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    Ymir's and publishers' reaction

    Search for: DBO client source code. It's bigger than the metin2 source and they didn't even care, that it's public. The coding style is always the same, it isn't written with any heart, it was made by ymir devs for money. Metin2 failed when p servers came out, not when the source was published.
  2. ptm94

    DX9 update

    I havent got much time, but if im in mood i can help out a little bit. The stupid thing is that metin uses a shit Field of View and a stupid fog rendering. This makes the sky looking terrible and because of the fov the user only views the ground. It would be possible to make the object rendering better with shaders, because the textures are too bad. I dont think it is the granny format, althought the oblivion invidual character modification would fit to metin2. But I dont know much about those things. By the way, if someone has SPT grass, could you send me some of them? I could customize the lod for it so people dont get laggs, if there are too much meshes.
  3. ptm94

    Full pack?

    Hi I cant find any 40k files uploaded not on autoblocked by router, because its shit.). I need to upgrade 34k to 40k, please someone give me a link to game,db and if needed locale folder download.
  4. ptm94

    DX9 update

    It's rather because dx8 doesnt really support shaders. You would have more opportunities with dx9 to create good effects
  5. ptm94

    DX9 update

    This "converter" won't work for source I already converted the source, took about an hour, but I get stupid crashes. I think you really have to be carefully in converting it to dx9, otherwise there will come up many errors. dx8 is really bad and yes we could add vertex and pixel shaders for textures, then it wouldn't look so crappy anymore. If we get enough helpers, we could open a github page for dx9 version source code changes. What do you think? Talking about VC 10. Here you can see the changes from DX8 to DX9 :
  6. ptm94

    DX9 update

    I am wondering if anyone of you want to update the dx version. If there are some interested, let me know. I am not able to do it on my own because i can't solve all the errors i get after crashing dx9 version. Working with such an old version nowadays is really stupid, there are no tutorials, helpers and not many functions.