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  1. Nirray

    open [EMERGENCY]Request SVF Original RAIN!z4J22CAQ!pMM7U-lBlWdUNdfWq55K9ZBDs133K5naEgc4QWpqCHo password for root are the same 2009-09-18
  2. Nirray

    solved How to reduce maximum bow distance?

    InstanceBase.cpp in client source float CInstanceBase::__GetBowRange() { float fRange = 2500.0f - 100.0f; if (__IsMainInstance()) { IAbstractPlayer& rPlayer=IAbstractPlayer::GetSingleton(); fRange += float(rPlayer.GetStatus(POINT_BOW_DISTANCE)); } return fRange; } no idea right now where it is in server side source
  3. add in "" FAST_PAGE = 1
  4. in file uifastequip .py change: import item to: import workitem as item and import player to: import workplayer as player
  5. import worknet as net import net Remove one of them, I have no idea what kind of client you are using. I guess remove import net because of "No module named net"
  6. Remove all spaces from those two lines and place TWO TABs (line 401) and ONE TAB (line 491).
  7. "Tabs should be used solely to remain consistent with code that is already indented with tabs." Replace spaces with TABs Line: 401 (two TABs instead of x spaces) Line: 491 (one TAB instead of x spaces)
  8. @pollux Please, Rules update: §2 Topics (2.5) Questions & Answers specific rules Don't modify your thread (or reply to it) to mark it solved, and not explain the solution to the issue. Please use our tag system and vote good/bad answers so everyone can clearly see what matters! You need at least basic knowledge of programming.
  9. Seriously? Change it to TABs XD
  10. Nirray

    [C++] Fix DMG Hack SVSIDE

    You mean dmg hack svside check from clientside .mse file? Or waithack from SendAttackPacket? If waithack - it is still working (hidden for example) Also, because of first check "GetLastAttackTime" there's a input "lag" (you need to attack twice new mob to deal damage [even visible in your gyazo gif with metin stone @Rakancito]) It's more like workaround To fix it correctly we should change the CalcMeleeDamage CalcArrowDamage iDam = 0; like char_battle.cpp does with bow if (IS_SPEED_HACK(m_me, pkVictim, dwCurrentTime)) iDam = 0; I didn't want to be rude I also want to fix it and I'm here to help input lag: dmghack after second hit:
  11. Nirray

    [RELEASE] New car mount

    /b Hehe :)))))))
  12. Nirray

    solved Insult *

    locale_*/locale/*/insult.txt in client pack
  13. Nirray

    open When i use skill bug

    IDs are working fine so it's something about 'import player' defines for python from c++.
  14. Nirray

    open When i use skill bug

    replace whole PyObject* poModule = Py_InitModule("player", s_methods); with: And add all new defines from your new added systems (ifdef etc.) [you need to find missing ones from your old PythonPlayerModule] Why -> your client source~python defines are broken. Or workaround if you're to lazy: just change: def __GetTotalAtkText(self): minAtk=player.GetStatus(player.ATT_MIN) maxAtk=player.GetStatus(player.ATT_MAX) atkBonus=player.GetStatus(player.ATT_BONUS) attackerBonus=player.GetStatus(player.ATTACKER_BONUS) if minAtk==maxAtk: return "%d" % (minAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus) else: return "%d-%d" % (minAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus, maxAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus) to: def __GetTotalAtkText(self): minAtk=player.GetStatus(29) maxAtk=player.GetStatus(30) atkBonus=player.GetStatus(95) attackerBonus=player.GetStatus(91) if minAtk==maxAtk: return "%d" % (minAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus) else: return "%d-%d" % (minAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus, maxAtk+atkBonus+attackerBonus) (IT'S NOT A FIX, YOUR .cpp part is still wrong.)