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  1. [Bold text]: You can "force" client codepage by using "@" sign I'm using tahoma in my client and it doesn't have 936 codepage so I've tested it on korean 949 one. Also remember that your locale_game.txt and locale_interface.txt in locale must have chinese encoding
  2. Tahoma codepages: If you want to use chinese characters you have to find a font with chinese code page included in it. Link: 939 codepage [Wikipedia] UI_DEF_FONT_SMALL = "掉葡羹:9" UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE = "掉葡羹:16" UI_DEF_FONT = "掉葡羹:12" from chinese Metin2 client
  3. Nirray

    Please nooooooo

  4. Nirray

    New Weapon by HK-DEV

    Cool, may I use your model to create two-handed version?
  5. Nirray

    solved Python color string

    |cff+hexcolor before text ("ff" means color alpha, so you can make text transparent)
  6. Nirray

    open Shaman buff target visual bug How it works: When player is trying to use buffs on npc/enemy then mouse target is automatically set to main character VID (You can't buff npc/enemy anyway from server side + You can't change target while using skills) UserInterface/PythonPlayerSkill.cpp Search: bool CPythonPlayer::__UseSkill(DWORD dwSlotIndex) Scroll down and search for: if (!pkInstTarget) { // ľ÷µĄŔĚĆ®ÇĎ°í.. __ChangeTargetToPickedInstance(); // ´Ů˝Ă ľňľîł˝´Ů. if (pSkillData->IsNeedCorpse()) pkInstTarget=__GetDeadTargetInstancePtr(); else pkInstTarget=__GetAliveTargetInstancePtr(); } Under: if (pkInstTarget) Paste this: if ((pkInstTarget->IsNPC() || pkInstTarget->IsEnemy() || pkInstTarget->IsStone() || pkInstTarget->IsStoneDoor()) && pSkillData->IsOnlyForAlliance()) { DWORD TargetVid = pkInstMain->GetVirtualID(); SetTarget(TargetVid, TRUE); } Should look like this: This is my way to solve the problem
  7. Unable to open file.: sound/ui/click.wav Add sounds pack to your client
  8. Replace: if count > 1: for i in xrange(count): net.SendChatPacket(statusPlusCommand) To: if count > 1: net.SendChatPacket("%s %s" % (statusPlusCommand, count)) My test [without your CMD source edit] If it doesn't work, change second %s to %d because you have integer convert set. [count = int(self.inputDialog.GetText())]
  9. Nirray


    LAST VISITED: January 21 Latest post: December 5, 2016 Last activity: January 8 I don't think so
  10. Nirray

    open Accessory socket time

    game\src\item.cpp Search: bool CItem::EquipTo(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE bWearCell) scroll down and look for: // ACCESSORY_REFINE StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent(); // END_OF_ACCESSORY_REFINE Comment it with "//" then search: bool CItem::Unequip() and look for: // ACCESSORY_REFINE StopAccessorySocketExpireEvent(); // END_OF_ACCESSORY_REFINE Comment it with "//" Other way - change function void CItem::StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent() to: void CItem::StartAccessorySocketExpireEvent() { return; } You can also remove it from client python root\ for visual client aspects
  11. Nirray

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    LODs are for performance boost for GPU/CPU. Yes you can - mostly of the metin .gr2 models have LOD files which are stored inside model or as separated .gr2 files with lod_01/2/3 at the end of the parent model name. For example: c1-009-hotel.gr2 and c1-009-hotel_lod_01.gr2 Or disable loading LODs in client source for granny .cpp/h files Post edit: \GameLib\ActorInstanceData.cpp void CActorInstance::SetShape(DWORD eShape, float fSpecular) \GameLib\Area.cpp __SetObjectInstance_SetBuilding \GameLib\RaceData.cpp CGraphicThing * CRaceData::GetLODModelThing() \EterGrnLib\ThingInstance.cpp void CGraphicThingInstance::UpdateLODLevel() + \EterGrnLib\LODController.cpp static float LODHEIGHT_ACTOR = 500.0f; static float LODDISTANCE_ACTOR = 5000.0f; static float LODDISTANCE_BUILDING = 25000.0f;
  12. Nirray

    open Graphics changing upon distance?

    It's called LOD
  13. Back to the Future Repair your DB tables It used to be normal on those files