the same time, at this option. Can anyone tell me how can i do this? Thanks for your time.
  6. zeimpekis9

    Im buying patcher

    Hello, im searching for a patcher. Does anyone has the source of the patcher by musicinstractor? Anyone else which sells patcher with code, design and source im interested. Please answer to me... Thanks.
  7. Hello community. Does anyone has serverfiles by computerkrank? Dont ask me why Thanks...
  8. zeimpekis9

    open Fonts and design

  9. zeimpekis9

    open Fonts and design

    Hello community, does anyone knows what font is this in photo? And also, does anyone has this client design? Thanks...
  10. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

    yeah its working now!! Thanks a lot...
  11. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

  12. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

  13. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

    hello community. I've installed change look system, but the following part does not show ingame. if app.ENABLE_CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM: def AppendTransmutation(self, window_type, slotIndex, transmutation): itemVnum = 0 if transmutation == -1: if window_type == player.INVENTORY: itemVnum = player.GetItemTransmutation(window_type, slotIndex) elif window_type == player.SAFEBOX: itemVnum = safebox.GetItemTransmutation(slotIndex) else: itemVnum = transmutation if not itemVnum: return item.SelectItem(itemVnum) itemName = item.GetItemName() if not itemName or itemName == "": return self.AppendSpace(5) title = "[ " + "Προβολή" + " ]" self.AppendTextLine(title, self.NORMAL_COLOR) textLine = self.AppendTextLine(itemName, self.CONDITION_COLOR, True) textLine.SetFeather() Its the part when you move up on item, and you see "Transmutation: FMS" Photo:
  14. Which part i should look then ?
  15. Maybe this bug is because of the SKILL_GYEONGGONG ive installed?