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  1. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

    yeah its working now!! Thanks a lot...
  2. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

  3. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

  4. zeimpekis9

    open Problem with changelook

    hello community. I've installed change look system, but the following part does not show ingame. if app.ENABLE_CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM: def AppendTransmutation(self, window_type, slotIndex, transmutation): itemVnum = 0 if transmutation == -1: if window_type == player.INVENTORY: itemVnum = player.GetItemTransmutation(window_type, slotIndex) elif window_type == player.SAFEBOX: itemVnum = safebox.GetItemTransmutation(slotIndex) else: itemVnum = transmutation if not itemVnum: return item.SelectItem(itemVnum) itemName = item.GetItemName() if not itemName or itemName == "": return self.AppendSpace(5) title = "[ " + "Προβολή" + " ]" self.AppendTextLine(title, self.NORMAL_COLOR) textLine = self.AppendTextLine(itemName, self.CONDITION_COLOR, True) textLine.SetFeather() Its the part when you move up on item, and you see "Transmutation: FMS" Photo:
  5. Which part i should look then ?
  6. Maybe this bug is because of the SKILL_GYEONGGONG ive installed?
  7. there is a bug since i installed this: skills bugged, and someone can do dmg at whole map.
  8. I installed it but it doesnt damage. What i should do more. ? My part at char_skill : if (dwVnum == SKILL_CHAIN) { ResetChainLightningIndex(); AddChainLightningExcept(pkVictim); } if (dwVnum == SKILL_PAERYONG) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_SELFONLY)) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, this); #ifdef ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER else if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY)) ComputeSkillParty(dwVnum, this); #endif else if (!IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_ATTACK)) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); else if (dwVnum == SKILL_BYEURAK) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); else if (dwVnum == SKILL_MUYEONG || pkSk->IsChargeSkill()) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); m_dwLastSkillTime = get_dword_time(); return true;
  9. zeimpekis9

    open Any idea about this crash(logs)

    for (int i = GetAttributeCount(); i < iAttributeCount; ++i) { if (aiChangeProb == NULL) { PutAttribute(tmpChangeProb); } else { PutAttribute(aiChangeProb); } }
  10. Hello community. Can anyone help me about this?
  11. zeimpekis9

    open negative attack speed

    Hello community, I have this problem when im switching weapons like this: https://gyazo.com/5905f10a6acf715e3257317d1f2b819b Any ideas how to fix it?
  12. zeimpekis9

    open Problem about slot or change two handed

    the problem is just when i already wear the one hand, and the i switch to two hand. If i dont wear the items, the slots are fine. Its just when i switch equip
  13. zeimpekis9

    open Problem about slot or change two handed

    The data is good both at navicat and .txt. I checked it right now. So its something else
  14. zeimpekis9

    open Problem about slot or change two handed

    I use .txt not navicat for item_proto. yes it is correct
  15. zeimpekis9

    open Problem about slot or change two handed

    Ah okay, didnt know. I checked it, the problem is src... because this slot bug happens with bow or dagger too. And i dont know where to search at src, so i can fix it.