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  1. Aioria

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver

    Hi! Nice save login, i tried it but it give me error in this line (syntax error, tabs are fine): return ''.join(random.choice(letters) for i in range(length))
  2. Aioria

    open Enlarge Inventory board problem

    Solved! Was in, expanded_money strings # EXPANDED_MONEY_TASKBAR [Nevisor] self.wndMoney.Hide() self.wndMoneySlot.Hide() self.wndMoneyIcon.Hide() self.board = self.GetChild("board") self.SetSize(176, 542) self.board.SetSize(176, 542)
  3. Aioria

    open Enlarge Inventory board problem

    I've only uiscripit/, nevisor deleted the that is usually in locale
  4. Hi! I've got a problem and can't enlarge inventory board. This is my[/spoiler] and this is how is shown in game Why? only title bar takes effect (i'm using nevisor client 2k10) please help me to understand
  5. Aioria

    open How to add more cores

    You have to create another core folder, like the one of your channel 1 (with all links and folder) Then just change ports in CONFIG like "13000" in ch1, and "13010" in ch2 example from my channels CONFIGS: CHANNEL: 1 HOSTNAME: core1 PORT: 13000 P2P_PORT: 14000 MAP_ALLOW: 1 3 4 5 6 21 23 24 25 26 41 43 44 45 46 and CHANNEL: 2 HOSTNAME: core1 PORT: 13010 P2P_PORT: 14010 MAP_ALLOW: 1 3 4 5 6 21 23 24 25 26 41 43 44 45 46 ports have to be the same in "root/" from each channel and remember to add the new channel to your start server .sh file
  6. Aioria

    open Game.core

    Oh thank you marty! I didn't know that, and it works even for logs or just core jumps?
  7. Aioria

    open Game.core

    Hi guys! I fast question. Why in my serverfiles aren't generated game.core and logs? I can't find them, the game is unstripped and there is the log folder in each ch/core. Where I should search? Thanks!
  8. Aioria

    [HELP]Python #4

    Well, i've have the same error, so i don't open another topic, all i can say is that with the "original" binary from client i use the game works, but if I switch the same binary to work in python2.7 (and nothing else) i got this error. and this is what happens in game any help?
  9. Aioria

    [TOOL] Metin2 Proto Archiver

    lol so no one in the whole community has the newest version, up
  10. Aioria

    [3D]Dragon set

    Hi! I downloaded the file but no gr2? So i think should use mde right? I had never use them, the process is the same for gr2?
  11. Aioria

    How can I change "PM" in shout?

    I'm sorry to update this topic, but i think is useless create new topics with the same reason. I've a question, I had the "click to chat" work, but since when i changed binary source it doesn't work anymore, which files i should check in binary source to fix?
  12. Aioria

    solved [PAYMENT HELP] Find skill error

    I've have this error too, i don't know how to solve it, if I change the mob proto with a new one it works, but i wanna know why and edit the old mob proto
  13. Hi! I started 2-3 days ago to search info and guides on metin2 and its source/fileserver. I'm still a noob, but I want to learn, and i started a local server with public files from the web, wonka files. Here are my questions: 1. Which are the most important fixes to do on the game source? and what they fix? 2. As I said i'm working on wonka public files, but want to use the nevisor's 2k10 client, of course they don't work together but i don't know why, I have no syserr in client or server, the client seems to connect to the server cause it say "server online", but when try to connect it remains on "connecting", what should I looking for? Thanks! -------------------------------------- Edit ------------------------------ Question 2 solved, i had lot of edit, but was probably the auth
  14. Can anyone explain how to run the windows server files? arves deleted his topic.
  15. Aioria

    Makefile colored text output

    it would be helpfull